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  1. I think the stealth mechanics are still buggy, even with "feral instincts" turned on. As an example, the smaller savage outdoor store. Once you're through the front door, the paths go both to the left and right. If you go to the right, you will trip a zombie closet with two zombies (no matter what). If you go left, you'll enter a bathroom with a broken wall into that same zombie closet. However, you can sneak in and stealth kill both zombies, without alerting either one. You can sneak up to them, placing your head up their ass, and they still won't activate. This is regardless to whatever your "feral sense" settings are, or stealth level. I've also sneaked into houses, usually through a window, only to realize I past two zombies that didn't trigger until I reached the stairs. I just don't know which is worse. Zombies closets and other script events that override stealth, or an "improved" zombies AI that breaks every other map that you load into.
  2. Good evening. Has anyone else realized the cops and soldiers are far too easy now? I usually play on Adventurer or higher, and I've been taking them out with either a R3 club or baseball bat. It's too easy to crit a cop, taking off their leg or head, before they explode. I lost my fear in taking them on. The soldiers don't "ring" when you hit them, and crumple far faster than a hazmat guy. I'm really disappointed in these changes, and want to know why someone thought this was a good direction to go in?
  3. In alpha 19, yes. In alpha 20, I haven't noticed any changes when I clean out a POI before starting the Trader's mission.
  4. It was the Devs intention to "ramp up" A20. They stated that in theor livestreams, and I believe it was due to the previous feedback in the forums. I've noticed that forest biomes are spawning bears and wolves again. They usually spawn in at dusk. I don't have trouble killing wolves and dogs with a club, but I was lucky enough to loot a pipe pistol early. Spiked traps will also help since they cause bleed damage. They also made the boar hostile now, and pop out of hiding places as zombies do. I hate looting the farms now. Spears are garbage, until you start reading the books and build/loot an iron one. They do slow down zombies if you jab them in the knees. Those "nerfs" everyone keeps talking about, were just the removal of brain-dead mechanics that made the game easy. I don't agree with them, such as you don't always pull a plant from the ground ( potato ). You need to rely on looting and the wasteland book that improves your chance of find honey from any tree. I miss stabbing giant hornet heads and burning down hives for honey. Meds could due with a nerf. On a solo game, with looting and air drops, I'd have 3 storage boxes of meds by day 20. Trader Jen specializes in meds so that ain't bad. Nah. The devs are making 7days more realistic, but are cutting corners in doing so. As with farming before, you don't always pull the plant out of the ground. Pumpkins, potatoes, and mushrooms should be replanted. Corn, coffee, and blueberries don't. The flowers depend on who and where they are grown. But, the FPs won't go with all these mechanics. So, you either replant or you don't. They won't let us have concrete by day 7, but we can loot blue5 items by day 6. Cooking should be under intelligence, instead of strength. The higher level traps, and now the drone, make it feel as if I'm playing a fallout game. I love the game, but some of the devs decisions still don't make a lot of sense to me.
  5. Good morning, and Happy New Year ! I was disappointed to find out that I couldn't create decorative items for my home, save the furniture we normally have. I'd love to slap a cow skull on my fireplace, and have some dried flower rings that I can place around my candles. I'm turning a town monument into one for Rick Grimes, but simply do not have the the ability to place gore piles anywhere! Love something like this BEFORE A21 hits. Love ya!
  6. Random World, 8192 X 8192 Seed : Deputy Rick Grimes ( Totiga Territory ) POIs : 160 Any difficulty setting above, Adventure (default), is a death wish.
  7. That's funny. I thought A20 was to balance out the loot so you don't have a T6 anything, when day 7 hits? I have little to no ammo, and tons of everything else. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or my luck is just @%$#.
  8. That's actually funny, since A20 was supposed to have a better system in creating random maps. If you take out the cotton plants, that should even out the water.
  9. Kinda @%$#ed that they removed the cheerleader, charger ( football player ), and the farmer zombies. The high school and large farms aren't the same without them. In all honesty, I think the "feral" option is bugged. Even on "all", I can still sneak right up to them ( no skill points to do so ).
  10. The helmet mod, since the "natural light" feature is such a pain in the ass. On a side note, I carry glass with me for the sole purpose of "erasing" all those bad debuffs. Honestly, it's not hard to get back the exp you lose from dying ( after level 6 ).
  11. You could have just @%$#ched into a wall or the ground. If it was anything other than that, you would have heard a boom, or saw a flash.
  12. Good evening. Why is the land claim block destroyed, once you remove/pick it up? It should go back into your backpack, and moved around as you can move your work stations. It doesn't make sense.
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