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  1. Ah Crap That's what night shift does to your ability to know important stuff! I need to retire I reckon... For gaming purposes
  2. I'd still like to see the blocks menu Gimme all dem SHAPES!!! or even give me a number? How many are the Pimps prepared to give me? I'm hoping to hear a collective gamegasm from all the prefabbers out there when we finally get to see it.
  3. I have a suggestion that can be completely ignored. I chopped a tree down and killed a zombie. This should be an achievement! It's awesome Also patiently waiting for some juicy pics of the new build menu despite the death threats (just to be clear there were no death threats )
  4. I'm interested to know how the Devs are liking/disliking the new building menu and if we can get a peak?
  5. I know it's kinda left field but are we going to get the ability to custom design RWG maps? Things such as designing road systems and placing specific POIs to achieve a unique map design. A world editor with all the bells and whistles. Just say NO and I'll pop back into my box
  6. Thought I'd better post in here rather than the dev diary because, let's face it, I'm never going to say anything relevant or even intelligently insightful there. So the post was guaranteed to be in here anyway Hope you are all well and safe. I am becoming a lot more optimistic that I'll be alive to see A20 Love to all
  7. I'm surprised no one mentioned the Compo Pack as it has a number of really big POIs such as Airports, Stadia and skyscrapers. Magolis Compo Pack (Current Thread) by Wolfbain5 and Stallionsden - Prefabs - 7 Days to Die Have a look mate you may like what you see and as always here the community is always there to help and guide you through any questions you have.
  8. After playing cyberpunk for about 80 hours I have made a New Years resolution. I here and now vow that from this time onward I will NEVER EVER complain about bugs in this game... EVER!!! Happy New Year to TFP and to you all here. Lotsa Love All
  9. I get goosebumps thinking about how good this game is going to be at the end of the run to Gold. Let's face it, the game is already awesome (imo anyway) Been getting right back into building again, which is always a good sign we are enjoying ourselves tbh and have been wondering if more textures is something being contemplated for the future? Below is a comprehensive list of all my complaints about the game... .... ... . Yep... that about covers it I reckon. Let me know when you have addressed all my complaints guys
  10. Gobarg

    Outback Shack.

    I really like working with Mana He does the work and I get the credit... win win
  11. Speaking of that... We went through the PEER cafe as per your request mate and noticed a couple of things. After having wrenched the cars as requested the thing that I guess you expected to happen didn't. I'm being deliberately obtuse here so as not to spoil it. I'll DM you with the details but it needs a look at the very least I think.
  12. Run and hide like the coward I am until the day comes when I can strike fear into the local rabbit and chicken population with my level one dubs
  13. Yikes! If I tried that in my house I'd have a face full of, returning at velocity, buckshot! Mind you the house is designed to withstand a force 5 cyclone... so yeah... I'll have to take your word for that
  14. I beg your pardon! Did my eyes deceive me? Leave home WITHOUT my shotgun? One NEVER leaves home without a club and Shotgun. It is the quintessential 7DTD experience. "Wakey Wakey you lot! It's PARTY TIME!!!" I didn't realise my life was so bereft of meaning until I found the Auto Shotgun
  15. I recently passed the 2000 hour mark and celebrated by writing a steam review. Needless to say it was a huge thumbs up I crafted my first axe in Nov 2016 in A15 and have not strayed far from this game ever since. I go play something else for short periods but this game, much like the Mafia, keeps dragging me back. (Godfather reference) The only annoyance I have with this game right now is the fact that a shotgun is a POI destroyer! I've lost count of the times that I've shotgun blasted a zombie through the floor. I know that it only happens to wood blocks but going through a wood POI is an exercise in building demolition. Geez I love this game
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