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  1. ***AsGardian.Gaming A19(B173)*** Information: **PvE/PvP: PvP Arena** **300% XP/Loot** **Max Level 1000** **Custom Traders/Zombies** **Custom Prestige System** **Custom Vehicles/Weapons** **Custom POI's For Raiding** **Customized UI Features** **Customized RNG Loot System** **14 Customized Zombies/Bosses** **AutoWall by Valmar - Modded By Daidyn** **Titanium Mods/Tools/Blocks** **AsGardian ( Elite/Donor Armor )** **NO ITEMS LOST ON DEATH OR EXIT** ***Much Much More*** ***Fresh Wipe On: July 23rd, 2020*** ***Current Game Day is 20+***
  2. Those mods are custom to my Server - They are Templates to give you information on how to change them so you can sale your own custom items on your own server. I am going to be posting my entire Server Setup soon after I am done with the full mod as a simple drop all server modding no Launcher needed at all.
  3. ***AsGardian Traders *** A19(b173) Basic NPC Look AsGardian Traders (Basic) ***AsGardian Traders (Custom)*** A19(b173) Custom NPC Look based off Archetypes Thanks To Snufkin's Custom Zombies For Archetypes AsGardian Traders (Custom) ***AsGardianTurret*** A19(b173) Custom Turret Dropped with Custom Ammo Titanium Materials/Resources Are Needed To make Work AsGardian Turret AsGardian Modlets Masters (ReleaseDate - 08/03/2020) (All Files in this Zip must b
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