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Eating glass is ridiculous.


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1 hour ago, doughphunghus said:

True, but I would support these options. Not just being a jerk for a joke, but I like the “more survival based reality” when I can get it.

I’d be fine with it too, as long as the level of depth is consistent. If you’re able to swallow whatever can fit down the character’s mouth then people will have that to pay more attention and it will become the norm. It’s the inconsistencies that get people.


As mentioned, I don’t care about the current implementation. I’ve learned years ago about mental guards, see glass->slow down; go up a ladder/into a vehicle->make sure you have inventory space for what you’re holding(SCUM); Fly->don’t press activate(ARK/7d2d/MC/…).


I would, however, prefer the option to shoot myself in the head tho. Death by eating glass doesn’t sound like a great way to go!

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I always drag and drop glass out of my inventory. It has become an automatism. Glass in inventory —> must drop it asap. I can't properly function with that in my bags. I will literaly open it up to remove it manually between two zombie kills, while there's others coming at me few meters away. Or I will climb up to a safe spot to drop it.


It's literaly useless to me. I see no reason for it to take a spot in my inventory more than the 2 seconds it takes to throw it away. Result of this habit : never died from it after +2500 hours.

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On 2/1/2022 at 11:19 AM, seagas said:

I did it once, learned my lesson and moved on. I also back-up my game saves everyday. Now, if I could only stop scraping thing I didn't want too, some lessons are just too hard for this old guy to learn I guess. 😂


This is why I rebound my scrap key from 's' to 'p'.

Solved the problem nicely.

The 'use' and 'scrap' keys being so close together were my problem i found.

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