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  1. This looks good. I had a few questions, does this suffer from the jittery motion most elevator mods do and are there any plans to make versions that cover more floors (longer). Thanks for the work!
  2. That's pretty interesting (the cloning) and done well from the video. Kinda curious, you mentioned so much bloat and unnecessary stuff in the original mod that you are rewriting the whole thing. Isn't this kind of adding bloat? It's really cool but seems weird in a farm mod. Your mod, your call, just asking.
  3. You are the savior i've been waiting for all these years. I wish I could help you out with suggestions but I never got to play the original. I will do plenty of testing once you get a release out. Looking forward to this. One thing this game has always been missing is a good expansive working farm mod.
  4. Something I forgot to mention; the fishing rod icon is extremely hard to see (or my eyes are horrible) and really gets lost when stored in a box among other items. I did have a few instances where I had trouble getting the fishing spot to activate but setting another usually did the trick.
  5. Very intuitive and easy to figure out. I ran through and caught 2 fish just to test it and had no issues. The fish aren't worth a lot but don't really cost much in resources or time so that's a good thing otherwise it would be easy to circumvent hunger by just fishing for a while. I could see some not liking the pop ups or arcade style noises if they are going for something more immersive but the trade off being it teaches you as you are going (for instance telling you when to mash the f button) is worth it. I like the style myself, just something I am throwing out there. I also came here to suggest recipes before I saw you hate making recipes. Maybe at least make it so the fish you catch can be used to make cans of tuna or salmon which can then be used in other already existing recipes? As always thanks for the mods. P.S. If I had a small gripe it would be the "fishing spot" being so close to shore (and the white block). I think it would be nicer to have it farther out but it's not a deal breaker by any means.
  6. Putting together a new gaming rig (Hurray Xmas). As soon as it's done i'll be giving this a try. Sounds pretty cool.
  7. No worries Ragsy, I will be here to keep testing when you guys move forward. I'm about to retire my current game anyways so when you put a new version out I will start a fresh game. Until then I will go find some other modder to annoy.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. It's always interesting to me to see a bit of the background on some of these decisions. As someone who wants to mod but is lazy I kinda forget you guys are dealing with engine/game limitations. Yeah with all of them coming out at once and with how tough they are I just don't see beating them without using trickery. Which is fine but it all happens so fast and they are so alert there is no way to get setup before the gang bang is ON! Still, like I said earlier it's been a hell of a lot of fun and made the game harder which is always good.
  9. Forgot to add when breaking down the motorcycle the second stage shows up (usually floats) and can't be interacted with. It just sits there taunting me.
  10. I was clearing a poi with the wasteland bandits as a quest. When I got there I popped open a piece of wall and saw a guy so I stealth shot him with a bow and every single enemy from the entire poi came out running in a group and killed me...brutally. That is the second time it happened. Do they not respect my stealth or is there something going on where they are alerted instantly?
  11. I've been sticking with my play through, I am somewhere around lvl 60 and near 100 game stage (have to verify but it's up there). I think Guppy was right on the gas situation. I really struggled in the beginning and if I had more than one person someone would have been walking but the beginning is supposed to be tough. Part of it was dependent on rwg as I couldn't find a desert anywhere and could only buy so much from the traders. I have enough gas now I can stay somewhere around 1/2 tank but I was always having to stop and wrench everything whereas now I can produce my own and it's been no problem. So I was off on that one. I like the struggle. I have to date only found 3 compressors but a TON of ratchet sets. The idea of making them craft items is a good one and would help remove some of the dependency on rng. In one of my poi's (using compopack and nitro) I found 3 cargo vans. I have also found 3 taxi cabs, a box truck, and a cop car. Pretty crazy, but there should be working cars and I have put in hour and hours but it would be nice to have some variety. I don't even use any of them since guppy's buggy is so freaking amazing. They also ALL had full gas tanks. Not sure if you can randomize that but empty would be the next best thing. The speed is not as much an issue once you get used to it so I guess I was off on that one as well. Admittedly I haven't tried all the vehicles but the ones I have could use some tweaking. For instance the buggy. The buggy is slow, it has @%$# for storage so it needs something to make it stand out. I don't know how configurable the cars are but it seems the buggy should have insane climbing abilities (it does not). These are the types of vehicles made for climbing dunes, large hills, off road tracks, etc. It should climb like a monkey and that would give it a "stand out" quality. I've had to stop on steep hills a few times to unpack it and pick it up. I could see that in other vehicles. Hehe, I got my cargo van stuck in a rut and ended up just abandoning it to the zeds. It wasn't going anywhere and I had it full so I couldn't move it. I also don't like picking up vehicles so I tend to rp that part. The only real weird issue I've come across so far is when tearing down one of the custom cars. Sorry I don't have a pic or know the exact one but I can get that info if you need. But as you are tearing down the car there is something inside that flickers up and down really fast. It doesn't change anything it's just weird. I assumed you guys probably know about it but figured I'd throw it out there. I'll keep going and keep looking for issues (need to try some new cars) but as I've said before this mod is pretty damn sweet and adds a nice level of depth to the game. I hope this info helps.
