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  1. Can we get the wet cement look as a "paint"? Its probably the best looking finish in the game and we dont have the option to use it as a decor here is a picture on steam of what i'm speaking of
  2. What? His question was reasonable and fairly well worded. Whatcha goin on about?
  3. Yeah I must not havre enough replies cause i don't have one
  4. Ahh bandits. I really can't wait for this addition.
  5. I thought so but i thought I should ask, thanks
  6. Do book perks work even if you aren't using that particular weapon? For example, the batter up 7 book collection perk is power attack kills refill your stamina bar. If i have all of the books will my power attacks still fill my stam bar if i am using a machete or some other weapon?
  7. I made duct tape without a beaker. I was on day 4. /shrug At this point I don't even know what you're talking about
  8. I would say very bad luck in response to the OP. By the second week I had an AK, several pistols and either a basic shotgun or a hunting rifle - cant remember which but one of those 2. Oh and of course a blunderbuss or 10.
  9. I've lost 2 4x4 vehicles in the past week. Oddly my mini bike and bicycle are where I left thme but the 4x4's keep going away. is there a way to get it back apart from rebuilding the damned thing?
  10. No problem here. I just hit the up or down key and press shift and zip... up (or down) i go.
  11. That's truly weird. I have been thinking that they upped the amount of wandering day hordes with the final release of A19 because I am getting a lot of them. A friend playing on a different game has stated the same thing. Random single zombies are everywhere!! We are both playing on a RWG so maybe that's causing it but I am having a totally different experience than the OP.
  12. Naw, The people who have a gripe and come to these forums are finding common ground on this issue with others but I think the majority of folks who never visit the forums are perfectly happy with it. To my understanding, the game has never been more popular as far as player count goes, right now
  13. LOL. Why on earth would I have any reason to lie about something like that. Give your head a shake mate.
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