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  1. I am back guys! Nice to see someone was maintaining it while I was gone.
  2. Sorry guys, I been fighting Covid-19 and has taken a lot out of me. I will try to get it updated very soon.
  3. No I have not on my UMA mods as they are for my personal servers and won't be released. Sorry.
  4. Here is the Client Side and Server Side for A19 B180 A19B180 Client Side link A19B150 Server Side link DMT Versions A19B180 Client Side link DMT Version A19B180 Server Side Link DMT Version
  5. No worries I can completely understand I was gone for over a year due to personal issues. I came back a couple months ago after being gone since Dec 2018, so all my A17 mods were useless with all the changes since then till now, took me a couple months to get everything working, recompiling over 259+ unity packages to update those and all the modlets I made as well. Lots of trial and errors. I heard the same thing on the UMA which I was really upset about since I created over 140+ ones for A17, but from what I see a few things changed on them but still working so far. Not sure when they will actually pull the plug on that but it is still there for now.
  6. I have them working in A19 B178 wasn't very hard to update the project.
  7. Did you make sure to disable EAC before running.
  8. Scroll up the download works in the new post a couple posts above.
  9. Here is the Client Side and Server Side for A19 B178 A19B178 Client Side link A19B178 Server Side link DMT Versions A19B178 Client Side link DMT Version A19B178 Server Side Link DMT Version
  10. Yes its an optional download at the link provided, requires DMT for it to work
  11. Working as expected Perfect thanks brotha!
  12. I would be more than happy to assist with testing if you need brotha.
  13. @Sirillion - Any headway on the Video's option not working. I thought maybe it was another modlet messing with it, but had it happen on a standalone new install as well with just SMX installed nothing else. There also seems to be an issue with looting, if you open a container and press R keep in mind this is with A19 B177 2020-08-07T06:41:09 289.395 INF [DECO] written 0 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at XUiC_LootWindow.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x00136] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiC_LootWindowGroup.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x00000] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUi.OnUpdateDeltaTime (System.Single updateDeltaTime) [0x0014d] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiUpdater.Update () [0x0003f] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 at XUiUpdateHelper.LateUpdate () [0x00000] in <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86>:0 (Filename: <8fbb29136efb4922ae1ac85641b21e86> Line: 0)
  14. Saying a broke a bunch of stuff does nothing for anyone brotha, can you provide more details, what broke? Which Modlet? What Errors? Details are key in getting fixes in place faster so we can all understand what is going on. Just FYI.
  15. Looks like the issue is something else you have a TON of traders You are using the ComboPack44 correct? I am not getting any of those issues with any of my generated files.
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