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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive and detailed reply Roland. And I cannot agree any stronger with you that zombies should be smart, and not to wreck POIs during normal times. I can also sort of convince myself that during horde night the zombies go into a frenzy, making them dumb, allowing for more beeline bashing with shorter pathing or SI annihilation mode if they can’t reach the player. We have a good assortment of ideas and views in the thread. Hopefully the devs would consider exposing an option for us to play with horde night pathing, allowing gameplay to stay the same for those who prefer it the way it is currently. Edit: What if during horde night some zombies actually became smarter, avoiding traps, Feral Wight? Secondary thing I know, just couldn't resist .
  2. People will mostly go for the most efficient route in games even though they don’t like it. Game companies constantly attempt to make changes, forcing players away from cookie-cutter builds/skills/strategies. This is most definitely not the place to debate which party is responsible for variety, so I’ll leave it at that. The suggesting of building bigger is completely valid but for me the plan breaks down for one main reason. Zombies will seek out weak points from too far away, hence my main post suggestion. If I may ask, in your builds, how many breaching points to you have during horde night without moving the breach by patching?
  3. First, I’m not expecting this to be the default option, I asked for a setting to experiment with. And you are right, and I am aware of the limited zombie skills. Was thinking about demo getting frustrated beating on walls and blowing up after X seconds. I try not to bring too much to the discussion else it ends up as a debate about secondary issues rather than the primary. Again, you have to start somewhere, then use the tools, xml, mods to build towards a vision. We can debate cubes, their pros, cons and repairs, anti-cube zombie skills but that’s a secondary issue.
  4. I’ve mentioned thick walls and castles in multiple posts in this very thread including the use of traps and alarms so I felt it was pretty clear what I wanted regarding base defense. For that reason, when you asked, I interpreted your question as being sarcastic and replied accordingly. I’ll not jump to conclusions so quick next time :). I was hoping that with all the new turrets, triggers, traps and mines, a good design could keep them off the wall if done right. And if they were to break through, having some more pain installed until they get to the second wall.
  5. The AI changed so rolling back to whatever ain't going to prove/disprove anything. So you like what we have now? Good for you.
  6. I understand where you’re coming from and your previous points. I personally will not touch a public server with a low respawn until some of your points are addressed. But unpredictability will always makes something harder so I can't agree with you on that one. But to get back to horde nights, you have to start somewhere else you’re not going to get anywhere. I do believe my original suggestion to limit the path finding would be a small change that could have a huge impact on horde nights...that is if it were to play out as I’ve imagined it in my head.
  7. First, sorry, I edited the question as the OP is about horde night. I would personally bump up block damage during horde nights and you'll be forced to do a 360 defensive structure, i.e. back to castles with thick walls which allows you to scale out much more than the status quo.
  8. You are 100% correct. Zombies are designed to do X, players are just doing what works best against X. I’m sure it is all technically WAI but the end result might not be what the devs envisioned. So what do you guys want (EDIT) for horde night zombies? (POI should have smart zombies as per OP) Leave it as is Make the zombies smarter to avoid them ending up in death corridor Make them dumber and allow for more randomness and scalability options I want no 3.
  9. I do believe the zombies started exploiting first!😆 But to be serious, I would much rather prefer switching off an unwanted behavior than trying to balance walls/doors to get a true random result that will only last until the first chink. This 'unwanted' behavior stems from - "1) Zombies will try to path X blocks to player probably adjusted based on HP of blocks in between." ... with X being too high removing a lot of the randomness when a base is being attacked.
  10. Totally next level ideas there @AtomicUs5000. That’s also exactly the type of scalability I mentioned in my first post the game lacks. So just imagine you start out with 3 block thick walls. As you progress in gamestage and the enemy gets stronger you can add your special layers on the outside or maybe just build another wall to deal with the new threat. Funneling zombies just kills the ‘bigger base’, ‘bigger castle’, ‘thicker walls’ idea. And with ‘bigger’ comes the need for alarms, more traps and defenses to cover walls under attack that you may or may not be aware of. My last online game was on a hard-mode server, BM zombie block damage at 250% and multiple of us with 600+ GS. We could deal with the threat in a what I would guess was a 30x30 base with almost no repairs necessary during BM.
  11. Exactly, after a certain point the only challenge is not to trigger too many demos.
  12. We use JaxTeller718’s x4 'Increased Wilderness Zombies', it's an amazing change and I would recommend it to anyone feeling that the apocalypse is empty. Just don't get stuck in the wasteland without ammo at night 😁. We had to go back to MaxSpawnedZombies=64 after the 2nd night in the wasteland but even after reverting things are still action packed all over the map(only 3 of us on the server). As for the main topic, we just want to get back to building castles, 20 feet thick walls, 360 defenses, fallback areas etc. I understand we can’t have 100s of zombies, for that we’ll turn to block damage as an artificial alternative.
