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  1. The boars said that when you stop using cobblestone ladders they’ll stop climbing them. 😉 Hopefully we'll get a 'fix all the silly things' pass at some point.
  2. The output generated from the spreadsheet with a bit of cleanup. You can add this to an existing mod or create a new mod and use the xml as a starting point. Hopefully we'll be able manipulate gamestage and lootstage a bit more in future. --- entityclasses.xml --- biomes.xml
  3. I'm currently playtesting a world with these settings. Would love to do some more tuning but I don't know how to do certain things via XML(Risk vs Reward). It's been a lot of fun so far, zipping over to the burned biome early on for some better loot was worth it but ** scary and dangerous. (Warrior with run during day). I once attempted to do a quest in the snow biome and was pretty much chased out of the biome and didn't return until days later.
  4. Careful @Andros, your mod is already making people nervous. 😆 We actually discussed doing a non-trader game in A19 already. Our next A20 game will not have any traders as we miss the old style loot and exploration game. But it can’t be denied, if your time is limited and you want to progress the trader quests are the way to go. I even tried this in A19 and would have preferred to run out of quests rather than have POIs magically respawn in a day or two. <set xpath="/quests/quest/property[@name='repeatable']/@value">false</set> <set xpath="/quests/quest/property[@name='name_key' and (starts-with(@value,'quest_tier'))]/../property[@name='repeatable']/@value">false</set>
  5. We need a dedicated hotkey - https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/26728-dedicated-drone-interaction-hotkey/
  6. @Krougal - Thanks for the A16 update and yeah, a more complex system would be what’s needed to get it to work. Nothing more satisfying than seeing that 0.001XP ticking over. Anyways, this old man will keep on hoping for something better than what we have currently, but he’ll not be holding his breath.
  7. I stopped at A11 and started up again at A19. What was wrong with the LBD in the context of say pistol skills? So killing a zombie with a pistol will give you some pistol XP.
  8. When dragging a stack you can r-click to drop a single item. Please allow splitting of the dragged stack when shift is held down. [STATE : stack is dragged, no modifiers or buttons down] r-click : drop single (current) shift+r-click : drop half (suggested) And a big dream is to be able to just split any stack into X smaller stacks. Great for splitting fuel/resources between forges, workbenches and chem stations.
  9. Firstly, I’m a strong proponent of LBD and absolutely hate the dumb down global XP for all systems. That being said, I also detest spam crafting. I think a hybrid system would work well where you can get better with a 9mm by using it and still have to XP grid for those spamable skills. You can even be more creative and limit spam crafting by only allowing limited XP towards the next level from crafting and the rest from repairing. Doable, sure, but I’m not holding my breath for this in any game in today’s day and age. Secondly, there should be more skill trees. Having a specific weapon/tool/ability locked in a single tree is frustrating and I’m still confused if this is targeted towards single player or cooperative.
  10. So you can set the gamestage for a biome with : <passive_effect name="gamestage" operation="base_set" value="200"> <requirement name="InBiome" biome="1"/> </passive_effect> And you can set the lootstage bonus for a biome with : <set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome[@name='burnt_forest']/@lootstage_bonus">200</set> Probably a bit out of context but what I'm trying to accomplish is setting up each biome with it's own difficulty, lootstage and harvest bonuses to encourage risk VS reward style gameplay. 1) How do you FIX a loot stage for a specific biome? e.g. Burned fixed at 200 so lootstage doesn't get added. Maybe there's a way to cap it so no need to set a fixed value? 2) Can you CAP the gamestage in a biome to make the Pine Forest a type of 'safe zone'? So gamestage 0-50(capped)? 3) I would also like to set the minimum Wasteland GS to 300 so if player below their GS will be bumped to 300.
  11. I've tried multiple ways to get it to work in A19 and also asked on the forum. Sadly it seems that TakeDelay is hardcoded. And if a dev is reading this, a global option to allow for pickup with a timedelay in single player without the need for landclaim would be great.
  12. For what it's worth I can confirm this issue in single player - A20 - b238. [x] Single player world [x] Drone was deployed so ended up with 2 [x] Drone was in previous state (Mod and items from hours ago)
  13. Please consider adding an optional sort key that would take priority over the item name. This would allow us to mod in the sort key by which we will have control over the sort order of items in out inventories. I for one would setup commonly harvested items grouped and first which will make it easier to move the non-common items to your vehicle or drop chest. This can of course can later on be expanded by adding native ordering as part of the UI which will manage the sort keys as part of the players' profile.
