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A20.5 Server Performance Suggestions & Options


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Hey guys,


Thank you for the help with the last issue. All mods and items are working great and the server is running well. What suggestions are there in regards to helping the server have optimal performance in game?


I reduced the max spawns by 50 and that was enough to boost 8-10fps for everyone alone. Trying to achieve a good fluid and consistent performance, most people get good frames just want to see what else can be used to help keep things smooth for players.

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Server view distance effects performance; you could try reducing that.

From the serverconfig.xml

<property name="ServerMaxAllowedViewDistance"    value="12" />                <!-- Max viewdistance a client may request (6 - 12). High impact on memory usage and performance. -->


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ah okay thank you guys @Gamida, @Beelzybub thank you guys, have done your suggestions and things are a lot smoother, @Star69 Yeah it is public and I would not want to turn off EAC due to anti cheat protection for PVP.


Any further suggestions?


- Currently looking at reducing stutter for map loading for the first time, since some people are having this issues whilst others don't, decreased general zombie spawns but increased hordes which works somewhat well and bloodmoon performance with friends and randoms was pretty good.


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