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  1. What if there was a special zombie that was immune to bullets? Then it would not longer be whack-a-mole.
  2. I tend to have a stone axe in my inventory for a long time and am curious if other people do too. It's pretty versatile, but also weak late-game.
  3. I'd much rather just be able to craft low-tier mods from the beginning. Gate them behind semi-rare resources, not recipes. @madmole How strongly does location effect gamestage? Like if I'm at the point where I'm seeing orange pistols in the forest, what would I be seeing in a wastelend city?
  4. As both a fan of roguelikes and tower defense games, I'd say that the inevitable end where things get too hard to continue mechanic is about equally prevalent in both genres. In other words, asking for better Tower Defense does not mean asking for less sharp difficulty spikes. It's common for game developers to value their player's feelings on a subject a lot more than the things players suggest to fix the problems.
  5. Gladiator zombie: Prevents players from using an exploit known as "base building" by insatantly teleporting them into an arena prefab.
  6. A potential way to address the food abundance problem is to add an increased-metabolism status effect for some drinks/items. Like coffee buzz causes you to lose the food bar quicker in addition to the increased stamina regeneration. That way, players struggling for food won't have any harder of a time, but players who had more than they need will have a use for all the extra calories
  7. My recommendation is turn up player block damage to 200%, and pretend that miner 69'er doesn't exist. That way's you'll be more free to actually spend points in non-strength. I will admit it doesn't address your core complaint though.
  8. I have a feeling that if the attribute gates were removed, a common player strategy would be to max out their favorite perks to level 5 one at a time. That probably wrecks havoc on the balance of the game.
  9. T1: Blunt-force Stun Baton T2: Electric Stun Baton T3: Barf Stun Baton.
  10. T1: Flintstones Stun Baton. T2: Iron Stun Baton. T3: Steel Stun Baton. But seriously, I have confidence you'll come up with something that makes sense.
  11. In old alphas, instead of vultures, we had hornets. They were stupid and unrealistic. I mean, come on, are we seriously supposed to believe that during a massive viral outbreak, a plague of giant murderous hornets just also happens to appear? As I said, it's stupid. Never gonna happen.
  12. I decided to start a new game in alpha 12 since my "new" potato computer can't handle A18. Holy @%$*#! I thought it was just nostalgia but it's a total blast. Walking around outside is actually scary. The zombies blend in a lot better with the enviroment, especially in the wasteland, so I often hear them before I see them. Fighting zombies always seems to attract more of them, so fighting just one in the night is unpredictably dangerous. The slower walk speed for the player and the zombies makes things more suspenseful. I tried the cheese tactic I learned from A15 onwards of hitting zombies from a two-block ledge, but was taken by surprise with the gore blocks. Crafting is a lot more difficult; there are no queues, things need to be broken up, and the crafting times are much longer for basic stuff. I like it though in a kind of sadistic way, it really makes the constant trickle of zombies in the wilderness feel annoying. My only major gripe is how long it takes to split a stack. I was looting a car and thought I was in luck because I found a Vension Stew, but suddenly heard the sounds of zombies and zombie dogs sniffing and nearly died from the commotion. Anyway. I died twice on the first day, so I'm starting a new world. I'll post updates when I get to the later game.
  13. The theory behind this idea is definitely sound. The stronger players/bases become, the less of a weekly hassle blood moons should be. The flavored Blood Moons offers to increase the late-game threat with minimal increases to the late-game hassle. As for signalling to the player what flavor is coming, you could send a mini-horde with a similar composition on night six. Adding a random flavor or a predetermined flavor has been discussed, but a third alternative is to choose zombies that counter the players strategies. Like The more hordes you run from, the more fast zombies that appear. If you use an uncovered stilt base, eventually bandits start sniping you. The more zombies attack your walls without getting hit, the more Demos will spawn. If you rain death from above, zombies wear helmets more. I've always been a proponent of the fractal blood moon, where every seventh blood moon you have to fight all the zombies combined from the previous six at once.
  14. A junk drone modified to help you beat the heat via red tea spray gun.
  15. I just started collaborating on an open-source game, and wow, one of the funnest parts is when a someone asks "How soon are you going to have feature X?" and responding with "As soon as you learn <insert programming language> and implement it youself"
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