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  1. If you give the drone first aid items it will use them to heal you.
  2. I've been stuck with a low-performance computer for the last few years, so I haven't been able to play 7dtd from when A17 was still the newest update to just recently. Since most people haven't skipped A18, I thought I'd share my slightly unique experience. As of this first post I'm 3-4 in-game days in. - I'm liking the new zombie numbers and placement in the POIs. It's not the clown car death traps of A17. It feels more like I'm exploring and less like I'm slogging through a line of z's. I still find myself poking around every corner, always looking up in the rafters, and poking every closet, but it feels more like healthy paranoia than boring certainty. - Zombies overall seem less threatening. I'm not exactly sure why, but here are a few reasons that could be the case: - I no longer have to deal with the .2 second input delay my older computer had. - Default difficulty is lowered. - The zombie density in POIs is lower. - The chuck-spear-at-sleepers strategy I've been using is particularly potent. That was my opinion, at least until I came to the realization that - Critical injuries are really brutal. I fell for one of the breaking floor traps, got surrounded by a few zombies, and got abrasions, a sprained leg, a broken arm, a concussion, and an infection all in the course of four seconds. Suddenly I lost all my hubris and had to limp out of the POI, building ladders and wedges as I went because jumping would literally kill me. - Infection so far is about as scary and stressful as I remember it. For the first time, the pressure to find a cure has superseded the pressure to build a survivable fort. Unlike A17, I can't go ham on tree stumps to find honey, and I can't look up the map location of a hospital/trader jen like other previous versions because I am in a pregen world. - The whole "finding stone tools and blunderbusses everywhere" thing is slightly eye-rolling, but far from and actual frustration. - I dumped five points (three attribute, two perk) into spears, and I'm regretting it. The increased resource cost of higher-quality iron spears kept me from getting an iron one for a very long time, and the % damage boost doesn't seem that strong yet. I would have much rather have put points into more utility stuff like miner 69er and rule 1 cardio (especially now that I have infection). - I like the lootable recipes. It felt like my character was learning recipes at a similar rate to me figuring out what things I should craft. I feel a lot less pressure to level up because I can learn things just by looting. - I like the new ambient/battle/home/trader music
  3. Which MM opinion are you refering to?
  4. It would be really interesting if there was a meaningful trade-off between keeping your best weapons fully repaired versus trying to find better weapons. As an example, you could change some POIs to have a higher loot quality bonus, but massively fewer "loot-room" containers.
  5. @madmole When the game is finished, how special do you want the player to feel compared to the other inhabitants of Navezgane?
  6. Probably feels wrong, but it's an option to turn down the difficulty by a few notches and not buy any weapon perks.
  7. I just watched stream 5, and like the look of the new store POIs. They look really immersive on the inside, but I think they're more fitting for a suburban strip mall as opposed to surrounded by wilderness. Also glad to hear there is a lot of experimentation in the level design structure going on.
  8. I was talking specifically about ranged primitive weapons. blunderbluss for Str, bow for Agi, spear for Per, and chairs for Fort.
  9. I'm confused. It sounds like you're saying the strength perk line is better than other ones in a roundabout way, but I don't get what that has to do with my post.
  10. The spear works as the primitive perception weapon. Since fortitude is the brawler type, throwing random heavy objects like chairs and rocks thematically works as the primitive ranged option.
  11. What if there was a special zombie that was immune to bullets? Then it would not longer be whack-a-mole.
  12. I'd much rather just be able to craft low-tier mods from the beginning. Gate them behind semi-rare resources, not recipes. @madmole How strongly does location effect gamestage? Like if I'm at the point where I'm seeing orange pistols in the forest, what would I be seeing in a wastelend city?
  13. As both a fan of roguelikes and tower defense games, I'd say that the inevitable end where things get too hard to continue mechanic is about equally prevalent in both genres. In other words, asking for better Tower Defense does not mean asking for less sharp difficulty spikes. It's common for game developers to value their player's feelings on a subject a lot more than the things players suggest to fix the problems.
  14. Gladiator zombie: Prevents players from using an exploit known as "base building" by insatantly teleporting them into an arena prefab.
  15. A potential way to address the food abundance problem is to add an increased-metabolism status effect for some drinks/items. Like coffee buzz causes you to lose the food bar quicker in addition to the increased stamina regeneration. That way, players struggling for food won't have any harder of a time, but players who had more than they need will have a use for all the extra calories
  16. My recommendation is turn up player block damage to 200%, and pretend that miner 69'er doesn't exist. That way's you'll be more free to actually spend points in non-strength. I will admit it doesn't address your core complaint though.
  17. I have a feeling that if the attribute gates were removed, a common player strategy would be to max out their favorite perks to level 5 one at a time. That probably wrecks havoc on the balance of the game.
  18. T1: Blunt-force Stun Baton T2: Electric Stun Baton T3: Barf Stun Baton.
  19. T1: Flintstones Stun Baton. T2: Iron Stun Baton. T3: Steel Stun Baton. But seriously, I have confidence you'll come up with something that makes sense.
  20. A junk drone modified to help you beat the heat via red tea spray gun.
  21. If the Traders adapt their sell/buy prices based on available funds, then the free market should ensure an equal amount of money is flowing in and flowing out. The setting sounds like it would be best combined with no loot respawn.
  22. Yeah, that would be an effect, but there are several ways to achieve that. I was thinking reduce the number of unencumbered slots in your inventory, and multiply all armor-based stamina drain and speed reductions by a fixed amount while on a bike. Maybe the maths would have to be a little more complicated than that to make sure you don't get something like -115% speed, but that's the general idea. Related, is there any possibility of getting "aerodynamics" as an armor/vehicle stat?
  23. Or it could just be more strongly affected by encumbrance. I few months ago I had to carry multiple bags about 3 miles on a bike, and I can say, it slowed me down MUCH more than if I was just jogging. Since the bike already makes you go faster, limiting how much you can carry on it wouldn't make it underpowered.
  24. The virus could convert unnecessary organs and fat into some kind of material friendly for anaerobic respiration. The zombies could probably survive a few hours of sustained activity that way. The rest of the time, they can just sleep and get by with slow metabolism. No need to breathe once the conversion is done.
  25. Eh, same concept. Just a twist in another direction and a lot more gently.
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