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  1. Ouch, that sucks. In other news, custom armor is coming along nicely... πŸ˜ƒ
  2. ...that looks so much better than the previous iterations...
  3. I can see how losing your eyesight may be a slight detriment. πŸ˜ƒ wtf happened?
  4. Creature Pack adds 50? 75? New zombies, plus a bunch of other scary thingies. ...but yeh it'll depend on if they get a20 out before I get book II out. I've a youtube with a playlist showing progress.
  5. Are you interested in modding? Afraid to learn? Fear not! Join the Unofficial Modding Discord! Over 1500 strong, our community takes all comers who are willing to listen and learn. We host channels for many popular mods, and you'll be able to rub shoulders (and more) with some of the most highly regarded modders from these very forums. Not only that, but many projects have evolved from a simple conversation to exciting and groundbreaking content within these channels. This peaceful but knowledgeable community uses the "teach a man to fish" technique of providing the tools and h
  6. Two separate projects that had nothing to do with one another. I did mine a while back. Dust started his and Ragsy was helping him out whlie he was learning the ropes of vehicles, then at some point I gave mine to Ragsy once he surpassed me, and Dust fell off the earth so... That's how I vaguely remember it, but I could be wrong on some or all details.
  7. Not really a mod per say, but go to gamefolder/data/worlds/<worldnameyoujustmade>/ and find a file called biomes.png Paint that thing entirely white (has to be exactly white!). Make a new save game (the one you made when you generated the world will still have the original biome at your spawn location), and enjoy snow.
  8. Wow, grabbing so I can mirror.
  9. ...someone played The Great Game.
  10. He/she may be talking about one of my contributions; I'm not sure if the boss version is in CP as well, but it's even meaner. πŸ˜ƒ
  11. I'd rather a slider that allows the end user to determine city/town size, but I like options, rather than forcing a will upon a player; hopefully since RWG is getting more loving, it'll have more features. Even though I myself would opt to remove cities entirely (until radiation zones are a thing).
  12. Does it load and you just don't see anything on the map (which would mean you need to set your permissions), or do you get a 404 error when trying to load the map (which would likely mean port forwarding or something silly)?
  13. Gotta say, it is unnecessary, but it is beautiful. πŸ˜ƒ Nice job homie. Welcome to modding.
  14. I pushed an update, lemme know, thanks! @xxx73
  15. It's fixable on my end, I just need to work up the energy. Does it cause the game to pause or is it just a background error you only notice when looking?
  16. You once told this story about bandits riding up in their gun-mounted jeep harassing player bases... I know that was an idea in your head, but how close to reality is that?
  17. Fair enough, but I'd like to state the obvious... console gamers have MUCH lower expectations than PC gamers, as they are an inferior species. πŸ˜ƒ
  18. ...but would not work should some other mod remove the recipe. Gouki's would.
  19. Ugh, I hate it and I haven't even seen it. On mobile. :).
  20. That's awesome. Next time it happens, go to the console and type LE and see if it's listed. It may be a vanilla bug though; I read that some people experience that.
  21. Being updated for a19. ...also, just install a16, copy to another folder, install the original mod there, then restore your original folder to the latest. Two copies, one current the other a16, one purchase. Also... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLskpLrVBPtTO9aoG788g0BnvgjtKmEW-_
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