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  1. Al la Land of the Dead idea.... Fireworks = short pipe Gun powder dye(s) Zeds all stop and stare for 5 seconds?
  2. Edited my second post with these ideas, good stuff thanks.
  3. Oh nice, a military base for each special type. A quest to destroy each to get the traders back up and running. Nuclear = Rad Zombies Explosives depot = Demo Hospital = Screamers Science Lab = Wights Animal Lab = Dogs , Vultures Final biggest underground base = all horde night zombie spawning These bases spread out in the map, one per Biome? It’s destruction leads to lower their spawning rate during horde night. Possible rewards skill books or ability points.
  4. How about a POI be the source of the Zombies, like a huge military base spawn on every map? Huge, well secured and something that needs destroyed inside. If player(s) destroys it, it stops the blood moons. It could be a option in map generation to give an endgame rather then endless if the player wanted.
  5. Ideas 1 - Make the green light area bigger to have snipers able to set them off before getting to the base. 2 - Change limb HP(?) so it’s easier to immobilize them. And/or include their need for an arm to make the explosion happen. Like they have to use a trigger in their hand to explode when they are close to a player, and blade traps could chop of arms easier when they are at the appropriate height.
  6. - Zombie Resurrector A late game zombie that resurrects zombies that still have a head. Allowing players to focus on them and making headshots on other zombies. - Zombie Giant A mid / late game type that would fling nearby zombies. Hopefully over defenses, causing lots of block damage. Adding to zombies that can get past defenses like the spider type. - Zombie holding A zombie attack or type (Hugger) that restricts legs or arms. This would make getting surrounded almost lethal.
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