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Looking for a build for solo gameplay.


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As stated above, I'm trying to figure out a build for solo gameplay. 

I enjoy the melee/heavy armor route, but you'll need a gun and maybe some type of an explosive by the mid-game. I'm also not good at base defenses, so I'm swinging til I die and then come back for more. 

I was messing with the idea of perception/intelligence, but don't know how I can hold out before finding/building a rifle.

I want to get as much as I can out of a19, but I don't want to spread out my points too far ( I believe there's a point cap now?).

Thanks in advance.


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game caps at level 300, but that gives you enough points to buy just about everything if not everything.

if you want to get there quicker, just up the XP rate.

any build works in solo play. how you specifically build depends on your game settings and what you find vs. what you need.

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I typically decide before hand what melee weapon I am going to specialized in and how I am going to approach my gameplay (i.e. where am I going to build a base, is it going to be also a horde base or will that be separate, am I going to wait for my character to find recipes or do I have a time when I use perk points to get things like vehicles or crafting stations).


I normally don't specialized in any of the attributes as I typically spread them around to unlock various perks.  I usually go to 7 in a single attribute (I typically play Jack of all, master of none) but if I survive long enough, I may raise some of the attributes up to 10 to unlock all

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I'm also not good at base defenses, so I'm swinging til I die and then come back for more. 

When you play solo and don't like the base defence you can turn off the Blood moon at the settings .

You still have to deal with wandering hordes and screamer.


Sneak archer is pretty solid, but be aware that many POI have triggered event's you have to face multiple awake Z's.

Hammer turret and/or wood/iron spikes can be handy to block door and give you some time to escape and setup a better defence.

Some pistole/MP with silencer to kill Z's that chase you as backup.


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