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  1. Yah Khaine had it with his original stash button modlets but with the TFP release of the Stash Buttons Khaine had to do just a lockslot one which he did. The conflict you expierenced was because u may have been using Khaines Stash buttons when the Main game had them
  2. No Prob, just wasnt sure..
  3. Here is the screenie of it
  4. Hey Sphereii, I know the Modlet isnt listed here but Im using your Peace of Mind but Im noticing yellow text with 19 Stable , Havent Teleported to any POI in question to see if it still works despite. BUt the Yellow Text mentions something about DMT
  5. Hey Jax just a Q Does your Trash Piles one leave the white metal bins ?
  6. @Morggin I think a good rule of thumb for that is if there are custom / Non Vanilla Images involved then both should have . Someone can correct if Im wrong
  7. I love Nitrogen alot, is there an easy way to keep the POI list up to date especially right now with all the experimentals?
  8. Kyonshi, Khaine made one that is just the lock slot and doesnt have any overlap that i noticed
  9. Am I imagining it or did the bag used to remember spots when you picked up ur bag after a death ? IF it did , it doesnt seem to remember them anymore ? Bug ? Bad Memory ?
  10. I was talking the sorts and the lock I love the fact that u adjust pack mule and pocket mods accordingly
  11. Devrix, I dropped back to vanilla bag, should I be able to start using this again with my current safe without things borking? Also do we need to use Khaines Lock slot or does yours have its own still?
  12. Im with Scomar, looking for a fix so the buttons work
  13. The VAnilla game as of 17 started using a 1-6 quality for the ratings & There are some Mods I think that also bring back the 3 digit qualities with lower number happening on repair like say it was a 300 then it could be something like 270 after a repair or 2 PRe Alpha 17 it was 100 - 600 (or similar) so like you said older info
  14. @cadamier - You are copying the wrong folders into the mods folder. As of your post, you wanna click on the one with the name saying master and see another folder thats the one u want in the modlets as an example the one for log spikes is KHA19-LogSpikes
  15. Im trying to figure out if it is even a bug or if its something on my end Sylen and How can I get the infos for that w/o dying again which I want to avoid? Edit: After reading real quick the known bugs it looks like the toolbelt is there but not the bag but I wager they go hand and hand ?
  16. I just had another Death and my stuff didnt go back to the spots where they were. Did adding the buttons mess with that function maybe?
  17. I went into my oldest 19 game which was on the previous build or the one before that. My Wall i made for horde is still there my Motorbike is still out front but the Workshop/GArden part of my base is completly gone yet I still see the sprite for the landclaim but no landclaim. Any insight?
  18. so following farmplot logic then?
  19. TY much, Lets test this out Now the question is are they moveable like stations?
  20. so 2 hour days and I want it once an in game day I'd want to set it to 120... SO the number is how many IRL mins? also which lvl is the coop unlocked at?
  21. the default time will be just about 1.15 in game day on 2 hour days then. Can it be edited ? to be like a once in game day kinda thing?
  22. That looks like it worked now to actually test out the mods
  23. Thanks , love these ideas is there a non account needing way to get them like modlauncher or just a zip file here in the forums?
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