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    im not the sharpest tool in Working stiff!

    thats all you really need to know!
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    The asylum state of Florida
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    Professional Camel puncher, Grog drinking, Drawling poorly, bathsalts, 7DTD, Talking to myself

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About Me

I like to do nothing all day! play 7DTD, and Come up with dumb ideas for this game.



Im also the crazy Guy on the forums that talks endlessly over dumb stuff, and talks to themselves about ideas for this game! Whos asking? Idk. why am i asking? how am i suppose to know? WHY ARE YOU READING THIS!





Anyways im a nice person. (i think), and im not the "Sharpest tool in working stiff" yeah lets just day that!. umm what else?

I like animals expect Camels! I HATE CAMELS!! I like to talk to people online, (not in person). and i, ummmmmmm I don't know! if you are reading this i may ask why but ill be here all day!



if you read my post you can tell who I am!



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