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[UNNOFICAL] Undead Legacy HUD for Starvation mod


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This is just rude, you didn't even ask my permission. I don't mind you fiddling around with the code for your personal use, but don't distribute a ripped off version of the user interface from a mod, that you didn't make. You didn't even acknowledge me as the author of the user interface.


I understand people like this user interface and they would love to have it for other mods as well, but you also have to understand me, it took me months and months on making this user interface and tailoring it to suit the needs of my Undead Legacy mod and it's become the identity of the mod and by it the mod is recognized as Undead Legacy and this for me is very insulting if someone is ripping off my work and claiming it as his own thing.


Starvation team didn't contact me as well and didn't ask for this to be made.

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Closing this thread until things can be worked out between the OP and Subquake. OriginalBracer please adhere to the terms of use posted by Subquake. My hope is that something can be worked out but until then we have to enforce the rule. Please do not open a new thread to try and circumvent this.


I have copied your OP to a hidden forum and if you are able to work things out with the original mod author I'll reinstate your post.


Thank you and please everyone lets both be respectful and as collaborative as possible.


Subquake's TOS (as of November 2017)

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