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  1. Its not finished :D, now i have all information what i need to balancing that @%$# on my own, i still have few more questions, but its not "necessary" to make the game run. but if its it possible to make diffrent economy value between "All Loot" and "SecretStashLevel1" let me know ! Actually Yes, i was sitting here and scream like wtf!
  2. Doublepost;Sorry Got It! ( I think ) ...better , im happy with this result^^ Ingame In Section ALL ------------------- ammo9mmBulletBall (count="1") / You can Buy 1-16 ammo44MagnumBulletBall (count="2") / You can Buy 1-32 ammo762mmBulletBall (count="3") / You can Buy 1-48 ammoShotgunShell (count="4") / You can Buy 1-64 ammoBlunderbuss (count="5") / You can Buy 1-80 ammoJunkTurretRegular (count="6") / You can Buy 1-96 In Section SecretStash (no perk skilled) ------------------- ammo9mmBulletBall (count="1000") / You can Buy 1-1000 ammo44MagnumBulletBa
  3. yeah i try many things yesterday/night, thats why my sanity goes down i just wondering why the items showing up twice 😕 EDIT:Intressting, in the section 1,499 it work but not in "all loot" <trader_item_groups> <trader_item_group name="AmmoNormal" count="all"> <item name="ammo9mmBulletBall" max="1" count="1000"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletBall" max="1" count="1000"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletBall" max="1" count="1000"/> <item name="ammoShotgunShell" max="1" count="1000"/> <item name="ammoBlunderbuss" max
  4. yeah, <traders buy_markup="0.2" sell_markdown="0.2" quality_mod="0.4,8" currency_item="casinoCoin" > is the 1 to 1 trade what im searching for, actually, i got it ... but the showing up items in the trader shop makes me crazy actually <trader_item_groups> <trader_item_group name="AmmoNormal"> <item name="ammo9mmBulletBall" count="1000"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletBall" count="1000"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletBall" count="1000"/> <item name="ammoShotgunShell" count="1000"/> <item name="ammoBlunderbuss" c
  5. i just understand "currency_item="casinoCoin" thats the value of the "money" buy markup 2? it means 200% ? sell markdown if a item has a price of 100, you can sell it for 20 ?
  6. Can anyone explain me the math behind the EconomicValue ? Example Ingame: 1 Bullet = 1 Coin But Why ?
  7. Hey Guys, after 5 hours of losing sanity i m half happy, i actually made 1:1 trade with(out of the forge -> into ,melting ) and i actually did the "CraftingOutputCount" working in a half an hour... but its a pain in the ass with "CraftingIngredientCount",wtf im realy upset i give up, i cant do nothing anymore, i dont get it wtf hell is this ...^^ i try so many things, but the hud in the forge didnt let me lesser as 5 unit_clay
  8. i tried but, its more like a painfull thing. at the end i choosed just one item, thank you anyway
  9. Thank You Gouki!!! So Weight is for the Forge, got it ! Any chance to adding "weight" or to adding more value with a perk for example ? i mean from outside the forge, into... not the opposite.. for example standard is 1 to 1 with perk 1/5 1 to 2 2/5 1 to 3 3/5 1 to 4 4/5 1 to 5 5/5 1 to 6 ----- i just found this line in buffs.xml <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AddBuff" fireOneBuff="true" buff="buffLegBroken,buffArmBroken" weights="45,55"/> so i try could this work ? In Progres
  10. If I set for example the unit_clay count to 1 , i become still 5 ... <recipe name="resourceClayLump" count="1" material_based="true" craft_area="forge" craft_time="1" craft_exp_gain="0" always_unlocked="true" use_ingredient_modifier="false"> <ingredient name="unit_clay" count="1"/> </recipe> where do i have to look ?
  11. Hey guys im creating new Perks for Harvesting,Base set are done in entityclasses.xml,in progressions xml all setuped,items.xml perk books are maked.all working, <block name="cntBookcaseFull"> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/> <property name="Material" value="Mwood_weak"/> <property name="Shape" value="New"/> <property name="Model" value="bookcase_full"/> <property name="Place" value="TowardsPlacer90"/> <property name="Texture" value="67,269,269,269,269,269"/> <property name="UseGlobalUV" value="Local"/> <property name="
  12. Hey guys can anyone help me with this Buff? it stuck on 15 min on the duration display <buff name="buffStaminaMax25" name_key="buffStaminaMax25" description_key="buffStaminaMax25Desc" icon="ui_game_symbol_coffee"> <stack_type value="replace"/><duration value="0"/> <display_value value=".buffStaminaMax25Display"/><display_value_format value="time"/> <effect_group> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$buffStaminaMax25Duration" operation="subtract" value="@$MetabolismDuration"/> <triggered_effect trig
  13. Why so "easy" thing ? i think its more complicated at the end ,crushing progression xml,crushing loot.xml,makeing new templates,replacing value of tier in items .xml EDIT says, first read than write. but otherwise, its not a bad idea, because you trying to give more value of the item
  14. Greetings from Vienna @Gazz, is the work in the 7D2D Team more like, yeah we do this for the Work and the Money and the Game or more like, i like this Game so much i cant leave this Team ? btw my first thought of the "BIER SCANNER" was literally a alcohol tester O_o
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