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  1. Small error perhaps in entityclasses.xml? <property name="Prefab" value="/Entities/Animals/Wolf/animalStandardDireWolfRagdoll"/> should be? <property name="Prefab" value="/Entities/Animals/Wolf/animalStandardWolfRagdoll"/> I like it so far. Pretty tough. I have some criticisms I may post later once I get deeper into this mod. There is plenty I do like though.
  2. Gonna try this out on my next game. Looks good. Thanks.
  3. Have had this off and on since a18. Can confirm that for me 'pois' in console will fix it. Hope this gets fixed at some point soonish.
  4. baconbot

    Telrics Story Time

    Dude! This was really cool. Thank you. Well, just talking about Magisters Mansion. Haven't tried Spy Party and still need to complete a gauntlet of Thumper. But Mansion was a masterpiece. I will spread the word!
  5. This looks really cool. Keep it up!
  6. Andyjoki anyone ever mention The Sphinx poi is a work of art? Evil and confusing but impressive. Thanks I guess. Lol.
  7. I think folks getting reset to level 1 has to do with persistent profiles being off by default on this mod. Try turning it back on.
  8. Great mod. Small typo in Ruckys_BZ_BorderlandZ_MAIN folder, quests.xml. <action type="ShowTip" value="tutorialTipQuest01w"/> Edit~ Hmm, well I had an error that was spamming related to this. It may have something to do with me not getting the turret item for some reason on that play-test.
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