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  1. Not really... mostly because You have no crafting skill anymore. To craft better tools You have to use them, not craft lot of them.
  2. I think that there should be two types of XP - skill XP and character XP. While doing any activity, player gets character XP AND XP for skill that was used. specific XP rises that skill effectivity, and unlock skill perks. Character XP rises character level, and provides skillpoint that can be spend to rise attributes, or specific skillperks (remember that perks can be unlocked via skill XP).
  3. Zeds should take awarness of the player into concideration while looking for path. If there is an easy path to the player, but at that path they would loose awerness of the player (because its undergroud), they should see that path as the hardest, not the easiest.
  4. About mining - reducing loot can rise mining importance. For the game stages - perhaps % chance of getting loot from higher gamestage would be a nice thing, but % cant be too high, forcing all for constant scavenging.
  5. 1. Yes, but still, if one character is trained chef (strenght), and one is self-taught cook (recipe books), its okay to roleplay, it is fun one one literally teach other one how to cook, and he do it more efficiently. But still - why this self-taught cook should cook if we have litteral master-chef? 2. And this is why i tell my thoughts - because its work in progress, and everything can be changed to play better. Even if there will be no class perks but attribute based, i still think that cook is more connected to fortitude than strenght (best would be intelligence, but fortitude is better with other fortitude perks). 2. a) And intelligence stun-baton is extremally weak... 2. b) Skills should improve when being used, this would also solve some problems, but its not that important. 3. And exp share function - should share all exp through all party members... but really - divide, not multiply.
  6. And at top of that - with shotgus skill You can make better shotguns, so even without luck with finding better one, You wont end with lvl1. Also - why playerX should cook if i'm doing that more efficiently?
  7. I think zombie rage mode % chance should be additional option separated from difficulty
  8. But still, hunter need both fortitude for huntsman and living of the land, and agility for archery and knives (also light armor despite huge fortitude investment), also tracking would be nice, but okay, lets pretend its perk made for nothing, so our huntsman dont need it, then it took 2 attributes. While miner needs just strenght, and with this he has meele (not even clubs - miner 69er and axes is enough) and ranged weapons, mining (because its miner), armor, and he even can cook. Scavenger needs only perception, unless one wants to have more fancy gamplay.
  9. I mean. Do zombies change into feral at low health, or do ferals start running at low health despite of settings? I'm gonna check it but i'm pretty sure i have turned all settings (zombies at day, feral, blood moon) to "walk". So they should not run at all.
  10. Hi guys. Can someone tell me if this is normal, and if so what cause this and is there a way to prevent it? Or is this a bug? Despite of the run settings which i have set to always walk. Zombies sometimes start running. In most cases after few hits. I have to say its annoying at high difficulty when i have to hit them 20x or more. Thanks
  11. My friends and me, loves to roleplay, especially in open-world games like 7days to die. Time to time we are playing next sessions, and play till 40 day or such. But we have seen a problem. We are trying to make a diverse and complementary team - scavenger, miner, builder, hunter, engineer, and so on. Most important archetypes are Miner, scavenger, and hunter/trapper. nad there are problems: 1. To be a miner i need only few points in strenght, and i need two (three) skills. Scavenger needs only perception, and also two (or 4 but not neccesery) skills But trapper needs fortitude (huntsman, living off the land), strenght (master chef), perception (animal tracker), (and agility for archery, and to make better knives) Even if we would split hunter to one who hunts and one who cook, it is still too much mix of skills, and perks. Can You move master chef to fortitude at least? I believe that ability to cook is more logical to be tied to this than to strenght. 2. Intelligence do almost nothing, so engineer archetype is a waste of skillpoints, only influence perks are worth to take, but intelligence have almost no high tier weapons... Maybe another skill in combat to strenghten batons? (or change perk categories from attributes, to class, and give each class a weapon type for their use... but i believe this would need too much effort, and fanatical fans would hate this topic already, so its only a thought ) 3. Experience gain is very unequal from various sourcess... Can option "share xp from kills" be changed to "share xp" instead? So that all activities would provide exp for all party members rather than only zombie kills? And make it to split exp, and not multiplicate it? So 400exp for 4 party members will give each one 100exp rather than 400? Its all from me. Thanks all from reading
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