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  1. I don't like having to buy literally thousands of books just to craft stuff. They tried this in A17 but people hated it so they dropped it. Way too much hassle. I also don't like the game's Map Generator. I generated a 10k map; there was only 1 trader on the map with almost no buildings and you can't get a flat map no matter what you do.
  2. The title pretty much says it all. I'm trying out a mod that uses Num1 (keypad 1) to fire the weapon, but I may have remapped that button so I'm trying to figure out what I mapped it to. If I knew what the default action for the num1 button then I might be able to figure it out.
  3. Zagan

    Rev's Simple UI

    I have always loved Simple UI by Steadman420. Nice to see it back. But can you make a 120 slot for storage chests?
  4. Not me, I can't even start the game with this mod loaded.
  5. I'm having trouble with the Always Open Trader modlet. It made it so they are always closed now so I can't even get to the trader without getting teleported away.
  6. I'm having problems with an error trying to use this mod. The best thing I think of is to just post a picture of the error. It just keeps counting up with the file name number.
  7. What? I've had 16k maps before (A 19) and they play the same as an 8k, just bigger. That was on my old computer. I've since upgraded so I have no problems playing any game now, including VR. In fact, I have a 16k map and if I could get the biomes.png right I'd be playing it. The game does not load the entire map all at once, just a selected area that is in your view. So it does not matter the map size, the amount of information being processed is the same. So a larger map does not use any more resources than a small map. I've been playing this game since A 16 and until the A 19.5 update, you could make 16k maps with NitroGen. I played them all the time in SP and multiplayer. 8-12k maps are just too small.
  8. I need a simple map. I'd like it to be 16k, completely flat, as many towns and cities as possible, no water or freeway on the edges. Just split it into thirds with snow in the north, pine forest in the middle, and desert in the south. I tried using King Gen but it messed everything up and I still got hills and craters. The biomes.png is messed up too. Pine Forest is always dark and foggy 24/7. I wish NitroGen still worked. That was the best map generator ever. Anyways, can you make a map like this pleasse?
  9. I heard the gun works, you just press "E".
  10. Well a really simple solution is to just make the craft time faster. I use this in my recipes mod, you can alter the ingredients easy enough. All you really need is the craft_time="0"> at the end. You can also adjust that if you want it slower. At 0 it will pump out 100 Yucca Juice Smoothies in a few seconds...like 3-4 seconds or something. <append xpath="/recipes"> <recipe name="drinkYuccaJuiceSmoothie" count="1" tags="perkMasterChef,learnable" craft_time="0"> <ingredient name="foodCropYuccaFruit" count="1"/> <ingredient name="drinkJarEmpty" count="1"/> </recipe> </append>
  11. Well I thought it could shoot because I had some mods for like A16-A17 that did shoot. OK, off to see if I can find one that shoots bullets instead of just dropping me on top of zeds...lol Would be nice if someone made a vehicle mod that adds working guns and maybe rocket launchers.
  12. I can't get this thing to shoot. Like I tried using my primary and secondary action buttons but it won't shoot. If I use the interact button (default E button) I exit the helicopter and fall to my death...lol So what button do I use? Like what is it listed as in the options?
  13. Quick Question... What are the RGB color codes for the different biomes? I know snow is easy, 255,255,255. What are the rest of them? Anyone know?
  14. Sure, I'll try it out. Thanks. I'd love to see the coding for that, might clear up some misgivings I have. BTW, I think the reason JaxTeller718 made it fill up jars from the left click button is the right click is used to repair the sinks to make them work with his repair kits.
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