  12. Hey Xyth (how do you pronounce your tag), I noticed on the tv sets the "press e" message is right in the middle of the screen blocking any video being watched. You have to get pretty far back from it before it goes away and since the screen is small and I am old it makes it hard to watch my "no dear I swear it isn't porn" while ingame. Is there any way to move the text like maybe to the base of the tv? As always, really appreciate your work brother. Thanks for all of it.
  13. I had the same issue 7467bla had with the delay (was using blunderbuss). I didn't have this issue with any other gun and I don't get the same result in vanilla. Maybe he and I are just running potatoes cause I got the menu lag also but I just figured it was because of your amazing but very intricate system.
  14. Speaking of, i've been playing that lately and it's pretty bad ass. It adds a huge challenge level (bandits with guns v my wooden starter club) but i've learned to run. Just wanted to say thanks. Can't wait to see what you have prepared for us.
  15. I can see that and I am all for making the game harder. While I have been struggling for gas in my game (ive disassembled all the cars in my area) I can see that once that runs out I am going to be in trouble. It's just so many trips to get to places and back with such little storage. Add in what seems like slower vehicles and your drive time is also increased which uses more gas. I'll have to play a bit longer to really see how it goes. That is just my opinion though, I'll play the mod regardless. I guess my bigger issue is the amount of materials to make a bench that requires so many rng blessings. These things all tie in together though so I listed them all. It seems like it needs a once over on the balancing but again, just humble opinions. I've come to realize lately without modders I wouldn't be playing much anymore and the best way to give back to them is to test their creations and give feedback. Side note: love the buggy you made Guppycur. That thing really adds some bad assness to the game.
  16. I've been playing the mod for about an in game month (a few blood moons in for sure) and thought I could give some feedback. I've read through the thread and see some things have been said already but I am gonna go through it all anyways. First off thanks for the mod. It is sweet. The depth alone is worth it but to be able to salvage parts and build a variety of vehicles is just amazing. This is certainly going to be a standard on most of my games. That brings me to probably the biggest issue I've been having and it's a simple balancing issue. With the addition of so many new parts you haven't adjusted the storage capacity accordingly. A stock motorcycle has a significant amount more storage than vehicles I can make through the mod. When you factor in (and I'm guessing here) say 10 new parts we need to collect but give us vehicles with less storage space than normal you can see where it causes a bottleneck. I've also noticed gas isn't as plentiful (or maybe I'm just unlucky) yet we are required to make more trips because of the limited space. All these things play off of one another and in my humble opinion just need a little tweaking. I tried to do it myself but I've not modded much so now I'm complaining to you. Another sort of bottle neck I noticed was the Auto Workbench. In order to craft it Unless I'm mistaken I have to get lucky enough to find 3 parts that can't be crafted? I have to build a workbench to be able to craft the auto workbench. That costs 1 hammer (random find early game), 25 forged iron, 20 mechanical parts, 1 wrench (random find early game), 50 wood. Once we have the workbench we build the auto workbench costing 1 hammer (random find early game), 1 ratchet set (random find), 1 compressor tool (random find), the workbench we just built, and a car lift. The car lift costs 5 mechanical parts, 5 electrical parts, 1 compressor tool (random find), 50 forged iron, and 20 forged steel. Whew, I hope I got all that right. It seems like there are so many gates to getting to a car, some being reliant on rng that it's overly tedious and very costly. In all honesty (and shame) I ended up spawning in the compressors cause I just couldn't find them even though I have 2 storage boxes full of car parts and everything else. On the positive side I thought I would experience a significant performance hit but that didn't happen. Seems to run about the same as vanilla. I can't wait to see where you guys take this. I haven't even added bdubs vehicles yet (was thrilled to see they are compatible and I hope you guys can make them like the others, assembly required) so I still have many hours to get out of your hard work and I sincerely thank you guys for it. I will keep playing and keep gathering feedback...like the slow seeming vehicles so till next time, stay saucy!
