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  1. Didnt seem to do anything , this is just plain weird...
  2. In my garden I have 2 or so spots I cant place anything anymore and Im not sure y , there doesnt seem to be a ghost block or anything but I wish I could solve this problem and not restart to fix it. Ideas to fix?
  3. No The mushrooms dont need to be a plot they can be inside ur base on the ceiling or anywhere I somehow solved the issue for now I wonder if the problem is there is an invisi block at 2 high and if that is the issue how do i get rid of it?
  4. I dont think its missing maybe all jumbled lets try to clear it up.. 1. I had an issue of wall of red text for Null reference while outside in my garden.. (Not sure what caused but seems to have resolved) 2. There are still 2 blocks at the very least in the garden area that allows me to place Farm Plots and Wood Frames but I cant place any plants on either ( Frame is for Mushrooms and another plant brought in by a mod that follows the same logic of Mushrooms). I have tried digging down either 2 or 3 blocks and replaced them to see if that would help no luck Logfile - the pastebin thing?
  5. Im in my Garden after thinking I got most of my issues solved to salvage the world but no luck. Im now getting a spam of Null Reference Errors and Im unsure why. I end up force closing because I cant move just open my bag. If anyone can help me salvage this world I would be very grateful. BEfore posting this I got it sorted but i still have a couple of places where I cant place anything and I dont know what to do with that so please still needing some help
  6. Thank ya will try that
  7. Hey @Riles, I had a question /request regarding this lovely modlet. I shot u a DM
  8. I wasnt even pushing any limits. I was actually adjusting the bigger stacks to be bigger but within limits and Im guessing it didnt like the changes because something was in the forge even tho it is so miniscule so now that my forges are empty I should be able to edit the numbers without issue I would hope
  9. well taking the forge and putting it back did the trick
  10. It was working just fine until I tried editing the numbers from it
  11. Wall of red text when opening forge , Yes I have a stacksize modlet which I was trying to edit when this happened and restoring it to the default modlet didnt solve the issue would maybe picking up the forges then replacing them maybe help?
  12. I took that advice, Im hoping my rewiring job works well I dont see any overlapping wires. Ive been using a hallway with fences since 18 i think maybe just the very start of 19. First time noticing this issue
  13. I unwired everything cept my fence to fence connection and it removed the error now to rehook everything hows to best avoid getting the error or is it something that can just happen time to time?
  14. I am trying to find a bag modlet other then Deep Pockets that also adjust accordingly the pocket mods and I dont seem to be having any luck and I tried and thought I add the missing info so I could make it work but I was getting red text when I did it Im currently trying to use Donovans MEGAbag or w/e its called his 120 one but I want the pockets to be (4,6 each for the clothing and 4,6,8 for the armor) can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a hand?
  15. Im getting this error and Im not sure why Physics .Phsx Quick Hull Lib find simplex simplex input coplaner
  16. I dont know if this is a thing , settings or SD vs HD but it takes me 2-3 minutes to load into my game even after first time
  17. I plant all my crops at the same time and I have a few that dont seem to grow at the same rate as the others. First off I know Mushrooms are a different time all together. However the others should be all the same or at the very least the same crop should pop at the same time if planted at same time.
  18. That would be nice, i did give it a chance but it wasnt up to date as it needed to be plus I also altered the shards one so u dont lock and need both the perk and schematic
  19. Cant seem to get the shard one to even work in my game without throwing red text. Edit - got it to work and I notice that it brought an iron hoe back which I wonder if I could remove and this modlet seems a bit more then what I wanted I wanted to leave book/schematics/Unlocks alone but just add the ability to craft those hard to find books/schematics
  20. My First inquiry was a way to track the schematics the same way the books can be tracked in window. My Second Inquiry was a way to craft the missing Books & Schematics instead of hunting forevers (The Shard Option of the two you posted may cover this nicely)
  21. Is there a modlet that has all include Books and Schematics in the game , so they can be tracked like the normal series of books. Also would be nice if it would be possible to use un-needed /rereadable books/schematics to get ones you dont have . IF anyone would help me out that would be great
  22. Yah Khaine had it with his original stash button modlets but with the TFP release of the Stash Buttons Khaine had to do just a lockslot one which he did. The conflict you expierenced was because u may have been using Khaines Stash buttons when the Main game had them
  23. Hey Sphereii, I know the Modlet isnt listed here but Im using your Peace of Mind but Im noticing yellow text with 19 Stable , Havent Teleported to any POI in question to see if it still works despite. BUt the Yellow Text mentions something about DMT
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