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Toilet Paper should be added to the game


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As we should all know when covid first hit toilet paper was very hard to come across, so I think it could be interesting to have a toilet paper item in the game thats very rare but sells for alot, could also be used to cure dysentery. There could be more valuable/rare versions that have a higher ply level.spacer.png

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3 hours ago, Chikn said:

There could be more valuable/rare versions that have a higher ply level

This is hilarious, but also true. Thanks for the chuckle!  It would almost be worth it to mod in 5-20 types of toilet paper, and mod the dukes out so toilet paper is currency.  Then you could put the better toilet paper in the better loot, and the best only tradeable. Maybe even a low tier perk tree that starts at "sloppy wiper" and maxes out 5 tiers later at at "anal sommelier", where each tier grants you the ability to craft different tiers of toilet paper, using less and less materials.


I'm not kidding though, it sounds like a fun idea.  Dukes would then just be smelted for brass. Crafted from Paper would be the low tier toilet paper, from "Cash money" could he the second lowest, from bandages/cloth the 3rd,  and after that .... actual, real 1 ply. Then 2 ply, then 3 ply, then extra soft 2 ply, all the way up to "lavender scented, quilted, embroidered, individually packaged per sheet 5 ply". 

I also feel the need to have to use it on yourself, or other players, in game, say a few times per day so you have a constant burn of your precious money. Using the low tiers take some stamina and health damage to you, the high tiers actually give timed buffs like "ever fresh" (you move 10% faster), or "overconfident" (10% bartering bonus), etc...

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