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  1. Actually, there are a number of groups out there trying to clone or recreate a number of extinct creatures. Just think of them as some groups project that they let loose once they realized that they were going to turn and didn't want them to starve.
  2. I considered doing something like your (EDIT - Forgot the r in your) incendiary rounds modlet for myself. Thanks for sharing this before I spent time on it.
  3. That's the problem, I didn't know about the water. I'll need to rework the farm then. Thanks for the info.
  4. Is there a bug with plants growing? I have the non experimental version and the game runs fine but plants I have planted don't seem to be growing. Only a few moved from seed to growing plants and some of them have been planted for 12 in game days at 60 minutes a day. The funny thing is, the two corn that moved to growing weren't the two oldest corn plants that I planted. There were two corn plants that I planted a day before these. I did hoe the ground with a scrap iron hoe if that makes any difference.
  5. Thanks, just tried the regular nailgun. To make the battery bank, you need to have level 10 in intelligence and level 5 in one of the skills under that which says it will allow you to craft the battery bank.
  6. If you look 8 messages up, you will see that I am asking what tool upgrades them as well. Haven't found it yet. EDIT: I went into creative and tried all four wrenches, all four hammers and even the nailgun and none worked.
  7. I have a question, I have tried searching but cannot find the answer. What tool do I use to upgrade the bar block into the steal reinforced concrete block with the portland cement? I can't seem to find it through search or experimentation so far.
  8. Nexus is not a pay site. You just need to set up an account and then you can download from there.
  9. I think there is or was an on destruct property that allowed you to replace it with the seed or you can have it downgrade into the seed block. I'm not sure of what was exactly done but some of the 16.4 mods did do this and you might want to look at them to see how they did it exactly and see if it is still possible.
  10. If you don't meet the level requirements, it will say that and continue to say that until you suddenly reach the level that you can use it.
  11. I am using the launcher as well, the previous version worked fine for me but the new version just gives me errors. I tried starting a new world and still got errors and it locked up during generation. I am including the output_log.txt in a zip file here so you can see what it is doing. [ATTACH]27327[/ATTACH] EDIT: I will wait a few days before I edit and remove the log so you have a chance to see it but it doesn't clutter up my attachments for the forum. output_log.zip
  12. By my math, you would want 21 but I think you only have 20 or 22. The 21 hour setting would give the same amount of real time to darkness for 240 minute days that the 18 hour setting gives 120 minute days. Since I don't think there is a 21 hour setting you would need to either increase the amount of darkness by using 20 or decrease the amount of darkness by using 22.
  13. Don't know about the others, but this one is a bug of 17.0 and is fixed in 17.1 that is still in experimental.
  14. LionsDen

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    I was just about to say that I changed the loot id to 249 in loot and blocks and it loaded fine. As for 114, that is now used by vanilla a17.1.
  15. LionsDen

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    The chicken coop is broken for A17.1 just so you know. Haven't tried it with the new b9 yet but I think it will still be broken. It was complaining about loot id 114. I have seen other mods have this trouble in the past, you might want to change it to a higher number so it doesn't conflict anymore.
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