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  1. We already have an implemented electrical system, all they gotta do is spawn it in a PoI, and allow the player to interact with it. As for the fuse boxes, it would be like the switch, but with a new model and animation.
  2. @madmole Considering the new generator quest, wouldn't it also be a good time to revise and improve the existing quests? Visuals and lore-wise giving them descriptions that you would find in those random readable quests, as if people left bounties on the traders. Game design-wise make them more intricate and have an even heavier RNG influence. - Clear Zombies ---> Infestation - Fetch -----> (Person) needs (amount) (item) [RNG] They would have specific PoI's and items to collect in normal containers (for example, collecting grades of beer, gas, ammo, break
  3. Read everything again, but slowly. Don't get your blood boiling, you might not handle yourself. Fantasy as in, anything can be in this, it doesn't NEED to follow or have something based on real life, but if it does try to represent something real (in this case the name's of the freaking entities describe what they are suppose to be) it makes sense they do it based on what THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. And no, they are not weak, or oversexualized, as I explained before. But if they were, I wouldn't get in the way, because as i said, it's fantasy, you absolute tunnel vision
  4. Why are politics always trying to find their way inside a f*cking fantasy videogame? They are zombies, f*cking zombies, the only thing that i care about them is their uniqueness to gameplay, i couldnt give two sh*ts about the background of a zombie im going to get rid of in 2 seconds. And besides that, I already know that a lot of people (probably like yourself) will start calling out players for mentioning the zombies as "the black zombie" (in case he has a special ability or combat difference), or the more deranged will start complaining about players killing minorities in the g
  5. It's rather amusing reading these replies, as you obviously have no idea what I've talked about previously, or what i've contributed in the forums. Whenever someone says amen, it's all good, the moment someone presents criticism and seems unhappy with a certain decision it's overly squeaky? You haven't even started an argument and you're already losing it by trying to insult me. Keep going with that mentality, i wonder what results you'll get.
  6. I guess we are dodging the topic here. I don't want to praise any work for the bare minimum (and in fact I already said I what to say for this update multiple times), so I prefer to focus on points needed to improve. Physics on anything of small scale (ex: not flags or capes) is completely useless and a waste of resources. And I was simply pointing out that out of the many things the game needs desperate improvement in (player swim mechanic since zombies have it, proper VFX for hit feedback or improved dismemberment visuals, and hey I guess with limb physics when detached), we get
  7. Stripper has breasts jiggle physics...I honestly don't know how to react to this @%$#. Before we got decent zombie dismembering or enemy degradation based on health, we got a @%$#ing skyrim mod...
  8. Yeah, but even though they WILL add it. It's false advertisement at its current state, I actually got hyped for nothing (thinking they added more stuff in 19.0 after b180, but didn't show in the patch notes).
  9. Hey, i have a question. What's up with the steam store screenshots, showing what the game doesn't have available? (Stripper, business, fat hawaiian zombies with new models).
  10. Stealth? Broken? Mate i think you are thinking of a different game. I mostly go for agility tree when I play this game and let me tell you, unless you freaking max rank the stealth perk, zombies will still be alerted out of nowhere. Even without perks sometimes you can stand in front of a sitting sleeper and he won't notice you. Stealth damage is a different story, but then again, mention any game with a stealth damage mechanic that isn't "broken". If anything, the most broken thing about an agility build is the deep cuts perk + fury of blows, that @%$*#! is super consi
  11. I chose "Other Reaction". So I, in general, "like" the new progression system as it does in fact extend the game's length. However, it was never about JUST finding better loot, the game kept you playing because you wanted to upgraded your base to it's maximum potential and see it hold off the hardest hordes with ease, this new loot change just shifts the perspective into making you focus on your gear alone, rather than your home defense or construction (this also ties into perks but I'm not falling into that hole again). These are the stuff I have been thinking s
  12. Haha, well it ain't exactly the newest Tesla =P
  13. I used the world realistic to separate the base designs in cause from the slaughterhouses players build, I believe that was fairly obvious. As in, something that someone could live in (not necessarily real life) and have permanent entrances, not entrances that you get to by placing down 2 frames and removing them, but anyways. Well, my first base in A19 was made from the destroyed house PoI with the water filled basement (has an ammunition box inside the water) and was holding up pretty well, until zombies "found" a weakness (literally the same blocks throughout the whole house, bu
  14. I can still how you my previous alpha bases, including THE A16 base, that was built on the scrapyard PoI and I turned it into a freaking last stand base, with catwalks, double thick walls (plates on the inside), spot lights, realistically placed traps, turrets and not a single place that was inaccessible to the player unless I had the drawbridge up (like real life). What had worked on A16 (having an open gate letting them through for the traps to take care of them, having some rogue ones being taken care of by the spikes and my friend also walking around the catwalks, yadda yadda) didn't work
  15. No, it's not untrue mate, i'm not exaggerating. I don't use hyperboles unless I know what I am talking about. Making a wall around your base means you have an extra chance per block, that they will choose another block. But in the end, whenever a block takes 10% damage or has a bit less health than another. All of the zombies will focus on it, so yeah you can spam repair it, but that's not really the point of making fortress walls now is it? Keeping true to a PoI's design and making it efficient is one hell of a fun task, but you literally have to think about how the A
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