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  1. Meh. Not sure what metric you're using but I doubt that most people hate the change. Just the people you see complaining about it on these forums. The way it was before the mechanic was so easy that there wasn't even much point in having hunger and thirst in the game at all. Food was too easy after day 10. I would say that most people are happier with this change than the way it was Glad you found a mod to change it back for you though
  2. I LOOOVE that it is more difficult. I have a real dog problem in all the games that I have started, wolves, dire wolves, packs of coyotes. It's been a real stress. My head is on a swivel constantly now. I do not give dogs a chance to attack me unless I have something between us like a hatch or some such and even then I have it reinforced. Otherwise I just avoid. If there is one in a house I just move to a different house until i am better able to handle it. My first 2 nights i just hunker down and turn all the lights off. Nothing bothers me in crouch mode then. I have also found when I am exploring poi's in early game that I have to go a lot slower and check corners. I used to just barge around them and not worry what was there but Z's hit a lot harder now and caution is the new word of the day. Especially in the first 10 days or so. Don't rage, just survive. There are ways to do it. Just not the way we used to.
  3. Found this on day one!! SO much for pipe weapons this game lol
  4. This kind of interaction impresses me. It always amazes me when game devs never appear on their forums to chime in with suggestions or instructions on what to do with a real problem,
  5. SO my friend just got the opportunity to purchase an augur in the first week of play from a trader. The cost was only around 8.5K dukes so of course he sold everything and got it Why is this late game item even for sale that early and why is it so cheap? In comparison, a mining helmet T3 is $8.5K as well. This an oversight?
  6. I have asked this question of myself as well. He is not as tough as fat mama but he is tougher than his peers.
  7. I agree with this. Magazine size lowered to 10 - 12 maybe? There ARE a lot more dogs starting on day 2 for me. I have started 6 games and this has been the case in all of them. Twice i had a bear attacking my base on night 2. SO I think the pipe machine gun is necessary but needs a bit of a nerf
  8. I'm sure there is a mod for that. It doesn't have my vote as a standard play option.
  9. Sloped roof pieces. There are a couple but they are strange to put together and they definitely don't go with any of the sloped roof pieces that are already part of most poi's. AM I missing something? Was this an oversight? Roofing is a big part of building.
  10. Can we put a timer on how long animals camp your corpse? I have waited in excess of 10 minutes with no luck on multiple occasions. I love a tough game but at some point this gets ridiculous, especially in the early game when you don't have back up weapons to put on.
  11. He is playing the same game I am. I have real pistols by day 10, iron tools, lots of stuff that we werent supposed to have in A20 at the start. But we do. In spades
  12. Well, you can see that many people disagree with you while some agree with you. I think someone above answered your concern perfectly. You want more inventory then mod it in. Everyone is happy
  13. For me, they need to put a cap on the ram used when you set up a random world. At 32 gb, the game uses all of it. Cant imagine trying to set up a game with only 8 or 12 GB Also, I seem to be getting a ton of higher level stuff that I thought I wouldnt see now that they have integrated the pipe weapons. Both as drops and at the vendors. On day 6 I was able to purchase a T4 hunting rifle from the vendor. Cost a lot but it was there....... Will there be more loot balancing?
  14. Ok thanks for that advice. I looked and one of my maps that I created only had 2 spawn points but the last map that I created had 11. WHich poses another bunch of questions but I will leave it at that. I did start 2 more games on the one that had 11 spawn points. The first one spawned me very close to the first point but not the exact same spot and the second one spawned me somewhere completely different. I dont know what changed. All I did was go into the file you suggested and take a look and that seemed to fix my issue (?) Anywho, i hope that others with this issue find this post
  15. So I have had this problem since i started playing several years ago When I generate a random map I spawn in the same spot every time when I start a new game on it. Done some research and everyone says you have the name your game differently So I started to name my games differently to test this out. Same result. I cleaned my data. Same result None of my friends have this issue and we have compared all of our settings so it's nothing there. Any ideas what it could be?
  16. So I went down to a 8Km map and it worked. Apparently i dont have enough ram for a huge map Thisa might just be an experimental thing because I was able to generate the largest maps in A19
  17. I did all of the prestuff. Cleared history etc but it gets to generating water and shuts down the game. Running on a GTX 1660 Super.
  18. I saw a streamer using the pipe version of it. It seemed pretty good although it was clearly a starter weapon. I would imagine that the perk works for it although I'm not sure I would spend points in it due to the lack of punch that the full stun baton has
  19. "Wondering if you think 7 days to die should go back to when it was more of survival game then a rpg game" Objection!! Leading the witness your honor. 😆 It still is a survival game and for those of us who haven't put in hundreds or thousands of hours and know our way around the survival mechanisms then it can be a challenging one. To add to this, I'm not sure you can call it an RPG at all in that most people are playing their own games by themselves or with select friends and only have the voices in their heads to keep them company. Just a regular day at the office as far as that goes. I wouldnt say that the game mechanics lead us toward a role playing game at all. I guess what I'm saying is that I dont follow the basic premise of your post.
  20. Maybe you jinxed it by calling it out. I really thought someone would chime in with that as well. Or maybe we just call your post the self fulfilling prophecy. BTW your meme didn't make the cut
  21. Naw ive been waiting since April. I played about 600 hours last Fall and Winter and I expect I will do the same this year once its out. I wont spoil it now. @%$#, It will almost be like playing a new game it has been so long
  22. I check these forums every freakin day now looking for a starting date to A20 Promised myself that I wouldnt play until it comes out to help build the internal hype Im going crazy at this point Not even sure why I am writing this. F#@$ I hope that its soon 🤪
  23. Welcome to modern day gaming marketing. This is a large part of how it's done now. Like it or lump it
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