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Flash Bang Grenade

Black Hat

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+1 would be great, and seems quite doable. They've already worked out most of the throwing bits (still need to somehow allow for downward throws/drops over railings), so some artwork and new item code bits and good to go, item wise.


Unfortunately I not sure there's anything already in-game that would mimic the disorientation/blindness/deafness that a flash bang is designed to produce.

Zeds who live through a grenade blast basically act like they've been hit by something, some ragdoll which wouldn't really fit, and the 'stun' doesn't last anywhere near long enough to reflect a flashbang.

Not saying it couldn't be done, just bringing up that it might be more ai work than faatal has time for.

But it'd be really nice :)

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I had this idea as well! but would work kinda differently



in PVP and ageist NPC humans, it will blind them and make deaf for a short time



while agents zombies it would make them go into a rage and fight each other/anything around them, due to them being blind and deaf it would make them think a zombie or anything near them is a person and attack!   

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