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Will there ever be seasons and/or dynamic weather events...


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I'm getting weather in the snow biome and in the burnt biome and in both cases it's very effective. You hate it when it starts to snow, it even feels like you're in a blizzard


It starts to rain and get dreary in the burnt biome and I find myself getting moody.


I miss the whether we used to have in the forest biome because sometimes it would rain it seems like all day and that's good, IMHO. A lot of people would disagree with that. sometimes it would rain and then turn into snow and I had to get some warm clothes on and I liked it.

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Read the top of biomes.xml, it talks about how weather is controlled.




The weather sections within each biome are restrictions to the "global" weather condition running across the entire world.    For example, if the global weather says the precipitation of the world is 20 and your biome does not have any restrictions that allow below 50 for precipitation, then your biome will have the lowest possible precipitation allowed within its restrictions defined in this file.


Temperature is different. It is the base temperature of the biome to subtract from the global temperature. The final temperature is effected by rain, wind, clouds, and angle of the sun (each of these will only subtract from the temperature).



I find it a bit difficult to understand. I think maybe that the first example there means:

"If the global weather says the precipitation is 20, but your biome does not allow precipitation values below 50 (meaning the biome is somewhat precipitation heavy, like the burned biome), then that biome will have its minimum 50 precipitation." I further assume that means that if global precipitation were raised to 70, the same minimum-50-precip biome would increase its precip to 70. Assuming that there is not some max-precip restriction in the biome.


I have no clue if this is a correct interpretation; I haven't played with it at all.

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