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  1. It was mentioned in todays stream elevation among cities wasn't possible unless it could all be contained within the one tile with mention of the roads being the pin points. Would it work for 1 tile acting as the incline, 1 tile acting as the decline, and still stitch together to look like a large hill? Could 4 be made to create an amazing mountain with each being 1/4?
  2. This looks good. I had a few questions, does this suffer from the jittery motion most elevator mods do and are there any plans to make versions that cover more floors (longer). Thanks for the work!
  3. That's pretty interesting (the cloning) and done well from the video. Kinda curious, you mentioned so much bloat and unnecessary stuff in the original mod that you are rewriting the whole thing. Isn't this kind of adding bloat? It's really cool but seems weird in a farm mod. Your mod, your call, just asking.
  4. You are the savior i've been waiting for all these years. I wish I could help you out with suggestions but I never got to play the original. I will do plenty of testing once you get a release out. Looking forward to this. One thing this game has always been missing is a good expansive working farm mod.
  5. Something I forgot to mention; the fishing rod icon is extremely hard to see (or my eyes are horrible) and really gets lost when stored in a box among other items. I did have a few instances where I had trouble getting the fishing spot to activate but setting another usually did the trick.
  6. Very intuitive and easy to figure out. I ran through and caught 2 fish just to test it and had no issues. The fish aren't worth a lot but don't really cost much in resources or time so that's a good thing otherwise it would be easy to circumvent hunger by just fishing for a while. I could see some not liking the pop ups or arcade style noises if they are going for something more immersive but the trade off being it teaches you as you are going (for instance telling you when to mash the f button) is worth it. I like the style myself, just something I am throwing out there. I also came here to suggest recipes before I saw you hate making recipes. Maybe at least make it so the fish you catch can be used to make cans of tuna or salmon which can then be used in other already existing recipes? As always thanks for the mods. P.S. If I had a small gripe it would be the "fishing spot" being so close to shore (and the white block). I think it would be nicer to have it farther out but it's not a deal breaker by any means.
  7. Putting together a new gaming rig (Hurray Xmas). As soon as it's done i'll be giving this a try. Sounds pretty cool.
  8. No worries Ragsy, I will be here to keep testing when you guys move forward. I'm about to retire my current game anyways so when you put a new version out I will start a fresh game. Until then I will go find some other modder to annoy.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. It's always interesting to me to see a bit of the background on some of these decisions. As someone who wants to mod but is lazy I kinda forget you guys are dealing with engine/game limitations. Yeah with all of them coming out at once and with how tough they are I just don't see beating them without using trickery. Which is fine but it all happens so fast and they are so alert there is no way to get setup before the gang bang is ON! Still, like I said earlier it's been a hell of a lot of fun and made the game harder which is always good.
  10. Forgot to add when breaking down the motorcycle the second stage shows up (usually floats) and can't be interacted with. It just sits there taunting me.
  11. I was clearing a poi with the wasteland bandits as a quest. When I got there I popped open a piece of wall and saw a guy so I stealth shot him with a bow and every single enemy from the entire poi came out running in a group and killed me...brutally. That is the second time it happened. Do they not respect my stealth or is there something going on where they are alerted instantly?
  12. I've been sticking with my play through, I am somewhere around lvl 60 and near 100 game stage (have to verify but it's up there). I think Guppy was right on the gas situation. I really struggled in the beginning and if I had more than one person someone would have been walking but the beginning is supposed to be tough. Part of it was dependent on rwg as I couldn't find a desert anywhere and could only buy so much from the traders. I have enough gas now I can stay somewhere around 1/2 tank but I was always having to stop and wrench everything whereas now I can produce my own and it's been no problem. So I was off on that one. I like the struggle. I have to date only found 3 compressors but a TON of ratchet sets. The idea of making them craft items is a good one and would help remove some of the dependency on rng. In one of my poi's (using compopack and nitro) I found 3 cargo vans. I have also found 3 taxi cabs, a box truck, and a cop car. Pretty crazy, but there should be working cars and I have put in hour and hours but it would be nice to have some variety. I don't even use any of them since guppy's buggy is so freaking amazing. They also ALL had full gas tanks. Not sure if you can randomize that but empty would be the next best thing. The speed is not as much an issue once you get used to it so I guess I was off on that one as well. Admittedly I haven't tried all the vehicles but the ones I have could use some tweaking. For instance the buggy. The buggy is slow, it has @%$# for storage so it needs something to make it stand out. I don't know how configurable the cars are but it seems the buggy should have insane climbing abilities (it does not). These are the types of vehicles made for climbing dunes, large hills, off road tracks, etc. It should climb like a monkey and that would give it a "stand out" quality. I've had to stop on steep hills a few times to unpack it and pick it up. I could see that in other vehicles. Hehe, I got my cargo van stuck in a rut and ended up just abandoning it to the zeds. It wasn't going anywhere and I had it full so I couldn't move it. I also don't like picking up vehicles so I tend to rp that part. The only real weird issue I've come across so far is when tearing down one of the custom cars. Sorry I don't have a pic or know the exact one but I can get that info if you need. But as you are tearing down the car there is something inside that flickers up and down really fast. It doesn't change anything it's just weird. I assumed you guys probably know about it but figured I'd throw it out there. I'll keep going and keep looking for issues (need to try some new cars) but as I've said before this mod is pretty damn sweet and adds a nice level of depth to the game. I hope this info helps.
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