  13. So I’ve been playing a good bit the last couple of months and just want to give some feedback regarding Horde Night AI. With the current AI it’s pretty much gauntlet style horde night with little variation. What I don’t like about this type of gameplay it the predictability and lack of scalability. The predictability makes it boring and due to the AI limits you can’t really scale out too much. I want horde night zombies to be dumb and start bashing on my stuff from any direction and only revert to ‘smart’ AI when they can’t reach the player. A bit of smarts would be okay, I mean I don’t want them to try break steal when there is a wooden door around the corner. From what I’ve observed, I’m assuming the following about zombie horde AI. 1) Zombies will try to path X blocks to player probably adjusted based on HP of blocks in between. 2a) If they’re unable to find a path within adjusted X, they’ll start bashing towards the player. (or maybe start closest to player in failed path) 2b) If they can’t reach the player, they’ll start breaking down supports or start digging. So without changing things too much, I would guess that if we can get access to X, the variable that determines when the zombies will give up pathing, we can dramatically change how horde nights play out. X will of course have to be tied to Horde Night zombies only as we don’t want feral sense zombies(A20) turning stupid in POIs. I have noticed AIPathCostScale & utilityai.xml but from my limited knowledge I don’t think there is enough to change things on horde night.
  14. Correction : R6 laser/scope - Laser for tighter group.
  15. Not my best performance but must have been late at night cause I was whispering... but, not the point --> https://youtu.be/6uy6nD4DEGU I was thinking... okay now it's dead... okay now...
  16. Vulture with all books for +pen with standard ammo * rad remover * mag extension R5 silencer / muzzle break R6 reflex / scope Lot of double kills if you can line up zombies.
  17. from gamestages.xml gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * difficultyBonus A simple change to allow for more flexibility in difficulty scaling would be to add and expose another two attributes namely - levelModifier and daysModifier gameStage = ( (playerLevel * levelModifier) + (daysSurvived * daysModifier) ) * difficultyBonus
  18. Indeed, I’m pretty sure it has gone through the floor. I was 4 blocks from the ground and the cop must have been at ground level by the time he attacked. From testing the glass seems to block attacks consistently, but from the angle of attack I don’t even think the glass was in play. AFIAK the zombies rage when they get cheesed, i.e. drop, can’t get to player, maybe something like that happened with a boost to damage/pen?. In my main base I got attacked, what felt like from below(floor damaged) and the only LOS he could have had(possible though a high window) should have been lost way before the attack. I only had bars on the kill end and he was never visible from that angle before the attack.
  19. Again, thank you all for the feedback and tests. I have created a little test myself in a vanilla game and the cop can definitely can get to you through one block, not consistently though. In the video, I’m sure he must have been on the ground before attacking, so in reality he could have hit me through more than one block. There might have been some lingering vomit on the blocks from the previous attack, so who know, maybe that had something to do with it? No other blocks were broken except for the switches that got destroyed by the 2 block AOE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBPfsrp4RUY I've doubled up on the blocks and it seems safe, although, with stars aligned, who knows 😀.
  20. Thanks all for the feedback. We're playing on a "hard mode" server so not sure if the admin adjusted some settings :). As of now I surrounded my self in another layer of steel and will see how it goes next horde. If they still get in I'll try another layer. @meganoth -- Which property indicates two block penetration? @pimps - How about better HP for the switches? those ones are heavy duty; or a remote control maybe?
  21. So I'm trying to figure out how to still have my switches close by but not have the radiated zombie cop destroy them. I've looked at items.xml and found ammoProjectileZombieVomitRadiated. <property name="Explosion.RadiusBlocks" value="2"/> <property name="Explosion.RadiusEntities" value="1"/> So I get the AOE, but the cop vomited though a couple of blocks to get to me. Is there any XML property that tells me what I'm dealing with in regards to vomit penetration? Thanks!
  22. I've been trying to allow pickup of other blocks using TakeDelay within a landclaim as you can do with a forge. Adding the TakeDelay just has no effect. CanPickup does work for those blocks but it's instant and does not have the landclaim constraint based on my testing. I have hacked away and added a bunch of other properties that were applied to other blocks affected by TakeDelay but still I can't get it to work. Am I missing a property, entry in another file or is TakeDelay perhaps hardcoded?
  23. Awesome thank you, I'll keep on keeping an eye on them and myself!😁
  24. Kids and I have been wondering if we lose ore when we accidentally cause structural integrity failures during mining.
  25. Thank you, was messing with this between other work and never picked up it was node rather than an attribute. Anyway, all sorted so a mod can move/delete if they want. 👍👍
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