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  1. Awesome analysis Blake_! I've just confirmed how 100 zeds stop eating fps after disabling shadows (in a plain without trees or buildings), vs shadows lowest quality. Hope they find a way to create simpler shadows for zeds and trees, at least in low and medium quality shadows settings. It's sad how I saw a +3000h big 7d2d streamer with a beefy PC prefered to completely disable shadows to keep performance, showing people a terrible ugly version of the game. Did you analyzed other settings like object quality? I did a little testing here:
  2. In my testing with a20 in cities FPS improves a ton lowering object quality, and in a second place, shadows. Object quality ultra: Object quality lowest: Yeah, there is a big difference in graphics, I usually play at medium object quality. RTX3080, i7 7700k, 16gb 3200 CL15, game on SSD, pregen 8k, creative mode. 4k resolution, default high preset. Tried also 1080p, low preset, same spot. Ultra object quality is ~45fps, lowest object quality ~130fps. Gallery with all ultra, high, medium, low and lowest here: https://imgur.com/a/z7YjHRV @faatal please take a look how CPU and GPU are quite low all the time, maybe is there a code bottleneck? Also GPU usage seems inversely affected when lowering object quality. Maybe the less bottleneck is there, the more GPU can be used? Hope it helps. Also please take a look to this mod which greatly reduces TAA flickering, maybe can help devs too: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1746
  3. New lighting looks promising, considering isn't Unity HDRP, but keep in mind the time of day could favor it. @faatal Can you give us technical details about these new rendering and lighting they mentioned in the last streaming?
  4. Agreed. I love special zombies in Dying Light and Left4dead and how they add different threats to gameplay, hope there are more coming to 7d2d. I find current radiated zeds has the potential to add more zombies behaviors or special attacks, other than doing more damage or have more hp-recovering hp. I like to let my imagination fly, a special zombie like the last revealed could do one or more of these: - Only ranged radiation attacks, and running from you keeping distance or trying to hide - Leave radiation puddles on his way that last a few seconds, the player takes damage if step on - Radiated Fat tourist has gas area surrounding him that convert normal zeds with standard damage to same zeds but visually dripping radiation and doing radiation damage - Crawler has an attack that does not hurt, but tries to grab your leg for a few seconds to prevent your movement and so other zombies kill you - Wight zombie tries to throw you to the ground and bite you, and if succeed all the animation, always infect you Other than that special power and attacks mad ideas, do you plan to add variations to AI pathfinding or behaviors in the future? I would like to see a combination of some smarter zeds with current a19 AI, looking for the weakest spot in your defense, while other are more fool zeds but a bit less predictable too like a16
  5. What if we make AMD to hear us? please take a second to ask AMD to add FSR to 7 Days to Die, so they will contact with Faatal or will make an Unity plugin for both HDRP and URP just did it one minute ago. https://explore.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution/survey
  6. Nice to see much improved street environment art! Now that we have linear lighting and physically based rendering, I just wish devs could add better Ambient Occlusion. The shadowing in weapon, hand, behind the cars. .. look a bit flat. I've experimented adding better AO to a19 with Reshade, its a drastic improvement, and added a lot of immersion. I think Unity Universal Render Pipeline added new modern AO modes, also there is a free plugin "Amplify Occlusion 2.0" based on Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO) natively supported on HDRP which is far superior to older SSAO or HBAO, and they claim under 1ms to mid-range GPU at Full HD. @faatal If its not possible to add new techniques or they are for beffier computers, could be possible to upgrade from AO on/off like now, to AO off/low/medium/high?
  7. Could be very cool if they decide to add an option to see stability colors view when building, like Valheim. Yes I know there is a dev menu for that.
  8. Awesome new shots Dust2death, can't come soon enough! Maybe it's me, I find some tree trunks a bit too bright compared with the leaves, or maybe it's the just the sun position? On the other hand, I think it would be worth trying to improve the appearance of the 2D grass on the ground, since you're watching it all the time. When the ground has the same color and brightness/contrast as the grass it looks great, but otherwise it looks pretty fake. Hell, I would even sacrifice a few fps for better grass. Rust game uses Unity and looks much better, do you think could be possible in this voxel game without killing the performance?
  9. Awesome mod Dust2death, the only downside I can say is that the modeling of the spruce trees is too dense and it is difficult to see through especially when driving. Maybe if the lower branches started higher in the trunk it would be better. Keep up the great work!
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