  17. Sigh...I wasn't using a bladed weapon to harvest spiders, just stone axe.
  18. Loving the new Iron Gates. They look incredible. I was wondering if there is a way to make powered versions? These things are just gonna look great with a nice stone wall. I was trying out the largest size (5x3 i think) and I noticed while they are easy to open from any point of the gate, once open the only way to close them is from the two main posts and it is a very small area. Kinda hard to interact with. In this game I can see situations where they'd need to be closed quickly! On the spider mod I am using it along with my son. When I play single player I don't get any of the hearts, I actually didn't even know it was a thing till he hosted and started getting them. Not sure why i'm not, we are using the exact same mods. Getting ready to try out the horse update. Thanks for all the work man, it's really added some depth to our games.
  19. Had to jump up and run outside to check, sunny, warm, beautiful day. Nope, it's definitely not Christmas but it feels like it. I read my son the part I quoted, he turns and said "Oh, f**k yeah!" This is just amazing. We already enjoy the variety your vehicles add to the game but this makes it better. When we are all gearing up in large groups to go raid we use the horns to signal we are ready but since they all sound the same we aren't sure who to shame for taking long. Problem solved.
  20. Absolutely not. What I intended to convey was having screenshots of everything included in a pack like this with such a wide variety, including a simple read me or commented out lines making editing the appropriate xml easy, would have saved Xyth a @%$*#!load of headaches but that is one of those hindsight suggestions. It didn't have much to do with what was said but was born out of the discussion. I would even be willing to do what I could to help with what little time I have available. If that means I have to take all the screenshots then fine, I load the pack, load the zombies, take a shot and edit it for posting. Not that bad. From there it shouldn't be rocket science to find the appropriate entries in the xml. I am will to do that as well if that's what it takes. Seems to be a no brainer for really making the pack adjustable for everyone but hey, who am I? How can he correctly identify the zombies? A vague description like he gave or HEY, would have been easier if they had been indexed as I suggested. But as you said "So because someone has an issue with some of the zeds, but won't even begin to describe which ones, you want a whole index put together to make it easier?" That tone man, not great but you are free to treat people as you wish. I would also like to tell you personally how much I freaking love your vehicle mod. I use it and pimp it every chance I get. Disagreeing with someone doesn't change how much I respect what you have put into your project. I'm done here, i've said my piece. I don't want to hijack a thread devoted to making a great mod for this community. Sorry about that part.
  21. I know this may seem like a lot of effort but if there was a screenshot of each zombie included in each pack so people could see them with their "id" attached (or even in the screenshot) it would be simple to say go to whatever.xml, locate that zombies entry and remove it. Then everyone could adjust it the way they want easily. It could even be a requirement for submission that each entrant include the screenshot. Just a suggestion. I'd also like to thank everyone for not jumping on me after my post. I've always told people who are on the fence about purchasing 7 days to look at it like Neverwinter Nights. That game is still running because of an amazing modding community and 7 days has the same thing. It is you guys who will keep this game fresh and going for many years. Don't forget or lose sight of how important some of us see your work even if we don't always convey it.
  22. Guys I have no horse in this race and I mean no disrespect because I am a HUGE fan of most modders but it seems like zewtastic was giving some feedback and since it was negative it isn't being taken very well. The responses are a bit harsh. The passive aggressive "can't wait to see what mods you make" is kinda @%$*#!ty. bdubyah/reckis you are just jumping on adding fuel to the fire and making it worse. Also adding to the hive mind "let's get him" mindset. I saw the same kinda thing from the Fun Pimps at different times. Someone mentions modders making changes and they get pissed because they think someone is criticizing them personally. As if people aren't allowed to dislike someones work no matter how much effort they put into it. That doesn't mean they are disrespecting you, they just have an opinion. Full disclosure I don't like all the zombies either, some of them are just goofy. Specifically I really didn't like the guppycur zeds, certainly don't want cartoony zeds that require me to learn xml editing and so I don't play with the mod because I don't know how to remove them. Now it's easy to say "just learn it" but I honestly don't have the time. I make multiple weekly trips minimum 2 hours driving to take my disabled wife to so many doc visits she gets mentally and physically fatigued. When I get home then we have to deal with the string of bad news and life ruining medical debt. My point is you don't always know the full story and there is no reason to be dicks to someone because you don't like the response you got. Granted I am very cautious about what I read/say on this forum as the hive mind can be pretty mean spirited but it seems like we have a chance to learn about taking constructive feedback and using it. Now, I am just going off the posts in the last few pages of this thread so if there is more to the story then I apologize. I edited my post and took out a line I felt was harsh. Everything else was left intact.
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