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  1. You Tube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07aaEqdzfTxcps7rTY9RTQ?view_as=subscriber Kia ora! I am from New Zealand, love survival games, and would appreciate your comments, subs and shares!
  2. Thanks! Your mod is great, just wanted to say - Good Work, it is one of my favourites
  3. The Radiomantic stuff uses crystals. How do you get them? I am too lazy to try and find it out in game! Digging in the wasteland? Lazy minds need to know
  4. New wooden club looks awesome! So does the zombie. That will be terrifying YAY
  5. Steam name: BunnyNZ Hours played: 2006 Started: A9 Discord Name: BunnyNZ English is my native language
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