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  1. Can you make a 120 slot backpack mod please? Like 12 across and 10 down. I'd also like a 120 slot Writable Storage Box ( "cntStorageGenericSigned" ).
  2. Here is my suggestion... I'd like to have an "Advanced" Mode like how there is on blocks so you can turn them any direction for SMG and Shotgun Turrets and Spotlights so that you can hang them upside down, like from under an eve on a roof. Yeah I can put them under there, but it would be more realistic if they were hung by the mounting legs.
  3. This is a "Must Have" tool. I love it because I can get a much better map. I like my maps nice and flat but the in game generator makes all the roads have these sudden changes in height. Love all the options it has too. The only thing is the Java. I just upgraded my PC and had to get it again and the current version doesn't work. You need jre-8u241-windows-x64.exe took me forever to find it because I was looking for Java 1.8 and it's not listed as that. You should put "jre-8u241-windows-x64.exe" instead of 1.8 when you start it without it, make it less confusing. Really nice work though.
  4. Is that for the S420_SimpleUI-BiggerBackpack120-PlayerBuiltStorage?
  5. Yeah I got the 120 backpack size and player storage installed, but the player storage is overlapping the inventory screen. Needs the position fixed for player storage. The Toolbelt mod displays right, however it makes it so that you can't move/remove items to the toolbelt The Forge Input and compass seem to work ok
  6. Hey Stedman420, are you going to update your modlets for A19?
  7. Can you post these mods on Nexus? I hate github, can never figure out how to download from there. Nexus is much better, It's a pain in the ass piecing together your mods to make them work. WAY easier if you just put them in a .zip file. Then everyone can enjoy them, not just people who know HOW to mod.
  8. Well I made a custom Workbench and a custom Chemistry Station. This is the problem though - I can't get this ui_display.xml to work and put in the stuff in the left pane. Like the sorting icons, the 5 Queue slots (I only have 4) and the word "CHEMISTRY" on the top of the pane. I've been in the discord channel but it seems people are too busy or just don't know exactly how to do this. They said I had to append the ui_display.xml but aren't quite sure how. I have this so far... <config> <append xpath="/ui_display"> <crafting_category_list display_type="miniChemistryStation"> <crafting_category name="Chemicals" icon="ui_game_symbol_chemistry" display_name="lblCategoryChemicals" /> <crafting_category name="Medical" icon="ui_game_symbol_medical" display_name="lblCategoryMedicine" /> </crafting_category_list> </append> </config> But it's not working. I don't think it's going to help me get the 5 queue slots either. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Ahh, so you did copy my code then. Yeah, I thought it was kinda suspicious with them all being in the same order...lol No big, I got there first so naner, naner, naner
  10. You know I was gonna call you out on that mod cuz I posted one on page 15 of this same thread. You got all 15 of the same perk codes in there in the same order as mine, but you got 2 perks that I missed so I'll take it as a compliment instead and say thanks for the help. There is now a new version of my mod with the 2 added perks available here. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/627
  11. Zagan

    Sittable furnitures

    Yeah, I can't get my bed to show up as a spawning point. It worked the first time, but it doesn't work anymore. I tried hitting it with a hammer like it says to do but that doesn't seem to do anything. There problem is in SP and on my server.
  12. Zagan

    Home Depot Mod

    So any news on how the update for Home Depot mod is coming? I'm really missing it from my game, heh.
  13. Hey, love your working stoves mod. Is there any chance you could make a working faucets one too? Maybe even a water cooler that dispenses clean drinking water?
  14. Hey, don't mess with the night vision goggles. I really do need those, can't kill what you can't see.
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