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  1. Good evening. I got this stupid idea, that's been rolling around in my head for some time. In various video games and tv shows that deal with the "world after...", you always have that one oddball character, who chose some crazy way of surviving/way of life/cult/etc, that seems to work out under some unknown reason. I was thinking of a person that was heavy into fantasy, either a Larper or MMORPG, and decided now that he was a crusader who's holy duty was to rid the world of these zombies. Heavy armor, with a 2h hammer (in the case of 7days) in hand, he strides off to victory or his end - with no fear. So, heavy armor/2h hammer/sexy trex is how far I got with this build. I'm not sure if I want to go nomadic or have some knowledge of campfire cooking. I haven't used a 2h hammer yet, so I don't know which mods could be added to one. It would add to his character, if I could build a flaming weapon. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you for your time.
  2. Save the dog food for, Grandpa Learning Elixir. Cat food should be eaten as a beginners meal, until farms and better food can be made. Empty cans are for making oil, but I miss when you could use them to boil water without a cooking pot. A few family members taught me how to do this IRL, when I was young. I really miss those days.
  3. As stated above, I'm trying to figure out a build for solo gameplay. I enjoy the melee/heavy armor route, but you'll need a gun and maybe some type of an explosive by the mid-game. I'm also not good at base defenses, so I'm swinging til I die and then come back for more. I was messing with the idea of perception/intelligence, but don't know how I can hold out before finding/building a rifle. I want to get as much as I can out of a19, but I don't want to spread out my points too far ( I believe there's a point cap now?). Thanks in advance.
  4. I've been running club/HA since alpha 18, so I'm usually buying such things on the trader. Maybe it just my luck, but I find one or two BPs while looting the trader's base. I'll also grab from the containers behind their counter.
  5. It's random for me. I honestly can't say, if they appear more in containers or from zombie drops.
  6. I don't think it's that bad. Once you figure out what to look for (flimsy doors or broken floor blocks), sneaking around the POI is easy. Only the ones that bust out of bathroom stalls, or fall through the ceiling, will force you out in the open.
  7. Good evening. What ever happened to the hornets (removed in A16) and collecting/boiling water in a tin can (without a pot)? I miss the sight of my sister, being chased down by a pair of hornets. Or setting herself on fire, while we burned their nests for honey. The ideal of using a tin can to collect water from a stream, then boil it at a campfire, is very much a real survival trick. I enjoyed that piece of realism in the game, but the FPs took it away at some point. Yeah. I sound pathetic. But, I REALLY need these two back in the game.
  8. Why? She doesn't use these boards, and neither of us know you.
  9. Anything outside the perks, is either in a book or a blueprint. In the world that I share with my sister, I was able to purchase a g3 augur and a tank mod before the second blood moon. Deserts, ugh. Those damn vultures either concus my head or break my leg. I can see getting chased down by cougars, wolves, or cyoats. But not vultures. Perks! Whether it's a sexy t-rex that swears by cardio workouts, or a STRONG miner who swings a pick while punching bears, - tools and weapons are governed by their own perks and your physical traits. Cooked food and certain drinks, will give you a stamina regen buff or one of many others. As for a base, you're better off starting with an existing POI. Gather wood, stone, and clay. Upgrade the outside walls to cobblestone ( I like two or three blocks high ). You can get this done within the first day or two. In a random map that I'm soloing, I was able to slap cement onto a fire station and place spike traps around it, all before my first blood moon. You can gain points for INT 3 and two levels of "advanced engineering" rather quickly. If you wish, you can build a "floating base" ( go to 7:40 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T6S0oZFI8c Good luck!
  10. Did you dig under the main rock in the center? That is where the Taza can be found. Update : The Taza doesn't make you "immune". 😆 I knew it wouldn't, but it was a fun thought. It's a shame that I can't make a display case to show it, but I'll think of something.
  11. Thank you. I knew about the Apache background, and loved that flavor of the lore. I'm still happy with my experience, and now wonder how "immune" this item makes me >:) Thank you for all your help, BTW.
  12. Well, I found it. Seems underwhelming, from the wiki entry. I guess I was hoping for some grand, g6 tool/weapon. Ah, well. At least I accomplished my main goal in 7 days.
  13. I knew it was something special. Thank you. Do I need a mission for it, or no?
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