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  1. As an added bonus, I bought mine for $8 !! Best bargain ever. 625 hours played in total. Can't wait for the next update. Whenever you're ready boys
  2. Command Post... this list can go on If we all thought about it I'm sure we could come up with something offensive about all letter combinations in their abbreviated form
  3. I've never played games into the thousands but I have played several to almost 100 days and have never had any of the issues that you seem to describe. Sounds awful Cant imagine what could be causing it
  4. This really depends on what you want to do. Like most, in most games I give up when i simply overpower the bloodmoons but in one game i have played foredver because I am completely rebuilding a 7 story building. So a different goal there
  5. Great story OP Been there for sure. Your first instinct is always correct. Don't think... just panic
  6. The OP has some interesting ideas. I would like to see them "fix" some of the POI's they have now first though. One of the most disappointing ones that I did was the prison. I really expected that one to be a lot harder than the cakewalk it was
  7. Correct!! As it should be. I see no reason why everything should be killable in the first week with a basic bow and arrow A mountain lion shouldn't be able to outrun you? Is that what you're saying?
  8. Oh no!! That's not right lol Maybe it could be paired with the hobo stew 🤮
  9. I'm sorry if I am dragging out a horse that has already been beaten to death but it occurred to me that it would be great to have # quantity sliders for zombies as an option for the games. Particularly for the wandering hordes that you run into occasionally. I realize that having huge hordes of zombies as a standard setting might be hard on a lot of people's rigs but is it possible to have a qty slider that you could play with until you found what your machine could handle? I understand that there are mods for this sort of thing but as a general rule I try to stay away from mods in my games. Has there been discussion on this in the past?
  10. Heyo!! Yeah the game is a hoot. I started playing just as 19 started went into beta and i have had so much fun. I have taken several breaks from the game but always come back with new ideas for building and killing lol
  11. Did they say they were going to stop work on 7 DTD? Just because they have a new idea they've started on doesn't mean they stop work on this one. So, to say "they're moving on to other things" is a little bit crazy to me. Edit: I just read Roland's replies And they all seem reasonable to me.
  12. I do not know the name of it. Is there a library of the POI's somewhere that you know of? I was looking for one and I failed.
  13. That's actually quite funny. Too bad you couldn't hook that sucker up to a semi and drive it around
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