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  1. I need some air after that one hahahahah
  2. @madmole Any plans for fixing the jittery ADS of weapons? For example the ak goes forward and back with a red dot sight installed.
  3. Because they're not holding weapons and carrying a bunch of stuff bobby. And oh, game design.
  4. Will the revenant shoot with missiles and play the trumpet?
  5. Though 7 days to die is pretty immersive, sometimes the miscellaneous blocks are so characteristic and well placed, that i forget it's block based. Indeed Fallout 4's building system is an absolute beauty (I spent most of my time preparing realistic settlements for raids :D), the problem is that it lacks destruction or AI interaction with what you have built. But to be honest 7 days to die just needs more characteristic and big decoration blocks to make certain PoIs much better (it's a hassle having like 5 metal poles just to make a door frame and not allow players to place a block there for example). One thing that would help is more crouchable areas (half life peeking in the corner) with actual hollow blocks specific for that. Just a thought. Still 7 days to die currently gets the visuals job done very well.
  6. I'm waiting for zombies to be able to climb ledges (some jump and grab onto the ledge even higher).
  7. My bad i meant to say "If you think nerpoling is more fun than*"
  8. It doesn't affect me, in fact i never said anything about nerdpoling in the first place (besides mentioning it) until the dude replied to you, it can stay for all i care. The thing is that he was defending nerdpoling by saying actually exploring a major part of the game isn't fun. Again, I don't care about nerdpoling and obviously building would be tedious. I don't do it either. Nerdpoling is a cheesy strat, like blocking entrances with a single block (when they break a door down) but being able to hit them safely, spam repairing something with a nailgun, get on the roof of a PoI and wait out the blood moon. Again, I'm not defending the removal of nerd poling or the usage of it, i'm just saying that his argument was pretty delusional and quite disrespectful towards the work that has been done trying to get to make the PoI's interesting.
  9. That's a pretty bull@%$*#! and flawed point of view. I can counter-argument by saying, what's the point of detailed PoI's anyway? What's the point of level design? What's the point of weapons? What's the point of even fighting? Just get some wood, nerdpole, collect stuff like a freaking squirrel, stuff em, and drive around the bloodmoon or hide from it at the top of a building you nerdpolled to... That defeats the purpose of most of the work put into this game. And what's the fun in nerdpolling again? If you have more fun nerdpolling than stealthing, killing, destroying and looting your way through a PoI, then you must check your standards. Oh and you talk with stupid hyperboles like going through a PoI is a massive burden (which isn't) that takes the whole fun out of the game and drives your linearity detector into overdrive...the hell?
  10. That's why i stated "normal" doors
  11. Keep in mind most of the PoIs have easily breakable wooden walls. You would also be sacrificing lockpicks to JUST get through 1 door. About the pvp part, i'm talking about the non-craftable doors, and if that's still a problem, land claim blocks are a thing. EDIT: Oh and there's no anti-nerdpolling in the game.
  12. Hey when are doors going to be lockpickable? It might be a bit strong but atleast "normal" doors should be lockpickable.
  13. Will you be remaking models though? The marksman rifle, smg and even ak-47 look outdated as hell (and some of the sounds aswell).
  14. @madmole Some questions if some quality of life changes are being worked on: - Option to change toggling/holding ADS? (I know they are both implemented, but the response for the holding ADS is super slow compared to any other shooter) - Buyable/Craftable in-game lights for the players to use (some were removed since A16 for some reason, and i keep getting teased by the construction lights in PoIs)? - New honk sounds for the motorcycle and truck? - Actually shifting sounds for the vehicles instead of the boring loop one? (You have the gear shift sound when you start moving after being still, then it goes into a monotone loop) - Make burst fire actual burst fire? Right now it's just better to spam tap shoot with burst fire weapons, i thought burst fire was supposed to be a really fast burst but with a lower fire rate per burst.
  15. Right now, there is no point (and i'm sure it doesn't end here, i just need confirmation from the devs if they dont mind), but take a look at the famas from CS 1.6 (not CSGO). Auto firing meant you had to control the spray and trying to burst with auto was not as accurate as if you were to actually use the burst-fire mode. I actually think the burst-fire shot faster between rounds, though i'm not sure. True burst-fire gives you a short controlled burst of damage that you can't get when auto-firing (or shouldn't for gameplay purposes) with insane per bullet fire rate, but not per burst. Right now, the burst fire weapons simple act as an automatic weapon with a fire rate lock on the 3rd shot, and it feels super artificial and useless. As for semi-auto, it should probably increase the damage per shot, or have some sort of critical hit chance. But i don't mind using it on the pistol...it's extra damage until i get rad remover =P
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