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My second Prefab "The Pyramid" is available

Compatible with A16.4




( Includes Mesh and Sleeper Spawns )


The Pyramid 1.0





The Pyramid is some sort of Bunker/Trading-centre of Ancient times. They had to protect it against many odds. Thats why they lived in the deep earth. Now that theyre gone survivor took over some places but they all died. The Ancient Zombie´s down there are too strong.









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Great work, keeo going :)

Du hast dich wirklich stark verbessert.


thanks. if you get used to prefabbing everything gets much easier with time



Was thinking about this... I wouldn't mind using it for the med mod if you don't mind me burying it. =)


yea no problem gupp you can borrow it but you have to make some changes i think to fit in med mod since im using some elctric stuff and things.

go ahead and make your desired changes or leave it as it is :)

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Thanks homie! =)


I... have plans. You are walking along thinking you're going towards a quest, when poof, the ground beneath you crumbles and you fall 30 blocks to your near death... fortunately, the last adventurer had lined the flooring with haybales, so now you're just stuck. You can either climb your way out or search around, only to find what looks like the tip of a pyramid buried into the ground.


What treasures await those willing to forge ahead and dig their way to open air? What dangers lurk behind corners and in shallow graves?

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nice to hear you like it tom. Thanks for all the testings with your buddy! The idea with the water-room was to nice to not be built :)


I have to admit that i will take a longer break of prefabbing. That means there won´t be any new prefabs in a while...But I´ll be back for a17 for sure =)

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Unfortenatly, this "Vanilla" Prefab will be discontinued!


On the other Hand:

This Prefab is almost converted and ready for A18. Go to My CoA (Curse of Anubis) Mod for more Infos about release and Updates. Hope to see you there.


DMT VERSION with custom Entity/Blocks/Items/Quests and alot of other stuff

---> Curse of Anubis

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