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    BunnyNZ Gaming

    You Tube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07aaEqdzfTxcps7rTY9RTQ?view_as=subscriber Kia ora! I am from New Zealand, love survival games, and would appreciate your comments, subs and shares!
  2. Thanks! Your mod is great, just wanted to say - Good Work, it is one of my favourites
  3. The Radiomantic stuff uses crystals. How do you get them? I am too lazy to try and find it out in game! Digging in the wasteland? Lazy minds need to know
  4. New wooden club looks awesome! So does the zombie. That will be terrifying YAY
  5. Steam name: BunnyNZ Hours played: 2006 Started: A9 Discord Name: BunnyNZ English is my native language
  6. Cheat mode. If you type dm into the console (f1) you can teleport, god mode, basically every block and item in the game
  7. Just wanted to tell you I have never had so much fun playing a mod as this one. Albeit I have only started, but I just wanted to thank you for all your work on this and thank you for such an entertaining mod
  8. OK, but 7 days to die can have their own zombie story - there must be one. The cave under the huge mansion "HCO" that has GOT to be part of a story of it all surely... I guess it is hard to chose which way you are going to go with that Can I just say, thanks for all the work that has gone in to a17, TFP rock!
  9. Don't worry - I didn't post the quote with it. Not important anyway
  10. Yeah, that happened to me too. You have to get out of there quick! One of the secrets no one told us about?
  11. I think there will HAVE to be boats eventually as a17 will have everyone making a base in the middle of the biggest lake as zombies slowing in water is now a thing. Vulture sleepers is probably my favourite thing to look forward to in a17. May or may not be a problem as didn't Faatal say they only attack if you are hurt? Have to keep your health up for sure...
  12. I just wanted to post my appreciation for all the hard work TFP has done on this (my favourite) game. The gyrocopter looks like so much fun! I plan on out-running that horde in the Jeep once I have my paws on that baby for sure! Can I have a pony?
  13. The jeep looks awesome! The eye is for stealth, how much of the world you are visible in. Away from the jeep with no cover it is 100 and standing beside the jeep (side of a house, inside a building) you might be 50, only half the world can see you. That is my guess. Thanks for the video, looking forward to A17
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