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  1. One question. Are you playing for fun? If yes than the harder (funnier) biomes are already worth it no matter the loot... If it's not worth it for you than you're not playing for fun 😕
  2. Hey Roland do you know anything about a new vomit animation quality update?
  3. I just got the same idea right before reading your post. But I think there might be a problem with that. What If the Virus is airborne. That would mean every Person that isn't infected is immune to it.
  4. it doesn't need to be a FarCry clone but yeah some animation improvements would be nice. They are not really nessesary but awesome if implemented.
  5. No kids being in the game can be explained quiet easily. The Zombie Virus doesn't effect kids. It's only harmful do adults. That would explain why there are no zombies of them. Now about the missing kids NPC's/Bandits. Simply saying the Bandits don't want to deal with them so they don't have any and maybe TFP can add some kid NPC at the Trader so it feels "realistic" they don't need to be interactive.
  6. Well it's a survival game so it's kinda the point of the game don't ya think. Sure it's sandbox but that doesn't mean they will throw all the stuff in the first 1-2 hours of playing. Wrenches are damn easy to be found. Just search a hotel go in and loot the kitchen and you will easily get one after some minutes. Antibiotica are rare and thats good. You're not supposed to be hit it's a survival game remember? Stay far from danger and play safe. You can't just start a game and instantly go inside a POI to farm things. Sure you an but it won't be easy (depending on your settings I always play as
  7. I think that really good. I like your idea of the drone as a kind of support. And you said no weapon mods in the first version at least. Maybe just maybe you have some plans adding it for late game. Like the legendary weapons that are planned. it could be a hard boos drop item I am so curious which way you'll go while heading towards gold So will the iron blocks disappear? Just wanna ask they are too expensive anyway^^ When you simplify the block upgrade path, will you change the amount of materials that are needed to upgrade a block. Cause thats what I would like. It se
  8. Well I bet most of them try the highest settings cause Graphic>>>>>>>>>>gameplay Just play on lower settings and it works great. I don't have a good PC (not even an SSD) but I can play this game without a problem just with lower settings. and it doesn't look bad without ultra mega super duper 4k. Why are people such graphic sl*ts
  9. I agree on that! But getting rid of the forge is hard to imagine at first. I bet you will do a great job on it. About the forge I would've changed it to a combination of forge and workstation like it's just the size of the chem station. You can smelt 1 thing at a time and you need a Crucible so the smelted material can stay there for a short time. you can have up to 4 Crucibles so that you can have smelted Iron, brass, sand and lead. only those four cause why would you need to smelt stone or clay. So If you want to craft something you need the smelted material. If you want to craft s
  10. who doesn't. Would be cool to have some asian zombies as well Jokes aside. Wanted to ask is the work on 1 block height pathing done. once asked if it only works like crawling through a 1 block high hole on the ground or does it also work when the hole is 1 block higher like a window. would be awesome if they can break windows and crawl over the window sill
  11. Don't need to be a DLC. There was talking about a 7dtd 2 or a new game. If it's true that they will go for a second 7dtd it would be possible to add things like your idea But yeah it could also be a DLC here some day
  12. No Matter what it is, they won't implement it cause they already have a goal they want to reach. They're going for Gold and I think it's okay cause they can't add things forever.
  13. Could be under the undestructible part of the Trader Going down and you can't destroy a block damn sounds like a nice idea *-* There even could be lengendary weapon drops.
  14. About the snow Biome will it snow there more often? Would be a cool effect with thicc snowflakes making it hard to see and be surprised by zombies and animals
  15. Imagine it can spit out many small worms and they will stick to a block and suck on it until it breaks
  16. Well I remembered it wrong thanks for that but I do remember it was abuseable in some way cause I remember on Ps4 I always did it
  17. The old system was a problem cause we could abuse it aka get stones and wood and craft hundreds of stone axes So this problem would still appear...I think that our ideas wouldn't be implemented thanks to this abuse. What If you get rid of the "Perks allowes you to craft better things" system and instead everything can only be achieved with recepies. This WOULD add unpredictability and I would love it. The only thing I'm not sure about is if you still need the perks to be high enough to read the recepies you just found or does the crafting perks only give advantages for the said
  18. Well I think there is a way to get a mix of the "old" and the "new" perk system. Instead of just Level up and getting skillpoint which you can use however you want you first need to earn exp in a certain perk you wish to have. So when you want to upgrade miner 69'er or motherload you need to do some mining The perks should need a specific amount of exp and you get exp up when you do it. You should get the same amount of exp you get from mining anyway. The same works for weapon perks. Kill enemies with a specific weapon and it gets exp. The main perks (strenght, agility, etc.) should be fr
  19. It can work with only one Base but is risky I like that challenge to build just 1 Base with all my stuff in it and try to make it zombie proof. Even trying to get my farm on top of the base and try get it safe. It's totally possible and adds a challenge to it.
  20. Love that *-* need the exp xD
  21. three words: Zombies in Cities
  22. this happenes cause you unpack it and instantly "Farm" a full stack of ore. This gives the high amount of exp. But it get's less over time until you won't get exp anymore from unpack them. I think it's a feature
  23. But you must agree Zombies crawling over a hatch or a block would be awesome I tried many designs (never used a Youtube Build or cheesing the AI. And There are still a lot of ways to build a base
  24. Food is damn easy. Just get to the next house, loot the kitchen and get you a cooking pot. Now you only need to search for some nests on the ground. You will get a lot of eggs in no time. Now you just cook them and got enough food. Or on the way looking for nests you will probably find chicken or rabbits. Kill them with a bow and get that meat. Now cook some bacon egg and you won't have food problems for a couple of days. The game is great balanced in early food. later on you will have too much..so now you just did it wrong^^ And about not finding a gun. Thats just bad luck ca
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