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  1. How's this for a coincidence or is it? Before the release I compared waiting to the wait for rain here in the tropics (the build up) You may not believe it but it rained last night for the first time this season and top make it self known lightning was crashing all around us with little or no lag between light and sound. Seems TFP has way more influence than previously known So yeah thanks for the release and also the rain both of which are more than welcome.
  2. Will no one think of the seeds! We farmers are yet again under attack after all this time thinking that the protections of the seminal "Hoe V Spade" ruling of many alphas ago would prevail. They have not! Many thought they could relax under the visionary TFP ruling but here we are yet again at each others throats and blockading the local seed merchants and their poor employees as they try to go about their daily lives. How many seed will be left to rot or be planted in the wrong soil. Sad times indeed. We should all come together in the spirit of the season (New Alpha) and speak harmoniously of seeds and their crucial role in our lives. Bless the seeds and all you are touched by them. Well that's the stupid out for the day. Have fun and stay safe everyone
  3. One of the best coop games ever made in my humble opinion.
  4. Bring forth those worthy individuals and let the testing begin!
  5. Looks like my pre alpha release duties are done. The weekend forecast says it's gonna RAIN! Now I'll have to go test nearly 1000 CompoPack POIs which I am thoroughly looking forward to. @Stallionsden has done an amazing job and I think he deserves a beer or two for his efforts
  6. Really good to hear from you too my old mate. A whole lot of love to you and your family too brother and to all the poor lost souls inhabiting this nether realm between Alphas Don't worry old fella I keep my eye on the goings on here and have a little post or two every now and again. I'm kinda like the old bull now... I'm happy to walk down and do em all
  7. that'd be right! Just when it looks like it's gonna rain... Same every year... You get all excited for the rain then poof the clouds dissipate and you are left just a little more peeved. It's gotta rain sometime right?
  8. You gotta give the guy some credit though, I mean it's taken him three years to get this post up so he put a lot of effort into it
  9. I'm a bit on the fence TBH, I mean I like TFP but not sure if I Love them... Tell ya what...buy me a beer and we can get to know one another a bit more...
  10. I love how the conversations in here get all existential just before the release of a new Alpha. It's kinda like the build up here in the tropics It slowly gets hotter and sweatier for months until everyone is begging for the rain. Tempers flare and words are said but when the first rains come all is forgotten and the world is right again. So come on TFP... Bring the rain!
  11. If you smile and nod your head every now and again we should be right in a few days I reckon mate. I find it fascinating that a person's particular playstyle really affects how they see the balance of the game though. Just goes to show that there are a lot of ways to play this game and they are all in fact the RIGHT way... strange huh? Must be a fairly good game on the whole then I reckon
  12. I'm sorry Roland but has anyone pointed out to you the fact that Zombies aren't real mate? You do know it's a game and stuff right?
  13. wow Lots of men talking about things that they think women want and once again seem to have left them out of the conversation Haven't seen many responses from women in here but then again maybe their next shift at the strip club is coming up so can't respond at this time.
  14. You may be able to stop me and my one follower on Twitch from streaming A20 but just you wait until release!!!! That is as long as Stallionsden gets his act together for CP 48 Good luck to all and make sure you stay safe in A20
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