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  1. Agree completely. This isn’t really about the loot. In fact, the amount of extra loot that is harvested is pretty negligible. The real issue is that the developer has invested time and effort to provide a unique and exciting experience and double looting only serves to cheapen or spoil that experience. We get it that players are choosing to do it but it is now so common as to almost have become a meme. My thought is that the developer would want to do what they could to preserve these game experiences in the spirit that they were intended.
  2. Actually, this isn't really anything to do with the double looting of POI at all. But I like to point out that while the difficulty of a quest may increase incrementally ( if at all ), when multiple people are shared... the rewards are then collected by all players and the ratio of quest difficulty to quest rewards in this scenario are grossly out of scale and hugely exploitable. It needs to be fixed so that the rewards scale more appropriately with the quest difficulty and the number of players participating.
  3. But remember that with shared quests all players collect the reward items and dukes from the traders. Multiply it out for a crew of five doing a few sets of quests each day... you are talking about some serious rewards and big stacks of dukes... But here is another thought. Maybe the best way to nerf this is to make it so that only the quest taker can collect the dukes and reward items?
  4. I have to disagree. What someone does in single player isn’t really of much concern. The current meta in MP is for a crew to visit a trader, all grab a quest, all quests are shared and all quests are completed ASAP while double looting each POI. In this way, it is easy for group to reach end game gear by the end of the first week. I know quests and traders won’t be fixed this alpha but anything that can be done to curb the double loot is welcome. Your scenario of the quest taker hanging back on the first loot cycle is correct which is why it has to be all players / allies.
  5. Pretty good idea. Only thing is that the timer will have to start if ANY player is within 30 meters and perhaps reset the timer once it has started if there are no players within 30 meters at any time during the countdown ( in case a player was just passing by )
  6. The material of the item that you are scrapping determines what you will get back from scrapping. For instance, a pistol: <property name="Material" value="MHandGunParts"/> <property name="Weight" value="4"/> Scrapping gives back, I think, 75% of the material. So with a weight of 4, the pistol will give 3 Handgun Parts. You need to look in materials.xml to understand how "MHandGunParts" is translated. If the item doesn't have a weight, then the type of material and the amount that you acquire by scrapping is obtained by multiplying the first ingredient in it's recipe (recipes.xml) by the scrapping percentage (75%).
  7. Sorry, don’t know. I think they are generated by algorithm and not exposed to xml.
  8. No, it increases and decreases the density of the ore in the vein. Higher values gives more of the that block / ore. It is populated once, at map generation.
  9. Open the biomes.xml file. Search for entries such the one below. Change the prob values to something less. <layers> <layer depth="1" blockname="terrSnow"/> <layer depth="3" blockname="terrDirt"/> <layer depth="*" blockname="terrStone"> <resource blockname="terrOreIron" prob="0.6500" rwgGenerationType="all"/> <resource blockname="terrGravel" prob="0.7830" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer> <layer depth="3" blockname="terrBedrock"/> </layers>
  10. Just to clear this up... Each item gives 2.5% independently. <item name="apparelBallCap"> ... <passive_effect name="HealthLoss" operation="perc_add" value="-.025"> <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkBatterUpGear" operation="Equals" value="1"/> <item name="apparelCoatJacketLetterZU"> ... <passive_effect name="HealthLoss" operation="perc_add" value="-.025"> <requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkBatterUpGear" operation="Equals" value="1"/>
  11. At the start of blockplaceholders.xml, there is this comment: Loot placeholders do NOT use weighted probabilites like the rest of the loot system. The max that an entry can have is 1.0. That is 100%. One item is randomly picked from the list, then has it's prob rolled. If that fails, try again. Continue until an item is found. Could anyone verify if this is true? If so, would it not make the following result in exactly the same outcome? 1. <placeholder name="cntForgeBustedRandomLootHelper"> <block name="forge" prob="1"/> <block name="cntCollapsedForge" prob="10"/> </placeholder> 2. <placeholder name="cntForgeBustedRandomLootHelper"> <block name="forge" prob="1"/> <block name="cntCollapsedForge" prob="1"/> </placeholder> TIA
  12. In order to reference those variables your label statement likely needs to specify a controller. The vanilla hud windows should guide you to find the correct one.
  13. Every item has a CraftingIngredientTime. Look in Items.xml and adjust these values. If not specified on an item, it uses a default value, likely 1. If you want wood blocks such as frames to take a long time increase the CraftingIngredientTime for item resourceWood as that is the recipe ingredient used.
  14. FYI <property name=“NoScrapping” value=“true”> Is a great addition in A18...
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