  14. I'm an old Minecraft player and although AE might be a bit much I do believe we spend too much time playing the inventory game. I personally use multiple drop chests for initial coarse sorting and later I'll do finer sort as the need arise. There is a QuickStack mod from Westwud that might be worth checking out although I prefer inventory type operations to be native to the game due to risk of losing items.
  15. My first couple of hours with the drone... --- Scare Score --- Drone : 11 Zombies : 3 Man, need to be able to set follow distance/height and approach speed curve. It's getting better but I still get thrown by the drone regularly. And please checkout and support https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/26728-dedicated-drone-interaction-hotkey/ if you're for drone QOL improvements.
  16. Please consider adding a dedicated drone interact hotkey. --- Pros --- No longer accidentally activate the drone rather than the door when the #!($*# is on. Will allow for remote access to control basic functionally, inventory access and repair would of course be limited to in range only. Future commands like "move to", "attack target", "guard", "drop inventory"(maybe to external chest/4x4) etc would be much simpler to implement with a dedicated hotkey. edit: to add to future commands - "set following distance", "return to guard"(previous guard point)
  17. I tried to get the hint across years ago with my avatar... rant
  18. I noticed this again on the A20 streams and was really hoping for this to have been fixed. And you are right, the current pricing issues run deeper than just the [item] + [mod] issue. I assume the calculations only run on the tail end, i.e. resulting values and does not take the makeup or base item into consideration as it should. So I guess it’s more of a fundamental issue with the system rather than a single flawed calculation.
  19. Why is the sell price to trader not the [Item Value] + [Mod Value]? I'm asking because it has bothered me for multiple reasons. 1) On a multiplayer servers items over overpriced at trader because most items get modded, usually with crap, before selling. 2) It's a chore crafting mods and/or equipping mods before selling. 3) I dunno, 3 + 4 = 7?
  20. Since I’ve also been in search of some crazy action I was thinking in the lines of BM horde daily at a random time with minimal warning. Now you have to make do with whatever POI you can reach and reinforce before the horde. I’ve started looking into this but it seems there’s currently no way of changing the BM time to random. For those in the know is BM Time = 'random' a config an option in A20?
  21. Thanks for the comprehensive and detailed reply Roland. And I cannot agree any stronger with you that zombies should be smart, and not to wreck POIs during normal times. I can also sort of convince myself that during horde night the zombies go into a frenzy, making them dumb, allowing for more beeline bashing with shorter pathing or SI annihilation mode if they can’t reach the player. We have a good assortment of ideas and views in the thread. Hopefully the devs would consider exposing an option for us to play with horde night pathing, allowing gameplay to stay the same for those who prefer it the way it is currently. Edit: What if during horde night some zombies actually became smarter, avoiding traps, Feral Wight? Secondary thing I know, just couldn't resist .
  22. People will mostly go for the most efficient route in games even though they don’t like it. Game companies constantly attempt to make changes, forcing players away from cookie-cutter builds/skills/strategies. This is most definitely not the place to debate which party is responsible for variety, so I’ll leave it at that. The suggesting of building bigger is completely valid but for me the plan breaks down for one main reason. Zombies will seek out weak points from too far away, hence my main post suggestion. If I may ask, in your builds, how many breaching points to you have during horde night without moving the breach by patching?
  23. First, I’m not expecting this to be the default option, I asked for a setting to experiment with. And you are right, and I am aware of the limited zombie skills. Was thinking about demo getting frustrated beating on walls and blowing up after X seconds. I try not to bring too much to the discussion else it ends up as a debate about secondary issues rather than the primary. Again, you have to start somewhere, then use the tools, xml, mods to build towards a vision. We can debate cubes, their pros, cons and repairs, anti-cube zombie skills but that’s a secondary issue.
  24. I’ve mentioned thick walls and castles in multiple posts in this very thread including the use of traps and alarms so I felt it was pretty clear what I wanted regarding base defense. For that reason, when you asked, I interpreted your question as being sarcastic and replied accordingly. I’ll not jump to conclusions so quick next time :). I was hoping that with all the new turrets, triggers, traps and mines, a good design could keep them off the wall if done right. And if they were to break through, having some more pain installed until they get to the second wall.
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