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New content. Cars&Guns.


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I am burnt out with the current content in 7DTD. I believe there might be added some content that would land perfectly fine in vanilla 7DTD.


New content idea for vehicles.



1. Buggy vehicle, optional vehicle available alongside Motorbike. One of the fastest and one of the perfect means of transport for the Desert biome. Gas-powered or electric.

2. Muscle car, optional vehicle available alongside Motorbike 4x4 truck. Good enough for a post-apo environment and an undeniable staple of the American car industry. Might come as a gas-powered and electric variant. 


Imagine Bandits roaming in this.


More gun variety.





LvL 4 Double "TheDoubleDoom&Gloom" Barrel Shotgun.


I know there is a long barrel mode for Double Barrel Shotgun, but I would love to have a Doom-like proper Double Barrel Cannon.


New AMMO types:

Available for all shotguns.

Incendiary Shotgun Ammo - puts/adds a chance to put zombies into flames and cause more damage.

Explosive Shotgun Ammo - adds damage to nearby zeds.





LvL 5 Three Barrel "TheCheeseCakeFactoryNew" Minigun.


New AMMO types:

Only available for M60 and 3 Barrel Minigun.


White Phosphorous Rounds - decimates zeds with a nice green tracer light and a surrounding white mist... ammo type might be found only in LvL 5 and 6 POIs. Very rare and really expensive item.





LvL 5 S Ultimate Long Range Rifle "TheSemiAutoZombiePoker".


New AMMO type:

Available for all Sniper Rifles.

Incendiary 7.62 Ammo - puts/adds a chance to put zombies into flames and cause more damage.




This section already has 5 guns available.

All weapons might have Incendiary 5.56 ammo.


That is all.

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They have said they don't plan to add more vehicles, with a possible exception of a raft.  Though that might be something they would consider for a DLC after gold.  More vehicles don't really offer much besides cosmetics.  They would be nice, but in a game that really isn't about driving, it isn't that big of a deal.  They are already updating the vehicle models and that is a good improvement.


There is the vehicle madness mod that adds a lot of vehicles if you want to see how that works, and another creator has added a few vehicles as well.


As for ammo and guns, I wouldn't expect to see either in vanilla.  Weapons need a reason to be there in this game.  They need to fit into their tier system and be unique enough in more than just looks.  There are mods that add a variety of weapons and ammo types.

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I know lads, but it would be always welcome to see some additional content in the vanilla game to keep players more invested in each alpha.


Vehicles would not be just a skin variety only if devs put more effort into differentiation of each vehicle by available seats, acceleration with handling on a given terrain, armor and overall strength of each vehicle, size of the tank, available mods, and cost of the materials. 


I believe there are still some gaps to be filled in with content. Otherwise, I wouldn`t make this post. 

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The only things I see missing from the vanilla weapons is some sort of smg which uses .44 ammunition and some sort of carbine for the rifle tree, so that Perception and .44 ammunition both have a viable horde night weapon comparable to the M60, SMG 5, or autoshotty.


(before you tell me the sniper rifle is horde night viable, yes, it can be, but it limits your base design options to allow it or requires you to be on a team).


But anyway, I just mod those in. And a few other weapons just for fun and variety. Izayo does such good work, I see no need to wait for TFP to repeat what he's already done.

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I do mostly sniper on horde nights, but as you say, it isn't really a solo horde night weapon (I play with one other person usually) and it does limit options for base designs as you need to keep them slowed down enough to handle them with a sniper.  But it's fun.  I'm actually fine with the .44 for horde night, though.  With an extended magazine, it has a decent number of shots and reloads quickly, so works pretty well.  The damage is also good enough, at least until you get into the later horde nights.  But I normally stick to sniper and swap out to a tactical rifle or SMG if I need speed.  I hate the M60 and never use it. ;) 

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