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  1. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to entity damage and other changes. It's funny to knock them down, but actually causing damage would be nice. In the meantime I'll look more at a workaround myself.
  2. I have a question about the dune runner. It's a great vehicle and the most fun to drive but I wonder if the configuration is a bit off. It can be stopped dead running into driftwood, something even a bicycle will crash through. I purposely made a mostly desert map when I saw some game images, and now I rather regret that because it's really annoying. I tried adjusting the hp of the driftwood but that didn't seem to work. If it's working as intended I guess next time I'll remove driftwood from the biome generation.
  3. At the top of the creative menu, there are icons for "All", "All Blocks", "All Items" etc. One is "Dev Blocks On". Click that, then type dev in the search box to find the dev tools quickly. One looks like a purple SMG and is the Super Digger. Be careful where you aim it, you can wreck your base quickly.
  4. Can you just use the super digger? It one shots any block, but maybe you want less than that.
  5. I don't know much about how the games hitboxes work. Does the head hitbox move with the head, or is it like a cube stuck on top of a torso cube? I captured some video while shooting the cops (with AI paused) and then looked through it frame by frame. One shot to the cheek was not a head shot, and then another one was. Some shots were non-headshot hits, but visually were complete misses. Maybe that's "glancing blows" though? It does seem I get headshots more frequently if I aim for the top of his head.
  6. 5000 kg in your pocket may be the norm in vanilla, but you can't carry that in UL. In vanilla, a stack of 6000 rocks uses the same inventory as 1 feather. That is nonsense. Limiting what you carry by weight is better than how many slots you have. The mod is an in-game mod you can craft for the vehicles, called a Vehicle Cargo Pouch. Each one adds 50kg and you can have more than one in the vehicle. You can increase the bicycle up to 450 kg. Or maybe it's pounds, not sure on the units.
  7. Where do I find the head on the cops? The hit box doesn't seem to correspond to the visual. I'm getting cops in the wandering horde now, and it takes 10-20 shots to the head before I get a couple on just the right pixel to do enough damage to kill them. Most shots just do the 1 hp damage so I am hitting it.
  8. I installed the 7/30 version into a clean 19.6 game and now on day 7 I got the bloodmoon. Red day number in the morning, then in the evening, lightning, red sky, music, and a horde. You mentioned you added a harmony patch that forced bloodmoon off, so I assumed we did not need to mess around with changing bloodmoon from disabled to 0, or back. Is this not the case? When the lightning started, I did exit to menu and changed it to zero, but the horde still came.
  9. I've just seen that myself, but in single player.
  10. Thank you. I was thinking it was just missing comment tags, but wanted to make sure I didn't have things wrong since I haven't looked at how the RWG stuff works yet.
  11. I'm trying the Compo Pack for the first time, the modlet version. Reading through the topic I see a mention of multiple copies of POIs spawning, and then an update saying the prefablist section was now commented out to prevent this. I don't find any sections commented out in the mod's rwgmixer.xml, only comments, including one that says to uncomment the prefablist if you want more POIs. I downloaded from github today so that should be the updated version, correct? I'd prefer not a lot of the same POIs so how do I make sure my world won't have this?
  12. I hope someone will make a mod to bring the blunderbuss back. It's my favorite gun.
  13. If you left click on the mouse the camera will switch modes. Haven't found a way to do it with the controller but this works for me.
  14. You didn't ask me, but I think lockable slots makes it more realistic. We have pocket mods for the clothes and the armor, but if we dump out our backpack, it's dumping everything, our entire inventory (well, except the toolbelt). In other games that have some similarity to 7DtD, the backpack, pockets on clothes, pants, etc. are separate so if you drop the backpack you still have all the other stuff. I'm not suggesting 7DtD go that route, but lockable slots is a compromise between that and the current vanilla implementation.
  15. The lockable slots are in vanilla, just not enabled. The relevant part of the xml is commented out. The lockable slot mod I use just adds back the code that's already there.
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