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  1. This is a "feature" of microsplat. The bane of all modders.
  2. Some modders (myself included) don't usually update for experimentals. We'd be chasing those forever if we did. Best to stick with releases imo.
  3. Well he was looking for different biome ambiances and I could think of nothing with more ambience than winterween. 🙂 I honestly don't know if it will ever break with future updates, but yes it should be server only. I really don't have much intention of updating to a19.
  4. So player characters... and this may be more of a faatal question... Will there just be like 8 models to choose from and then add clothing to or will be still be able to change the looks? If the former, please allow for modability so we can include our own character and clothing assets. If the latter, carry on, and about time.
  5. MM replied: No, lockpicking is shippable as is. Sure a minigame might be better but we're a small team and we can do more quest types or redo features that are shippable already. SphereII and I coded and released a lockpicking minigame mod which your welcome to use as a starting point. Its tied into the perk and inventory system, and resembles the one in Skyrim. I'd love to see it added to the base game. It's minigames like this that make the world immersive.
  6. Sounds like server tools needs to whitelist what this mod does, maybe?
  7. Yeh balance is a @%$# and unfortunately one of those things that you can't please everyone; I'd agree some balance probably needs to be made for those mats, though. Rags? Tig?
  8. I'm not sure what the guys have in the plans for future development so I'm just spitballing here... Just going by the original vision, the gas shortage and difficulty to build were an intentional balance to the amount of cars you could find... The idea was, yes there's a lot of cars, but repairing and gassing them was the balance/challenge. Now, the issue is, vanilla. Removing the (easier) vanilla vehicle system as well as disallowing other vehicle packs *should* make it a bit more balanced, but each player decides that.
  9. The sandstorms are a block in that modlet, I can't remember if I used a sandstorm entity in that one or not. If so, then yeah you would just add it to the biome entity group. ... There's a mod coming out soon that will likely have what you're looking for. 🙂 Not for me though.
  10. First, wow, long time no see. Second, um, wtf? 😃
  11. The clock is a dmt mod, is that something you're comfortable with? It's on the same gitlab account. Or should be. Worst case, if you don't load it using dmt, it should just work as a non functional clock, but I've never tried.
  12. Those should all work, weird. I pulled a few for use in the medieval mod I'm working on, and they worked right out of the box. Could you post your log?
  13. Never have to ask, my friend. Always a yes.
  14. Exactly this; microsplat breaks stuff, BUT if you're deadset, Sphereii has made a dmt patch called "Legacy Distant Terrain" which disables microsplat, thus allowing custom biomes.
  15. EAC disabled doesn't disable logging, but this may help: OUTPUT LOG LOCATIONS Windows: From Steam or Launcher <gamefolder>\7DaysToDie_Data\output_log__<DATETIME>.txt From .exe %AppData%\LocalLow\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die\player.log From dedicated through startdedicated.bat <gamefolder>/7DaysToDie_Data/output_log_<DATETIME>.txt Linux From Executable <homefolder>/.config/unity3d/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die <- Dedicated>/Player.log From start scripts or Steam <gamefolder>/7DaysToDie_Data/output_log__<DA
  16. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RiQMzgRwtL3uYp81fxS1Q3xGrIhgeBqr/view?usp=sharing
  17. Small teaser I probably shouldn't share, but hell we (well, TormentedEmu) had this back in a16, so...
  18. I'm actually working on a giant mod overhaul (Medieval II) at the moment, and it's my understanding a20 will have a much shorter development time, AND it's my work season, so I don't think I'll be updating anything to a19? Most of the mods *should* work, but if there's something someone just "has to have" and it doesn't work in a19, let me know and I'll throw it in the mix. 😃
  19. It's no longer open source, and bc-import is no longer supported, likely not until gold. /the word on the street. Seseme street.
  20. Dear dev Zack. What are your plans going forward with dms? Also, would you mind commenting in the xml, or better yet, breaking down the xml for me here? What's the large 200k number mean for samples? What does that entire bottom section with the 0s, 1s, etc mean? Thanks in advance!
  21. Yo, we're back working on medieval II; looking forward to integrating once we're done. 😃 (probably end of year, beginning of next)
  22. I enjoyed the crap out of it; the world was "alive" again. Well, dead, but you get it.
  23. This, times 1000. I took a screen for my medieval "m-word" and it's frikkin' beautiful with the right lighting, angle, etc... you can get really great screens of the game if you kinda know what you're doing.
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