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14 minutes ago, Riles said:



Hello! It "should" be safe to upgrade as I did not mess with the order of codes with my changes. Keep in mind, the link above is not the "official" VanillaPlus1.01. I'm still testing and making corrections before official publish. I intend to continue to keeping my mod as safe as possible for upgrades. As far as the gore blocks, new ones will not appear (Except a small chance of the exploding guts). Let me know your thoughts. I hope to have it published later this week with official notes of the changes.


I just saw you had updated this. I'll test it now and get back to you shortly. 

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On 5/3/2021 at 5:54 PM, Riles said:

LATEST and possible "last" update before publishing VanillaPlus1.01. Included is an updated ReadMe file to explain changes.


VanillaPlus1.01 beta final




I'm a Bit Late getting by .. but yes I will take a look at it this weekend, hopefully if all goes well. Thank you

Take Care and Be Safe as always ... the Old Gamer .. 😌

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Good Day Riles:

Might be a problem with the DEAD .. Lol and the timer. 

About 10 hours game time and about 1 1/2 hours real time and we still have bodies and it's not just in this one location .. some did vanish, but most are still here _ but in the upright position.


Let me know if this correct or needs adjustment still.

THANK YOU ... the Old Gamer .. 😌


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Thanks for this wonderful mod. Everyone is having fun with this server.
I have a question. After Lv250, even though Living off the Land has been raised to 3, there is a phenomenon that 10 Rotting Flesh are required to produce Farm Plot. Is this a mod spec?
If not, do you know the cause? 

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Oooof! Nice catch! I did find the problem! When I post the updated version, it will be fixed. In the meantime, if you are comfortable with it here is a quick fix for now:


1. Open progression.xml

2. Search for: <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" level="1,5" value="1" tags="perkLivingOffTheLandCrafting"/>

3. Delete that line.

4. Save and DONE! 



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Love the Mod. Only issues were currently having is it bugged the books. Is there a hot fix for this? It’s being used on a nitrado server. Any suggestions?


The boooks are being “read” and the icon shows read on the item but are not giving exp nor showing in character info for learning the books. It is this mod I had taken it out and we were able to read books again. 

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Thank you for answering the problem with Living off the Land the other day.
I have another question. The problem with Living off the Land has been resolved, but when it reaches Lv250, is there any problem other than Living off the Land? 


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On 5/24/2021 at 12:04 PM, SugarBeeBri said:

having is it bugged the books.

hmmm.... depends on the issue. I wonder if it is something I have fixed for the "update" that isn't officially out yet, but I'm not sure.


Are they any of the vanilla books? or are you talking about the combined collections book/encyclopedia? 


Other possibility is my mod conflicts with another one, and I would be willing to help make a compatibility patch. Do you have any other mods that changes how you view the books you have read? or adds/removes features of the vanilla books?

16 hours ago, chikuwa said:

is there any problem other than Living off the Land? 

I recently got a heads up about a few Master Items under the Master Agility tree I didn't update correctly... lol, but have corrected for the update. For most of the "known" problems, I have worked them out for the upcoming update. But if you do find some others, let me know! Takes a community to make a good working mod. 🙂

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Good Day Riles


I know you are working on an Update, So I thought I should share: A19.5 b60 Stable


I never noticed this warning under A19.4 .. But have started getting lately .. it's minor .. but you might want to check it out.


Have a good one and as Always .. Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌

7 Days to Die Screenshot 2021.05.31 - (2).png

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On 5/30/2021 at 5:35 AM, susumu0607 said:

Can I add it to the sourcery mod?
I get an error when I add it to the sorcery mod. The skills tab also stops working.

Yes, with a compatibility patch..... uh here it is:





5 hours ago, gpcstargate said:

but you might want to check it out.



Good news is, I already fixed it. 🙂

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1 hour ago, pepek112 said:

Is any way to fix this?
7d2d Version 19.5(b60)
Mod 1.01 from above :D

Oh I think "I fixed it." I have installed the mod on the client. This fixed a problem with translations and minor bugs like block shape selection. So it's not just a server side mod anymore :smile:

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On 6/5/2021 at 1:30 PM, gpcstargate said:

time frame of next update

Goodness, that is a great question. To be honest when and how I publish an update is tricky in my head. So many features and subtle changes I don't really want to publish something that I haven't "tested enough." 


So instead, I'm working on creating "beta" updates as an option. These will include MANY MANY fixes and some new stuff as well. These "betas" will have been tested at least to the point of loading in correctly and doing basically what I intended.


Before I provide that beta, I need to update a few things for my Bundles/Supply Blocks along with additional Master Items that were not included before. I hope to get this beta up here in this chat soon! Thanks so much for your patience!

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Vanilla Plus 1.01 BETA version A


The readme file has more specifics and details of the updates/changes. Here is a summarized version:


1. Many localization fixes, including making the localization file have a capital "L" lol

2. Stack sizes below 500 increased

3. Removal of Zombie Gore Blocks, but zombies are now harvestable

4. Master Pistol and Master Compound Bow added.

5. Master Rocket Launcher and Master Compound Crossbow fires normally now

6. 5th crafting slot and a 3rd forge smelting slot.

7. Many many many fixes and updates.


Let me know what you think! Also, feel free to join my discord for more direct conversations and requests. https://discord.gg/efKm2JgS22



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