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Vehicle Lift


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On 6/20/2021 at 3:44 AM, CynicalGamer said:

This looks good. I had a few questions, does this suffer from the jittery motion most elevator mods do and are there any plans to make versions that cover more floors (longer). Thanks for the work!

Yeah if the player is on it, it does get jittery on the way up, going down is quite smooth. The jitter is acually related to the speed it travels at, so if I can get the speed just right it can be all but eliminated. As for more floors I'm having issues wit the model going invisible after it moves more than 20-30 blocks, trying to find a solution to this atm. If you use DMT once I get the bugs worked out of my elevator mod you can make those with however many floors you want, at what ever distance apart you want and there will be a vehicle size elevator for it.

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I installed this on A20 and it works fine, but I would really like to see a half size version as well. For example the new mansion has what would be a lift and its 4 wide and 6 tall, but a 4 wide by 5 tall would be usable instead of the current 8 wide by 10 tall.

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