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  1. Good day, I apologize if I made mistakes in translation, I am not good at English, dear forum members and mod developers, I ask you to provide information on adding your vehicle to 7DTD, many video tutorials are not entirely clear to me, not complete videos. is done by a person, it is desirable to write down step by step, please, if not difficult, I will be grateful to you, I want to contribute to the community, I have basic knowledge of creating mods, I can not understand the sequence.
  2. How to swap them? To remove the grey house. https://imgur.com/nA6FNOu
  3. Delete - - - Updated - - - How to disable it it is not available?
  4. I do not understand what exactly to disable? https://imgur.com/a/czGV1a1
  5. Please tell me how to scatter the house on the map and not only that they were in the city, make them lonely as farmers. sorry use translit.
  6. Not understand that then so can eat fps! And as much thank you for this mod. from Russia you friendly tints of. =)
  7. bag For lantern thank you that removed, with 60 fps 17 became, here is see until now without land. Sorry for the transliteration use!
  8. About optimization as? was in 17 alpha, under 60 fps fell until 10 fps!
  9. Guppy! What to expect for the A18? Update vehicle, police many options? Can you make police clothes for the player? I have errors of your mods I'm sorry, I'm using a translator!
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