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What Qualifies As An Entity?


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On 2/1/2022 at 9:12 AM, Hated said:

AI destroy area is canceled when damaged by an entity 

So this line is included in the patch notes, but I'm not sure what qualifies as an entitiy.  Is it only players?  Do blade traps, electric fences and dart traps count?  What about a sledge turret?


Basically, the enhanced destroy area ended up with my basic day 7 base getting broken and almost collapsing, and I'm just wondering if it can be cancelled out by putting traps down where the zombies fall when knocked off by me or my sledge turret.  Not necessarily going to do the whole elevated base thing again (it's usually just something I do for the first couple of hordes while I'm building my actual base) but was curious if there was now a workaround for this issue (other than the whole floating blocks thing, because I'm not going to do that.)

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56 minutes ago, Boidster said:

+Backpacks/dropped loot bags, the supply plane, and junk turrets. So, sledge turret ought to count. Not SMG or shotgun turret, though, strangely.

Hmm...maybe set up a couple sledge turrets down at the bottom and that would stop them from being so destructive.  Would still probably require a re-design, but it's got possibilities.  Thanks!

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 If you placed something like a block - that is, if it snapped to either this voxel or that voxel - then it's a block, and blocks aren't entities. That's how you know a blade trap or SMG turret doesn't count.  If you turn on debug mode (dm in console), then you can press F6 to get the entities menu.  That's your comprehensive list of everything that counts.


Bonus points for getting a backpack or supply plane to damage a zombie. ;)

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