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  1. After a glance at that site, I can kind of vouch for the quality, but not in a good way. Let's put it this way--in the interface, their translation of "Japanese" is "Japanese person" as opposed to "Japanese language." Context is hard, and I'm sure it probably works better for Romance languages, but the old adage of "Write what you know" goes double for translating. Best possible outcome: unintentional hilarity. Worst possible outcome: WWIII?
  2. I popped on here to say something about the tags, as I've done that very same thing. Glad you got it resolved.
  3. Looking at the code, there's like a 1% chance of getting one when something is rolled from the trophyGroup of loot (where you get brass and lead trophies, usually). There's also a 5% of the vendor having one for sale in the traderGeneral loot group. So, yeah, you're not going to be seeing a lot. You might want to consider either XML edits to bump those numbers up or adding them to other loot groups (I'll probably offer them as a possible quest rewards). For example, here's a snippet of code that will add them to mailboxes occasionally: <!-- add slim chance of vinyl to mailbox--&g
  4. Icekiss69, AFAIK this mod hasn't been updated for A19, hence all the errors. For one thing, the name of the nailgun (and most if not all tools, weapons, and related schematics) changed from A18 to A19. That's a lot of what the mod's choking on in the errors you gave above.
  5. This is blowing my mind! Awesome work, Snufkin. I can't wait to get home and try this baby out.
  6. The way you've got it coded now, it seems like it should work, although it's a bit labor intensive. You could try this instead: append your food1UpMushroom to the 'traderAlways' group, since everything in there should be stocked every time. Then, when each of those traders call on 'traderAlways', your food1UpMushroom should show up in their for sale inventory. <append xpath="//trader_item_groups/trader_item_group[@name='traderAlways']"> <item name="food1UpMushroom" count="1,2"/> </append> That should be all you need. Give it a
  7. In the spawning.xml, you can try changing the respawndelay value for a given biome from whatever it currently is to 0 (this is how long in days to respawn the area's zombies). From past (brutal) experience, that should give you an unending stream of zombies (at least, that's what it felt like in the early days of that new world). In A18, the values all seemed to be integers, but in A19 I see decimals as well. For example, in vanilla A19 the wasteland biome already has respawndelay="0" for the ZombiesWastlelandNight entitygroup, and 0.3 for everything else (so, almost 8 hours of a
  8. Very excited for the windsurfer. Keep up the good work!
  9. Things get pretty crazy in a multiplayer team during a red moon and the tidal wave of xp, but I'm pretty sure in Alpha 17+18, only the placer was getting the xp, even though I had pretty much duplicated his perk tree by that point and was standing right next to him. I recall reading somewhere that the game already remembers who places every block, not just the traps.
  10. As I recall, this is how some of the MasterChef perks work. One of them reduces meat usage by 20% (meaning 4 pieces instead of 5 for most recipes), another shortens the cooking time. Here's an excerpt from the code for the latter, from the progression.xml <passive_effect name="CraftingTime" operation="perc_add" level="1,5" value="-.1,-.5" tags="perkMasterChef"/> For each rank of Master Chef, you get 10% off the cooking time, starting at 10% off and going as high as 50% off. That could act as a sort of guide for you. If you wanted to increase the crafting time
  11. I don't have a modding solution for you, but here's a possible stopgap solution for your group--the trap "owner" is whoever places it, regardless of who crafts it or wires it up. So, if your friends place some traps, they can get xp from those (provided they're perked into that tree, which I realize isn't ideal). I, too, would love to see a more equitable distribution of trap xp.
  12. Just spitballing here, but in Unity, was your model tagged as T_Block so it'll be recognized by the electrical system? That's the only possible error I can think of offhand.
  13. I believe the kills are shared by default, and I don't know of any way to keep them from being shared (unless the quest itself couldn't be shared, like treasure chests or the intro quest chain). Does the quest in question have certain conditions the player has to meet in order for the kills to count--drunk, holding a certain weapon, etc? If your friends don't also meet those conditions, their kills likely won't count toward the quest total (turrets seem to get a pass on this, or at least they did in A18).
  14. I believe you have to update the cvar so that the game knows you've read that particular book before. Try copying the effect_group lines from Action0 into your new Action1 and see if that works for you.
  15. It wouldn't mess up the boxes, but the new size also wouldn't apply to boxes you'd already placed/opened in the world, at least from my experiences changing container storage in A18. You'd have to replace the existing containers with freshly placed ones in order to see the increased storage slots.
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