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A16.x - Do zombies die if they fall in a pit?

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There's a video on youtube about it that says the pit has to be 35 deep, but landing on corpse blocks is the same as landing on a haybale so you have to clear out corpses regularly.

35 hasn't been enough to kill zeds since they added limb damage a couple of Alphas ago. 50 might, but I quit using the easy/cheaty way back in a10 so I can't be certain. (Also, you level way faster if you're the one doing the killing)

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25 block drop with electric fence and 4 shotgun turrets works amazing.

Weaker zombies do die (and fall through), tougher ones get zapped and blasted.




has the drop test video, and the PIT making one.


Anything over 25 drop though, turrets get weird and don't seem to want to fire.

(I had mine a bit deeper, and had to move it up. creative mode ftw)


So yes, they do kill the weak ones, the tougher ones, no.

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