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  1. Start over. Especially in Experimental. 😃
  2. ...that would be funny. It's not so much about a stutter/FPS drop as it is about a *surprise* stutter/fps drop. That happens at the wrong moment and you're falling into a pit, missing a jump, an attack, etc. Can be life threatening. 😃
  3. ...running into a real space issue on the laptop, which is delaying my zombie conversion... I think I have that sorted (or maybe I just deleted some unity projects I will need later, but that's a tomorrow problem), so *may* have my conversions done tonight. If not, tomorrow is a travel day, so I dunno when afterwards.
  4. Xyth and Sphereii have some promising stuff working, but they should elaborate on it themselves.
  5. Are ssd drives the new min spec? Also... Turn terrain textures to low. Profit.
  6. Hmm, thanks for continuing to look into this and not being dismissive; it's definitely a hot topic amongst at least within my group. Hopefully by next patch it gets resolved... I'd bet the majority of users still install on platter drives, but maybe gamesparks is providing that info... the overall performance is definitely worse on my game laptop but I'm on vacation so can't test on the big game rig... By accounts from others with similar specs I'm not optimistic though. Could be just some weird setting, who knows... I've faith you'll sort it.
  7. They do a lot of that already IMO. ...clogs up the useful stuff...
  8. Hey... No modding talk... I won't warn you again. 🙂 But seriously, what's with the hitch when zombies spawn in? It's even more noticeable with "that word" zombies... Especially on disk drives. I think the patch notes alluded to something that would cause this (no more preloading?), and was wondering if this was a temporary situation for a greater future fix? May be a @faatal question... I noticed the tools in the prefab editor, what is the tfp ideal performance count for prefabs?
  9. Cool, hit me up. Right now I'm just bringing in blocks.
  10. Even if you do a table (and you can), you can't edit it or delete it after, so it's not worth doing. Glad you're still modding homie.
  11. Just a heads up, I don't update during experimental. I've tried a few of the mods, most work, so your mileage may vary until it's out of experimental. I'm also working on a new Medieval Mod (sort of a prequel to the first I guess?), which will and is consuming the vast majority of my time.
  12. ...I like release day... I always end up getting some work that day, and this alpha is no exception. So thank you TFP for helping me line my pockets with $$. 😃
  13. Yo F... ...canGPS would make a fine entityclass XML property...
  14. Lacerations. Do these go away over time or do they /require/ a sewing kit or first aid kit?
  15. At least three times a day. And about every hour when I'm trying to sleep.
  16. In normal circumstances you wouldn't have even *heard* about 7days for those first 5 years or so; so in reality, we got to have EARLY early access.
  17. You and roland both, geesh. 😃 That was just an example of what could happen if metrics were misinterpreted. I hope a new one doesn't feel as weird to the touch.
  18. No, it addresses the actual stated problem, that being "people were just spamming stone axes to get points". It's not semantics, it's exact. If the problem is "people were just spamming stone axes to get points", then that would be what is needed to fix. They did not. They removed the entire system instead. Not semantics. Find a dictionary. It'll be right next to that unused thesaurus in your library.
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