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  1. Meg, changing != fixing. The issue was that lbd allowed someone to spam stone axes to give them points to buy unrelated abilities. That was never fixed. Spamming stone axes should have ONLY resulted in a superior ability to make stone axes. That was *never* introduced as a fix. Don't conflate the two things.
  2. Oh, and to my point, I'd hate to see something like the blunderbuss be removed because "no one uses it", when the /reason/ may be a simple fix. Tfp has a history of removing rather than fixing what was wrong with things (miss you LBD!).
  3. I think the metrics themselves will be dull and mostly useless, but I think more interesting would be the conversations had about the results. Take a metric that says 99% of players use the trader once per day. Does that mean traders are a great value add to the game? Does it mean people use it as a cheese game mechanic? Two possible different interpretations, with two possible meanings. Take a metric that says only 1% of players use a blunderbuss. Does that mean the blunderbuss is useless? Does it mean most players don't even know about it? Again, two different poss
  4. ...but the game already encourages that by using leveled loot instead of danger based loot. "Hey StompyNZ, you have the highest GS and perks in lucky looter and are wearing the goggles, eat that magic candy and open this crate for us". It's already happening. You /sound/ like you don't like/want it to happen, so is that a sign that y'all are possibly thinking of changing it?
  5. C'mon gazz, finding hand made stone tools in a sealed crate is kinda dumb for both realism and gameplay. ...just remove the stone tools from the tables (the easy out) or remove the ability to infinitely repair tools (like you had in the past) so those iron/steel tools were only a temporary boon. Bonus, the latter would encourage looting /and/ increase excitement when finding more of the same.
  6. There are two ai packages we can use, but one causes errors at traders, so the crappier one is used. Hopefully fixed in 19.
  7. This. I'd go a step further and eliminate tier 5 items altogether. 1-4 crafting, 6 loot. Hell maybe ditch 4 and 5, to widen the gap.
  8. Usually I m-word to add new content; even the changes I make are to add new challenges. The way I see it, candy isn't a problem, but I'll probably add a balance for it. Thanks to tfp I could add in diabetes if I wanted. ...but it'll probably be addiction. ...use your air drops as an example. Instead of removing or ignoring them, add a challenge. Zombies/bandits beat you there, whatever. Definitely remove any cartoon icons.
  9. The usual. Play it to get a feel for what I like and don't, then m-word it, then m-word it some more.
  10. 4 edits and you'll likely delete the posts anyway. Slow your roll homie, get it out correctly the first time. /Pro tipping since 1971
  11. The person I quoted said it. Oh, and tfp is going to get backlash no matter what they do. Either from the few of us that still haven't moved on or from the console crowd that likes the easier gameplay. Tfp should do what is right for them.
  12. Well the answer to 'why' is simple. The game used to be complicated, you had to think more, and was fun. It is now linear, has cartoon arrows telling you what to do and is less fun. Mind you, I'm not advocating the pimps remove nerd polling; I no longer care... but to believe "building will be ruined" is simply incorrect. Remember when everyone was wondering why you couldn't just build blocks that float in the air like you could in Minecraft, and that physics "ruined" building? It's like that.
  13. Naw you just have to build differently. You have to think/plan it out.
  14. I've played games where nerd polling was removed, and although it certainly makes building more interesting, it also removes all cheesiness associated with nerd polling. The change to building wasn't so dramatic that it causes frustration or chaos, it just made you think differently and approach problems with the idea you needed to solve them, not just cheese around them. It's not game breaking, and is actually quite fun.
  15. How many woodchucks can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ...and have y'all requested more blocks that zombies can hide behind because as it stands, we know they're coming out of the cupboards?
  16. ...a week away and only one Hitler video? You new guys suck at keeping up tradition.
  17. ...wait,so I can talk about mods freely there!?? 😃
  18. DMT Clock Mod Released. Works for 18.4 Two cuckoo clocks, one digital clock, one wall clock - includes recipes and can be picked up. One item modifier; goes into a helmet slot. Would work good for a mod where you don't have a clock on the UI. To install: Copy to the Mods folder in DMT. Build. I've zero interest in tech supporting "how to install a dmt mod". Sphereii did the c# code for the blocks, Adreden did the c# code for the item modifier, I did the unity side stuff. Want to use it in your mod? Credit the th
  19. Gonna do some recipes and localization and just release it.
  20. 86% sure they said it was because they looked like crap, 99% sure they said they'd revisit it when the animations got better (which supports the first belief), but we do get a lot of mixed messages so who knows.
  21. Hm, lotta work; would it be worth adding the effects physically to the new arms... Like would people even notice.
  22. If Tin doesn't do the bone sticking out I will. ...be kinda cool. Screen effects give an fps hit, too.
  23. Hm, without spoiling, are you taking about broken arms and whatnot? Can always add visual indicators... How about a bone *sticking out of the arm*? ...to be fair that could already be done without the clock code...
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