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  1. To be honest, I'm really very excited! Thank you very much you can see and reply to me!!!!!!! I think, my words can't describe the excited mood!
  2. Asian spice? First of all, you need a can speak not only English, the most important is, she has to be need to be able to understand English... In China, most Chinese people don't understand English, because English class listening speed is slow. So, you may be disappointed.
  3. Hi, developers to hello! I don't know how to contact you, so I am here to reply. If I break the rules, please tell me, or tell me how to contact you. Thank you very much! I am a player from China. Also is the one of the few in China at the same time, continue to insist to do 7 d2d - PVE games video UP (the host), because in China, the game is banned, although cannot live to players, but it is currently in BILIBILI or contribute to video. I started with A14.6 found 7 d2d, see the game, I'm shocked! This is my ideal of the zombie survival game! So, I buy and start my game life. Up to now, I have to play more than 5000 hours. And constantly promote it in China. Also will continue to tell the other players, don't download cracked versions, do not use a bug! To support the developers! Beginning from A17, I almost every week to open the VPN to access the BBS, get the latest information game, and then told the Chinese players. But, I found that this speed is too slow, can't as soon as possible, the detailed method tell Chinese players in the game details. If so, I think, I can work together with you? I'm BILIBILI currently has 9800 + the number of fans, all of them are 7 d2d fan! Right! All of them are! At the same time also including me!!!!!!! Because only in my video game 7 d2d, it is the only work in progress. So, can I add A20 on the closed list? Looking forward to your reply! Thank you again for you can see, notice me. Above all is machine translation. My English is not particularly good, forgive me.
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