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  1. While I think it will be cool and we'll be able to enjoy the crafting aspect of the game more it will take away from the point of the game itself which is you are never safe and there are zombies everywhere. Kind of a trade up there.
  2. Sorry to hear this but It's expected without anymore updates/patches to be done. Sorry man..
  3. It's ridiculous that the price is so high for a game that will no longer get updates BUT I understand the situation as they don't have a team to actually do updates. I don't believe it's the company that's keeping the price so high I'm pretty sure it's the marketplace itself and they keep it there because people still pay for it at that price point...
  4. have you looked into the secondary market by chance? I've seen a lot of good deals on both parts and fully built rigs lately. I've went as far as purchasing a few parts in Reddit and from Ebay and they were cheaper than going to a store like Frys for example and you're helping someone else that probably needs a little cash! I definitely recommend if you do go the secondary market approach you make sure wherever you buy has a review system for sellers or I've even heard of the sellers willing to do a background check on one of those background sites like www.backgroundcheckrepair.org/ just to be safe and more than anything just to see if the seller is cool with you seeing who they are. I feel like you can never be too careful buying online nowadays but it can also be because I've been taken advantage of in the past. Anyway, although I know for sure the Logitech G510 Keyboard is amazing it's also pretty dang expensive. I've seen some others recommend some good alternatives that are a couple hundred lower in price. As you know, when building your own rig the less you spend on keyboards and that type of thing more you can spend on the graphics card and other important things that will help with immersion in the game. I've heard great things about the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
  5. I have to agree on this one. Most of the time the streamers are not the ones that are going to be really using this. It's the gamers, we play and enjoy and play again a year later lol
  6. The mod you're working on sounds incredible! Once this is finally complete, please let us know!
  7. Having the sneak skill is crucial when fighting a horde. BTW, I never thought I would see SH2's Fat Eddie again LOL.
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