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I know this has been around since at least A19, but why was sand harvesting nerfed so much?  Its annoying that it is easier to get stone from mining, and pound it into sand than to just go gather mother nature's millions of years of hard work.


With the increase in time it takes for concrete to be crafted, does decreasing sand collection really do anything other than annoy?  At a minimum, it shouldn't be any faster to mine rock and crush it than it is to just scoop it up out of the dessert.

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10 minutes ago, theFlu said:

Yeh, it feels weird. Cant say I understand why, I'm assuming it's simply not entirely thought through. But shh, don't go telling them, the next thing you know they'll nerf stone yields.

IKR!  Was a little worried when I posted it that TFP would see it and go "wait, what!?  Mixers are fast at sand processing!?"  :)

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22 minutes ago, theFlu said:

Don't get me wrong, I know stone crushing is a thing, and tumbling solids into powders as well. The way it is in the game though, I doubt reality has had that much influence to it ... :)

Yea, you aren't gonna  make sand in a cement mixer. The tolerances just are not even close to being fine enough for that. If they were it wouldn't work for making concrete very well either.

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