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  1. Between classes at the moment, so I can't give you the specific code for a modlet, but you need to change the EntityDamage of the player fists as defined in line 5920 of items.xml from the default base_set value of 5 to something egregious like 5000 (like the dev tool Hammer of the Gods). I know if you pop a zombie in the editor with that hammer the results are often hilarious.
  2. Did you start a new game or place new Player Vending Machines after applying the changes? In my experience, many changes aren't reflected until a reset, with blocks/entities retaining their previous values otherwise.
  3. Forget the pet dog, tell me you've got a Shrek DVD.
  4. So far, Anna's quest is as far as the story goes. So you've run out of new missions.
  5. I like the way you think, Bad Zombie. There are a few mods I can think of offhand that have some of the mechanics you're talking about. Darkness Falls, for example, removes the time from the HUD until you find or craft a watch (neither of which is easy). And Romero Mod makes zombies walk all the time, removes blood moons and the zombie homing ability, and makes most weapon damage minimal (1 pt) unless it's to the head. I'm pretty sure at least one vehicle mod also adds repairable vehicles to the world. Trying a nomadic, hunter/gatherer style had occurred to me before. I thought it might be cool if you removed regular crop growing (or perhaps just seed crafting) and set the food plants to be random spawns around the world. Redefine the plants so there's no chance of getting a seed on harvest, but also have it downgrade to a non-obvious block (say, grass or air) that will mature into a harvestable food plant again in time (not 3 days, obviously, but 15-30 days might be reasonable). Once you'd harvested all the plants in one area, it'd be time to move onto another section of the map until the plants had a chance to regrow. Living off the land could still have value if it gave you a bonus to the amount of food harvested from these wild plants.
  6. @doughphunghus: Thanks for doing the science! It certainly sounds like it could be a fun mechanic for blood moon shenanigans. I agree that having normal sleepers and such dropping dirt all over the world would be weird and probably not very welcome, so a blood moon only variant set of zombies dropping the gore blocks would definitely be a better solution. As for the particular terrain block, I just grabbed the first likely-looking block I came to in the xml, but you'd definitely want something to harvested to dirt or sand or rotting flesh rather than as a placeable block. I think terrTopSoil might be the one I intended--one that would match the surrounding biome terrain auto-magically. If you move the code dropping the gore blocks from zombieTemplateMale (from which all vanilla zombies extend) to the individual zombie definitions, you could definitely have fun with them each dropping seemingly similar gore blocks that actually UpgradedRated into different blocks as you suggested. I'm picturing that Demo you worked so hard to kill leaving a gore block that then turns into an empty gas barrel just waiting to explode, or burnt zombies (I know, they don't spawn in vanilla blood moons, but that can be changed) turning into glowing embers. This could be really fun for a change of pace from vanilla gameplay.
  7. This is the way! Also, am I the only one who sees this as an army of zombie Nick Cages?
  8. The part where all zombies have a chance to drop remains could easily be changed to only certain zombies have a 100% chance of dropping remains. Based on my experience with a similar mechanic in Darkness Falls, the gore block sometimes spawns in midair, on top of another gore block, or somewhere else where stability rules won't allow it to stay, and therefore it falls and vanishes--which is why I had it quickly changing to terrain. Around a trap, you might have those rules negating a bunch of potential gore blocks--and as Morganic material blocks, they don't have stability, so one gore block won't stack on top of another, the first needs to change to terrain first. And yes, changing that terrain to something more resilient--stone or wasteland terrain, or a beefed up copy of the existing terrain block--is easy enough. I was trying to think of a different way, along the lines of your original thought for them placing blocks at random. Maybe some piece that looked like damaged stone or wood and got placed on the side of a block to represent handholds being knocked in the wall, and then tag it to function like a ladder. But it'll take someone smarter than me to make that work. As far as a way to clear it at a distance, I was thinking exactly the same thing. I like creating the "problem" of the player killing too many in one spot, but offering a solution is always a good idea. The Explosion.DamageBonus.earth line in explosives looks like it has real potential. Imagine a new "sodbuster" round for the rocket launcher that did massive damage to dirt and not much else. Could be fun. (Could also streamline digging up treasure chests).
  9. That would be the H7SB Seats mod by Eihwaz. I used it in A19 as well, and it looks like there's a version for A20 but haven't seen one for A21. They also did a mod where players had to sleep periodically, though I never used it.
