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  1. Ok wow. It's heartening to see the playerbase still strongly cares about the open-world aspects of the game. Somehow I had gotten the impression that a lot you guys wanted to see 7dtd turn in to a hack-n-slash rpg. Sorry for my lack of faith.
  2. For those asking more specifically how it would work, when you teleport to a POI, you have to stay within the "quest area", and if you leave it you get teleported to the fast travel menu. You can place lcbs through the fast-travel UI, and they allow a 100×100 plot of free building/mining. When you fast-travel, you lose the food, water, and time it would have normally taken.
  3. Lets say you're offered a parallel-universe copy of 7 days to die. In it, there are 5 times as many POIs, with the same quality and creativity level as what exists in A19, but the only places you're allowed to go are POIs, traders, dig quests, and your base, and the only way to travel between them is through a fast-travel UI. Do you take it? Why or why not?
  4. I just watched stream 5, and like the look of the new store POIs. They look really immersive on the inside, but I think they're more fitting for a suburban strip mall as opposed to surrounded by wilderness. Also glad to hear there is a lot of experimentation in the level design structure going on.
  5. I was talking specifically about ranged primitive weapons. blunderbluss for Str, bow for Agi, spear for Per, and chairs for Fort.
  6. I'm confused. It sounds like you're saying the strength perk line is better than other ones in a roundabout way, but I don't get what that has to do with my post.
  7. The spear works as the primitive perception weapon. Since fortitude is the brawler type, throwing random heavy objects like chairs and rocks thematically works as the primitive ranged option.
  8. Q1: What are some specific player experiences/feelings you wanted to deliver for this game, but decided were too much work? Q2: How has 7dtd changed your feelings about voxels? Q3: What improvements are planned for the sequel's voxel engine? I remember Joel saying some tools would be able to hit multiple blocks.
  9. What if there was a special zombie that was immune to bullets? Then it would not longer be whack-a-mole.
  10. I tend to have a stone axe in my inventory for a long time and am curious if other people do too. It's pretty versatile, but also weak late-game.
  11. I'd much rather just be able to craft low-tier mods from the beginning. Gate them behind semi-rare resources, not recipes. @madmole How strongly does location effect gamestage? Like if I'm at the point where I'm seeing orange pistols in the forest, what would I be seeing in a wastelend city?
  12. As both a fan of roguelikes and tower defense games, I'd say that the inevitable end where things get too hard to continue mechanic is about equally prevalent in both genres. In other words, asking for better Tower Defense does not mean asking for less sharp difficulty spikes. It's common for game developers to value their player's feelings on a subject a lot more than the things players suggest to fix the problems.
  13. Gladiator zombie: Prevents players from using an exploit known as "base building" by insatantly teleporting them into an arena prefab.
  14. A potential way to address the food abundance problem is to add an increased-metabolism status effect for some drinks/items. Like coffee buzz causes you to lose the food bar quicker in addition to the increased stamina regeneration. That way, players struggling for food won't have any harder of a time, but players who had more than they need will have a use for all the extra calories
  15. My recommendation is turn up player block damage to 200%, and pretend that miner 69'er doesn't exist. That way's you'll be more free to actually spend points in non-strength. I will admit it doesn't address your core complaint though.
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