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This is a known problem, a way or ways to mitigate that is described here:


The publisher who created that port of the game sadly went bankrupt so the game won't get any more updates. More information what will happen on console can be read in the blog post that is linked to in the red banner above (but it won't really help you at the moment)


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18 hours ago, Snipebeast said:

Just bought 7days for xbox and my game keeps crashing with the xbox series x. Played for a few days and my game crashed and literally reset all my progress. There should really be console updates as much as pc

Did you make an account just to complain about something?!?!   ESPECIALLY with all the banners on this site about console.  

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9 hours ago, IcedDan said:

I guess there will be at the end of this year catching console back up to PC


Doubtful that the game will release to gold at the end of this year. When it does finally release, TFP will look for a partner to port the finished game to the PS5 and the new Xbox as a completely new game. That version will be the same as the finished PC version and so will be all caught up. The current version will never evolve past its current state. It is in its final form.

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