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  1. This pack is fantastic. Love how these new rifles play. Just in time too. Co-op partner and I are probably almost done with 7DTD so we'll need the fire power for T6 missions in the Wasteland. It shouldn't. I added this mod to my test world and it is working fine.
  2. The people playing the game have to install the mods as well because this mod has assets.
  3. That's what it looks like for me as well. I assume the issue is TFP didn't expect so many weapons to be added to the tree.
  4. No, it is working for me. I just tried both in a fresh world as well. Can see and craft weapons from both mods. Note, you don't move the top-level folder in the rar into your mod folder. You put the subfolders in.
  5. Ah, did you look in the folder? The top-level folder of the rar file is NOT what you put in your mod folder.
  6. Weird. I got it working in a clean world. Here are my steps: Downloaded from the mega download link in the OP. https://mega.nz/file/NIo22QbY#Ee69AwSd8RQRJ-x6P351j3FDGWrQnAjD8LO16sQbYJQ I put the two subfolders into my Mods folder. I started a clean world with creative on. I was able to see and start crafting a T1 rifle from the pack.
  7. I tried out this mod in creative with the stun baton books and it was pretty fun. But haven't made much progress after 2 blood moons in my normal game. I've only found one of the books with all the int melee skills maxed. Looks like only the only book that the trader is selling are the hammer books. Could the other books be added to the trader and maybe add all the books to the quest rewards?
  8. What other mods do you have installed? I assume there is a conflict.
  9. Shot in the dark... but maybe conflicting with a crafting mod as well. I remember someone using a Sam's Stuff mod had a problem because they were also using a Craft Quality 6 item mod. I think they fixed their issue by adding a "01" to the start of Sam's mod folder.
  10. Yes, I did. It is a change in the items.xml Basically, changed: <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_add" value="-7" tags="perkMachineGunner"/> To have different values for different tiers of TC and BC rifles. Here are the values in a table. Weapon Type Weapon Tier value Tactical Carbine 1 -7 Tactical Carbine 2 -4.36 Tactical Carbine 3 -1.51 Tactical Carbine 4 1.57 Battle Carbine 1 -7 Battle Carbine 2 -3.7 Battle Carbine 3 -0.07 Battle Carbine 4 3.92 In other words, the edit for Battle Carbine T4, is editing the entity damage (operation="base_add") to: <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_add" value="3.92" tags="perkMachineGunner"/> If you are using the ammo bundle xml edit already, then this should be both edits in the same file. https://pastebin.com/TjzuBEP8
  11. Tarf

    Magbow 3.0 (A21)

    Tried it out in Creative and it is pretty nice. Can this be bought from traders though? I thought it had to be in a "trader_item_group". Thoughts on making the Magbow a rare quest reward?
  12. Oh, ignore the ammo boxes, that's just something I was playing around with after testing whether I could craft normal ammo. I first tried to craft normal ammo.
  13. It works in my game, but I wasn't maxed on the shotgun crafting books so I don't know if that complicates things. Pretty sure that when I installed the mod, I was able to craft T1 shotguns... but it has been a while. Definitely not schematic-based. Might be a conflict with another mod.
  14. Here is an xml edit that I did for my personal use. I like being able to craft bundled ammo. Added to items.xml Added to recipes.xml Added to progression.xml End result is boxes of the custom ammo in @Izayo pack that is tied to reading all the shotgun perk books. Not a clue how to do a modlet so here are all the files that I modified in the mod's config. https://file.io/LgLtjXw2n09j
  15. Weird. Are you using other mods? I had no issues crafting ammo. edit: didn't want to double post Here are some xml edits that I did for my personal use. This is for bulk ammo crafting. Added to: items.xml recipes.xml progression.xml So now the custom ammo in this pack has ammo bundle boxes with crafting tied to reading all the automatic weapons books. No idea how to package these so here are the xml files that I changed https://file.io/GvYRt2d3k9IX
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