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  1. Hi prisma, I believe you wrote a small modlet changing DLL to remove the exp pop up. Any chance you could update this for alpha 19 stable?

  2. - Привет!Подскажите, где скачать-CSMM Patron's Mod (CPM) - я нигде не могу его найти ....???

  3. Hello! Tell me where to download-CSM Patron's Mod (COM) - I can't find it anywhere ....???

  4. To remove ALL vehicles that are not stored in backpack or any container, you can turn server off and delete \saves\world\seed\vehicles.dat and vehicles.dat.bak Cheers
  5. It has allways been stated that cpm is a fork of coppi's mod (i was the one maintaining coppi's mod for a year, after Danilo abandonded it because he became a father and had no time anymore. With his permission and also permission to continue under another name). It is still on the intro on the website where cpm can be downloaded. So many new unique features were added that no other api mod has since then its not even close to coppi's anymore by any means. For encrypting the dll i have my own personal reasons, none of them being harmfull or bad intentions. That will not change. I dont know whe
  6. Cabin fever, i tell ya! Happy easter. Cheers
  7. Must have for every selfrespecting admin/owner. Keep up the good work! Cheers
  8. Yeps. I talked about bounds size. That 16 can be confusing. Boidster explained it better. Cheers
  9. I just checked 17.4b4 and it was also 16 in that version. new Bounds(base.ToWorldPos().ToVector3(), Vector3.one * 16f) Cheers
  10. TileEntityLootContainer class: public override void UpdateTick(World world) { base.UpdateTick(world); if (GamePrefs.GetInt(EnumGamePrefs.LootRespawnDays) > 0 && !this.bPlayerStorage && this.bTouched && this.IsEmpty()) { int num = GameUtils.WorldTimeToHours(this.worldTimeTouched); num += GameUtils.WorldTimeToDays(this.worldTimeTouched) * 24; if ((GameUtils.WorldTimeToHours(world.worldTime) + GameUtils.WorldTimeToDays(world.worldTime) * 24 - num) / 24 < GamePrefs.GetInt(EnumGamePrefs.LootRespawnDays)) { if (this.entList == null) { this.entList = new List<Enti
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