  10. Just spit-balling here, but what if you had zombies drop old skool gore blocks when they die like in Darkness Falls, then have those gore blocks turn into terrain blocks a few minutes later using UpgradeRated like the old "concrete drying" mechanism (pretty sure that's still a valid thing)? Then, you'd have dead bodies stacking up around your defenses that zombies could hopefully use to climb walls. I'm at work now, so can't test this out, but if you created a copy of one of the gore blocks like so: <configs> <append xpath="/blocks"> <block name="goreBlockZombieBones"> <property name="Extends" value="goreBlockHumanBones"/> <property name="WaterFlow" value="permitted"/> <property name="Collide" value="melee,bullet,arrow,rocket"/> <property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true"/> <property name="Class" value="UpgradeRated"/> <property name="UpgradeRated.ToBlock" value="terrainFillerAdaptive"/> <property name="UpgradeRated.Rate" value="1000"/> </block> </append> </configs> Then, set your zombies so they have a have a high chance to turn into that gore block when they die: <config> <append xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name='zombieTemplateMale']"> <property name="CorpseBlock" value="goreBlockZombieBones" /> <property name="CorpseBlockChance" value="0.80" /> </append> </config> You could play around with the numbers as far as the UpgradeRated.Rate and CorpseBlockChance go and find something that achieves the effect you're after.
  11. You can't really add them to garages and barns easily, but you can add them to lootgroups for place you could imagine finding a bucket--under sinks (groupSinks01), in utility carts (groupUtilityCart), and possibly in lockers (groupLocker01). Rather than add them to the sub lootgroups in those containers (which would also put buckets in unlikely places like trash bags and trash barrels), you could add them at the top level but with a fairly low drop chance--say "low" or "med" at most.
  12. Looking around, it seems the customized player characters are saved in the same place as the saved games, only the file used isn't xml, it's something else--almost all of which was incomprehensible when I opened it with Notepad++. So I'm not sure that'll be much help. Of course, this will probably be the last alpha we can use Archetypes to make NPCs and zombies, so it might be time to look to the future for your character modelling needs. Fuse is one program you can use (no longer updated, but you can find it around), but MakeHuman is my go-to for human generation. The price is right (free!), there are a fair amount of player-made clothing and accessories, and interface is very easy to used compared to something like Blender. You can either give it a standard skeleton in MakeHuman or use Mixamo to put one in, and it's pretty easy to get models out and set them up in Unity for use in 7d2d. I've downloaded your casino mod and look forward to playing around with it when I start an A21 world. Thanks for sharing it!
  13. Way back in the day, there was this: Pretty sure it doesn't work any more, but it was before my time. I seem to recall the new archetypes also showing up in the character select screen by default, so looking at them there might be faster than going through the trouble of loading a world. Lighting might be different than in actual gameplay, though. When I'm testing mods, especially things I think might have errors in the xml, I'll often load the POI editor instead of a new world, since it loads much faster for me but will still show me any errors. You'd probably need to go to Playtest from there to spawn in entities, though.
  14. Just taking a quick look at your attempt that failed, I think if you add a texture for the BillboardPlant, you might see something in game. From the code above, it looks like the game uses <property name="Texture" value="177"/> An alternate way to do this would be by just replacing all the dead corn with another block by essentially making each of the dead corn blocks a placeholder, and then having the game fill the placeholder with treeDeadPineLeaf when the map is first generated or a POI is reset. Those edits could be done in blockplaceholders.xml file. <configs> <!-- replace the dead corn models with something easier to see --> <append xpath="/blockplaceholders"> <placeholder name="plantedCornDeadSmall"> <block name="treeDeadPineLeaf" prob="1.0"/> </placeholder> <append xpath="/blockplaceholders"> <placeholder name="plantedCornDeadMedium"> <block name="treeDeadPineLeaf" prob="1.0"/> </placeholder> <append xpath="/blockplaceholders"> <placeholder name="plantedCornDead"> <block name="treeDeadPineLeaf" prob="1.0"/> </placeholder> </append> </configs> In my experience, it's best to put this change in before you start playing a world, otherwise it might not show up until you start resetting POIs by running missions at them. Hope this works for you.
  15. This looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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