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  1. I am Gobarg and I endorse this Seriously though I am loving the new system I too am a mining/gatherer and for me the game just got better and better. We usually play two up coop and between the two of us we are able to keep up with the gamestage and progression in a way that we couldn't do solo I've said it before but this game is MADE for great coop play, notwithstanding the fact that it is a brilliant solo experience. For instance, we are still using the tools I was able to make and haven't yet found anything better Same for some other things but not for others Armour seems to be something that you find before making but it's a close thing sometimes. ie you may be a point or two from being able to make the lvl5 stuff but find it in loot. All in all though I reckon this system with a few tweaks is on or near the money I would however bloody love to find a lvl6 steel tool every now and again
  2. Speaking of that... We went through the PEER cafe as per your request mate and noticed a couple of things. After having wrenched the cars as requested the thing that I guess you expected to happen didn't. I'm being deliberately obtuse here so as not to spoil it. I'll DM you with the details but it needs a look at the very least I think.
  3. Run and hide like the coward I am until the day comes when I can strike fear into the local rabbit and chicken population with my level one dubs
  4. Yikes! If I tried that in my house I'd have a face full of, returning at velocity, buckshot! Mind you the house is designed to withstand a force 5 cyclone... so yeah... I'll have to take your word for that
  5. I beg your pardon! Did my eyes deceive me? Leave home WITHOUT my shotgun? One NEVER leaves home without a club and Shotgun. It is the quintessential 7DTD experience. "Wakey Wakey you lot! It's PARTY TIME!!!" I didn't realise my life was so bereft of meaning until I found the Auto Shotgun
  6. I recently passed the 2000 hour mark and celebrated by writing a steam review. Needless to say it was a huge thumbs up I crafted my first axe in Nov 2016 in A15 and have not strayed far from this game ever since. I go play something else for short periods but this game, much like the Mafia, keeps dragging me back. (Godfather reference) The only annoyance I have with this game right now is the fact that a shotgun is a POI destroyer! I've lost count of the times that I've shotgun blasted a zombie through the floor. I know that it only happens to wood blocks but going through a wood POI is an exercise in building demolition. Geez I love this game
  7. As far as I’m aware anyone who.Builds a POI or anything else for that matter Have no rights of ownership and therefore TFP can add anything made by the community without having to negotiate with the designer. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t credit the designer but it does mean they can do whatever they like with THEIR own game. I’ve seen this argument before in other games and it always falls flat in the face of the facts. I know some of the stuff in the CP is unbalanced and or outdated but the majority of the stuff included in the last couple of updates have tried to stick with the TFP line of building. So build away and have fun but don’t expect anything other than congrats from your work.
  8. You Sir... are an evil man! EVIL I say! Keep up the great work you complete and utter....
  9. Ok... I'm worried... TFP just did something nice! Two more slots in my toolbelt...? I'm keeping my eye out for falling pianos! I just know there is something nasty coming.... Thanks TFP as usual Love your work
  10. Bring it on you lot! I expect to see a big "Welcome Gobarg" sign out the front too. Besides, my dying always gives Mana a laugh so I guess there is a bright side....
  11. My biggest beef with a lot of Fan made POIs is the crazy amount of locked doors on the inside. Some even go so far as to lock the bloody toilet doors FFS! that said I reckon this game goes to a whole new level when you add in the CP It's hard to pick favourites as almost all of them deserve to be seen and saved for the future. It is not hard however to call out the complete lack of decency and human compassion from some of the builders! Pille Lazman NAGG Stallionsden The list goes on and on... Pack of evil @%$#s the lot of em! With Magoli sitting in his chair, cat on his lap, little finger to his lips and smiling evilly at us all I love you all
  12. I believe it is called _cave1 and it is a work of evil genius! It is a place once visited will NEVER be forgotten! If Pille had been in chat at the time he may have heard his name taken in vain a few times We need more of this type of POI for endgame I reckon.
  13. For God's sake you lot stop telling wolfbain5 there is too much loot! The bloke might be listening !!! Oh and Pille is complete mongrel of a bloke...but we love him... That cave of his is just brutal... It had two grown men laughing and screaming like little girls! DON"T look into the hole!!!
  14. WTF are you doing mate? NOOOooooo. hehe If it were possible to make this a unique in the world I wouldn't worry about nerfing it tbh. First off it's not the kind of place you are doing a full walkthrough on any day in the first week so the loot is already behind a fairly large barrier of zombies. Secondly the risk for reward is pretty good imo. But yeah a unique would be an awesome find in a big map. I'll go with whatever you guys think though because the Compo Pack makes this game so much more varied and interesting. And let's face it, there are some really talented builders out there and to see their work is such a privilege. Lotsa love people
  15. Mana and I went through the DOD Mall the other day and it can best be described in one word...maybe two *ing INSANE! Loved every minute in there, took a full 18 hour day to clear it and another to loot the damm thing. Gotta have loot respawn off though or you'd just camp next to it.
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